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Video: Alpine IXA-W404 Digital Media Receiver

The Alpine IXA-W404 digital media receiver doesn't play CDs, but it's ready for your iPod or other MP3 player. In addition to giving you full iPod control, the touchscreen display also jazzes up any dash.

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Zak and I'm here in the Crutchfield video studio today to tell you about the Alpine IXA-W404 digital media receiver. Now there's a couple of things about this model. First it fits double-sized dash openings which you find in many modern cars and, as a digital media receiver, it doesn't play discs.

Instead the focus is on other digital sources. There's a USB input for your thumb drives, for you iPod®, or for other MP3 players, and there's even an A/V input to add even more sources.

For instance you can watch video on the screen while you're parked or you can activate dual zone mode and send video to a rear-seat monitor so your passengers can watch a movie in the back while you listen to your iPod up front.

Now let's take a look at some of the features of the touch screen. Something I really like about this is this multi-info display. It lets me pick up to four pieces of information to look at. I've chosen iPod song info here, time of day, quick access to sound controls, and even this handy little calculator.

This stereo works great with the iPod and it's compatible with newer models including the iPhone and most others too, but if you're not sure about your particular model check our website for details.

There's another cool thing about the USB connection. The iPod's digital to analog converter is designed for little ear buds. By using the USB connection, you bypass that and use the superior 24-bit D/A converter found in the stereo, and that's good because you get bigger, more detailed sound going to your car's speakers.

For further tuning of your sound, you get a 2-band parametric equalizer. Now that's better than your typical bass and treble knobs because it lets you select the frequencies that you're boosting and cutting. And if you really want to get into it the IXA-W404 works with Alpine's optional IMPRINT&trade sound processing and tuning kit.

Alpine designed this stereo for somebody who listens to most of their music on an MP3 player, on an iPod, or on a thumb drive. The stereo is easy to use and it sounds great. To learn more about it go to or give us a call at 1-800-555-9408.

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