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Video: XM SkyDock

The XM SkyDock™ lets you use your iPhone® or iPod touch® to enjoy XM satellite radio through your car stereo. Plus, you can also use it to play music from your iPhone or iPod over the stereo. Watch this short Crutchfield video to see the SkyDock in action.

Video Transcript

The XM SkyDock™ lets you enjoy satellite radio on your iPhone® or iPod touch® in the car, so I thought we'd step outside today and check it out.

Installing the SkyDock is simple because it uses XM's PowerConnect™ design. Everything you need is built right into the power adapter. If your stereo has an auxiliary input just run a line from here for audio. If it doesn't, you can use the built-in FM transmitter. And of course you'll have to plug in the satellite radio antenna too.

The SkyDock holds you iPod secure so it's not gonna fall out or bounce away. That's pretty strong in the dash. You can orient the iPod either vertically or horizontally, and of course while it's docked it charges the iPod too. Setting the FM transmitter is easy. Just go into the settings, hit the + and then you can quickly and easily roll around, find the station you want to use, and tune your radio to the same station.

Finding your way around XM's lineup is easy. There are three ways to navigate through the app. First, if you know which channel you want to listen to, you can enter the channel number and tune directly to it. Or if you just want to surf around, you can pull up the list of categories and just make your way through XM like that. The third way is just tuning in to one of your favorite channels. You can create a list of up to twelve channels just by pressing the + to add the current channel to the list and then tap that channel to tune straight to it.

The SkyDock app supports two handy XM features as well. The first is iTunes® tagging. Whenever you hear a song you really like, just press "Tag This" and the information will be stored in the iPod for later. The next time you sync your iPod, iTunes will give you the option of buying any of those songs. The other feature I like is "Song Alerts." Whenever any of your favorite songs are playing anywhere on XM, the app will alert you and give you the option of tuning in.

Now, when you're not listening to satellite radio, the SkyDock also allows you to tune in and play any of the music stored on your iPod. So in addition to being a satellite radio, it's also a really good iPod dock. To learn more about the SkyDock check it out on our website, and you can find the app in the iTunes App store.

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