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Video: JVC KW-NT3HDT Navigation Receiver

We get the inside scoop on the JVC KW-NT3HDT navigation receiver from one of our coworkers. She tells what she loves about it and how she uses the navigation system and iPod® controls.

Video Transcript

Zak: Today I wanted to talk to Angie about her new stereo, the JVC KW-NT3HDT Navigation receiver. Angie you have an awesome Jeep. Did you put this in yourself?

Angie: I did and it was a fairly easy install. With Crutchfield MasterSheets and kit and harness, I had everything I needed. On a Jeep JK the space is a little tight so you had to do a little wiggling to convince it to go in there but it fits fine and it looks good.

Zak: So tell me Angie, why did you choose the NT3?

Angie: The number one reason was the detachable face. I have my top and my doors off six months out of the year and I didn't want it to get stolen.

Zak: So what else do you like about it?

Angie: In-dash nav was the next important feature to me. I do a lot of kayaking and backpacking so being able to plan my trip, and get on some back roads was pretty important. It also has a feature where I can find restaurants in the area so when I'm in a strange town I tell it what kind of food I want to eat and it takes me there.

Zak: Nice.

Angie: The other feature that I really liked about this was the speed limit. My nav tells me when I'm speeding so when my foot gets a little heavy she interrupts my music and tells me to slow down.

Zak: Well those are some great GPS features and I know that JVC uses Navteq's GPS database and they're a trusted name in navigation. What I think sets the NT3 apart, at least on paper, is the fact that it taps into the HD Radio™ Total Traffic Plus real-time traffic network.

Angie: It does and I also got a free lifetime subscription to that with this receiver. A couple weeks ago I was taking a trip on a very familiar road. It alerted me that there was some construction, the speed limit had changed. It was just nice to know that was coming up. I could have avoided it if I wanted to-just a really nice feature.

Zak: Besides navigation, what else do you like about the NT3?

Angie: Well in my Jeep it's all about the music, so one of the great features on this is Bluetooth® audio streaming. I can take my iTouch [iPod touch], synch it up with the receiver, hand it off to my passenger, and they have complete control over the music without all the cables. When I'm by myself I can plug it right into the USB port and I have full on-screen control of all of my music.

Zak: Something we haven't talked about yet is how fast this stereo is. And what I mean by that is it has a 400MHz processor inside; makes it really snappy to operate from screen to screen and especially upon starting up from when you first get in the car. A lot of receivers like this will take 30 seconds, even longer, to get to the point where they're just ready to navigate and ready to roll. So there's a lot to like about the NT3 but is there anything that you wish it could do a little better?

Angie: The only drawback is the only USB input is on the front of the unit. It would be great if there was one on the back so I could run my iPod® cable into my glove box and have all of that cable out of the way.

Zak: If you want to learn more about the JVC KW-NT3HDT or any other receiver, you can contact us via email, chat, or as always, just call Crutchfield.

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