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Car Amplifiers

I love it when a customer has that 'wow' moment hearing the difference an amp makes in their system. It means I'm doing my job right.
Car Amplifiers
All Car Amplifiers
All car amplifiers

Check out our full selection of car amplifiers: find out how an amp can make your system sing.Go to products
Mono Amplifiers
Mono amplifiers

Mono amps offer maximum bang per buck for driving subs, as they deliver more power at lower impedances.Go to products
2-channel Amps
2-channel amps

Use a 2-channel amplifier to power a set of speakers, or switch to mono mode to drive a sub.Go to products
4-channel Amps
4-channel amps

4-channel amps power your front and rear speakers, or switch to 3-channel mode to run speakers and a sub.Go to products
5-channel Amps
5-channel amps

5-channel amps power your entire system: 4 channels for front and rear speakers, plus a sub channel.Go to products
Mini Amplifiers
Mini amplifiers

Modern technology allows amp makers to create increasingly compact models, so you can put big power where it could never go before.Go to products
Amplifier Installation
Amplifier installation

Top-quality wires, cables, capacitors, fuses, and moreGo to products
Vehicle-specific Amps & Processors
Vehicle-specific amps & processors

These amps and processors allow you to replace the factory amp in a premium system without losing any of your vehicle's features or functionality.Go to products
6- and 8-channel Amps
6- and 8-channel amps

6- and 8-channel amps give you incredible versatility in setting up your system, particularly with a 3-way setup.Go to products