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TV Sound Solutions

If you're a drummer like me, it can sometimes be hard to hear that crucial line of TV dialogue. Luckily, you've got options, from sound bars to headphones made for your TV.
TV Sound Solutions
Sound Bar Speakers
Sound bar speakers

These speakers require minimal space and wiring, and their sleek designs complement today's flat-panel TVs. Most feature built-in amplification. We recommend using these speakers with a subwoofer for full sound — included with some models.Go to products
Powered Home Theatre Systems
Powered home theatre systems

These all-in-one systems, sometimes called "home theater in a box" systems, include speakers as well as the amplification you need for engaging sound. Go to products
Surround Sound Speaker Systems
Surround sound speaker systems

These convenient, voice-matched systems deliver seamless surround sound to liven up movies, TV shows, video games, and more. Use them with your choice of home theater receiver.Go to products
Powered Stereo Speakers
Powered stereo speakers

These powered speakers can be a great solution for 2-channel sound with your TV.Go to products
Home Theatre Receivers
Home theatre receivers

A home theater receiver powers five or more speakers for enveloping surround sound and provides connections for your A/V gear. Some connect to the Internet for endless listening options.Go to products
Cables & Installation
Cables & installation

Complete your system with wiring, furniture, and moreGo to products

Remotes, batteries, blank tapes, and moreGo to products
Wireless TV Headphones
Wireless TV headphones

These wireless headphone systems usually include a docking station and transmitter to send audio from your TV so you can watch without disturbing others.Go to products
Wireless Surround Sound Systems
Wireless surround sound systems

Want enveloping surround sound, but not wires running to the back of your room? These systems help you keep things looking neat.Go to products