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Home speakers 101
by Kramer Crane

What you need to know before you start shopping for home speakers.

An overview of wireless speakers and audio, including Bluetooth portable speakers, AirPlay and Wi-Fi receivers, Sonos, MusicCast, and other multi-room audio systems.

What are the best surround sound speakers for your home? The answer largely depends on the size of your room. This guide walks you through how to build a well-matched home theatre system. Learn the role that each speaker plays, along with tips for choosing the right ones for your system.

Tips on how to choose the right stereo speakers for your home. What size should you get? How much should you spend? How should you position them?

Looking for a simple way to improve your TV's sound? A sound bar may be the solution.

Having the right powered subwoofer is crucial to the home theatre experience. Learn how to choose the best one for your system, along with tips for getting great bass in your room.

Want to play records without buying a lot of gear? We've paired turntables with powered stereo speakers to create convenient, compact, affordable record playing systems. This article will help you figure out which bundle will best suit your needs.

What's better — a sound bar or individual speakers? The answer is, of course, it depends. In this article, the writer explains why she chose to replace her trusty sound bar with a 3.1 system.

DTS:X vs. Dolby Atmos
by Kramer Crane

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X are two exciting surround sound formats that add overhead sound effects to home theatre systems. How do they compare?

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