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Video: Kenwood KDC-HD545U CD Receiver

This short video gives you an up close look at the Kenwood KDC-HD545U CD receiver. The stereo's highlight is the built-in HD Radio tuner; we'll talk about that and more.

Video Transcript

Robert: Shawn here recently put the Kenwood KDC-HD545U receiver in his car so I thought I'd invite him out here to tell us a little bit about it. So Shawn, what attracted you to the Kenwood?

Shawn: Well I was just a little disappointed in my old radio and I really liked the design and the functionality of the Kenwoods.

Robert: Okay. Well let's jump in the car and you can tell me a little bit more.

Shawn: Absolutely.

Robert: So the stand out feature on this stereo is that it has a built in HD Radio™ tuner so you can listen to the digital broadcasts of HD Radio stations.

Shawn: And the HD tuner does give you a better quality from your standard AM and FM stations. It gives a richer, fuller sound for better bass response and less tininess. Alright, so having the USB input on the front for your iPod® is very handy too. You simply plug it right into the front and you control it directly from the radio. So it gives you full control through the radio, a search functionality, and then if you prefer it's just a simple button press to control it manually.

Robert: And what about searching your iPod from the stereo. Does that work pretty well on this one?

Shawn: It's very easy to use. There's one simple button right here to bring up the search command and then you have playlists — artists, albums, everything like on your regular iPod. Then from the artists list, you simply click Search again and you can search alphabetically to find a specific song very easily.

Robert: That looks pretty good to me. It's a lot easier than some stereos I've seen.

Shawn: Absolutely it is.

Robert: The '545 packs all of Kenwood's standard sound controls which includes six preset EQ curves and a 3-band equalizer so you can create your own curve.

Shawn: Yeah and the stereo sounds great especially with the Polk speakers.

Robert: And that's in part because of the strong amplifier Kenwood puts in there, and a 24-bit D/A converter so you get really good sound quality. Now if you want to learn more about the KDC-HD545U CD receiver, just check it out on our website. If you want to try it out for yourself contact one of our sales advisors, like Shawn, via chat or email, or just give him a call.

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