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Video: Audiovox VOD10PS2 Overhead Monitor

The Audiovox VOD10PS2 overhead video system has a built-in PlayStation® 2 for gaming on the road. Crutchfield car audio expert, Zak, gives you a quick look and offers tips for deciding if this is the right backseat video system for you.

Video Transcript

We're in the Crutchfield retail store today to talk about this cool overhead video system from Audiovox. Now what makes this one special is that not only does it play a DVD like you see here but it also has a built in Playstation 2 gaming system for the people in the back. Now systems like this are just great because they keep your backseat passengers entertained which means more peace and quiet up front for you and that's just as good on a trip across town as it is on a longer road trip.

The VOD10PS2 from Audiovox features a big 10.2" screen that's easy to see even if you're all the way back in the third row. You can hear the audio through your vehicle's speakers using the built in FM transmitter, or if your stereo has an A/V input you can hardwire it for better sound. Most of the time though, I think the passenger's will choose the two pairs of included wireless headphones.

You control the system using this infrared remote, and some functions can even be accessed using the included game controllers. You can add additional sources to this too. The system includes two built-in A/V inputs one of which is located conveniently right here on the side which lets your passengers look at photos or videos they've got on their digital camera or with an optional cable even TV shows or videos they've loaded on their iPod.

Overhead video systems aren't for everyone. They can be pricey and installation's fairly complex. So how do you know this one's right for you?

  1. You have a newer SUV or minivan that didn't come with an overhead system.
  2. You plan to keep your vehicle for a few years.
  3. You have kids or plan to have other passengers back there a lot.

This could be a good investment for you. You'll use it just about every time you go out.

As I mentioned before, installation is fairly complex and typically we'd recommend having a professional do it for you. The system does include everything you need for installation and to find out more about this process read our Mobile Video Installation Guide. If you want to learn more about this overhead Playstation 2 video system, just check it out online or give us a call.

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