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Video: Pioneer FH-P8000BT

Crutchfield experts, Zak and Deb, take a look at the Pioneer FH-P8000BT in-dash stereo.

Video Transcript

Zak: Hi, I'm Zak.

Deb: Hi, I'm Deb.

Zak: And we're here today in the Crutchfield video studio with the Pioneer FH-P8000BT CD receiver. And Deb, I really like this one, because for one thing, it's very good-looking. And it's also a double-size receiver, and more and more cars now have these double-size openings. And it makes everything big and easy to read — these buttons are big and easy to find when I'm changing options

Deb: I like the bright blue display; the illumination actually matches my car, and it's easy to read as you said; plus, it's got this centrally located Rotary Commander, which makes control easy. Comes with a 10-key remote control as well.

Zak: And, it's got built-in Bluetooth for safer hands-free calls when you're out there on the road. No matter what you've got your music stored on, you can connect it to this unit. It's got an auxiliary input, it's got a USB input, you can even — it's even got built-in iPod control.

Deb: I could even hook up my old portable MiniDisc player to this.

Zak: You could, if you wanted to.

Deb: Pioneer also has what they call Sound Retriever. What that does is puts life back into your MP3s and your compressed music, things that might have gotten dropped out. Or, if you're really into tweaking it, it's got a seven-band equalizer for fine-tuning. You can get your music just the way you like it.

Zak: And there it is, the Pioneer FH-P8000BT CD receiver.

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