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Video: Infinity Reference car speakers

What makes Infinity speakers such a great value?

Crutchfield experts Robert and Ken discuss some of the features that make Infinity Reference Series car speakers such a popular choice when shopping for car audio speakers on a budget.

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Video Transcript

Ken: Hi, I'm Ken.

Robert: And I'm Robert, and we're here today in the Crutchfield studio with Infinity's Reference series car speakers.

Ken: If you're looking to upgrade from flat sounding factory speakers, these are a good choice, especially with the price breaks we have right now.

Robert: And these have always been one of our most popular lines of speakers. People just love the way they sound.

Ken: And they come in all the standard sizes for replacing factory speakers. Matter of fact there's even a shallow-mount 6-1/2 inch speaker for fitting into narrower doors. Most other companies don't make one like that.

Robert: That's true. Well let's get to it and talk about what makes these such popular speakers. Let's start with the coaxials.

Ken: And let's start with the woofer. Infinity's Plus One+ woofer cone gives you 30% more area than you'll get on a comparable speaker. Now, when you move more air you get more sound.

Robert: Well sitting on top of that woofer is a tweeter. It's a one inch textile dome tweeter with an over-sized voice coil. That means it can handle more power, draw heat off the tweeter so it'll last longer, and it delivers a nice smooth sound.

Ken: There's a couple other cool features with these tweeters we should take a look at. This tweeter features a level control. If the speaker's too bright after you've installed it, press this button to drop the level of the tweeter 3dB. The tweeter also pivots so you can adjust the sound output for perfect stereo imaging.

Robert: Now one thing that really sets these Infinity Reference speakers apart from the crowd is their 2-ohm design.

Ken: Right. Most car speakers are four ohms. Now a 2-ohm speaker has a lower resistance so you're amp will output more power.

Robert: And more power going into the speaker means better sound coming out of it.

Ken: We've also got these Infinity Reference components.

Robert: Right. The components feature all the same technology as the coaxial speakers but with the addition of external crossovers and separate tweeters.

Ken: Now these high quality external crossovers make sure the right frequencies go the right speakers. And we can mount that tweeter in the perfect location for great stereo imaging. Together it all equals incredible performance.

Robert: There's one more thing we wanted to tell you about. For a limited time when you buy two pairs of Infinity Reference speakers you'll also receive a free pair of Harman Kardon earbuds.

Ken: These are a $100 value and they sound way better than the headphones that come with your regular iPod or MP3 player. They even have a carrying case.

Ken: To find out which Infinity Reference speakers fit your car, go to

Robert: Or call one of our expert advisors at 1-800-555-9408.

Last updated 5/22/2019

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