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Home Speakers

It's best to bounce ideas off someone with experience before making a big speaker investment. That's what we're here for.
Home Speakers
Sound Bars
Sound bars

Sound bars are an increasingly popular way to get better TV sound. Some feature built-in amplification. Subwoofer recommended — included with some models.Go to products
Floor-standing Speakers
Floor-standing speakers

Enjoy room-filling sound with these tower speakers. Their excellent bass response makes them a great choice for both music and home theater.Go to products
Bookshelf Speakers
Bookshelf speakers

Check out our selection of bookshelf speakers. They deliver clear, detailed sound, and they're compact enough to fit on shelves or stands.Go to products
Surround Sound Speaker Systems
Surround sound speaker systems

These convenient, voice-matched systems deliver seamless surround sound to liven up movies, video games, and more. Go to products
Powered Subwoofers
Powered subwoofers

Powered subwoofers produce deep bass for your music and powerful low-frequency effects for high-impact home theater.Go to products
Outdoor Speakers
Outdoor speakers

Add music to your cookout or pool party. Outdoor speakers are specially made to withstand the elements while delivering great sound. You'll even find "rock" speakers that blend in seamlessly with your landscaped lawn or garden.Go to products
Centre Channel Speakers
Centre channel speakers

A center channel speaker has one job — reproducing clear dialogue and special effects to draw you into the on-screen action. It's a vital component for any home theater system.Go to products
Surround (Rear) Speakers
Surround (rear) speakers

Surround speakers reproduce ambient "rear channel" effects for enveloping surround sound in a home theater setup. Go to products
Dolby Atmos Enabled Speakers
Dolby Atmos enabled speakers

These speakers feature up-firing drivers to bounce "height" information off of your ceiling, providing incredibly immersive Dolby Atmos surround sound.Go to products
On-wall Speakers
On-wall speakers

Keep your floor space free and clear with on-wall speakers. These décor-friendly speakers feature easy wall-mounting. Some models take the place of several of your home theater speakers, for a clean look with your flat-panel TV.Go to products
In-ceiling Speakers
In-ceiling speakers

In-ceiling speakers install directly overhead, so you don't have to sacrifice any wall, floor, or shelf space. They're a good choice for music listening in a whole-house system, and some can also deliver enveloping home theater sound. Go to products
In-wall Speakers
In-wall speakers

In-wall speakers mount directly in your walls for a décor-friendly look. They deliver high-quality sound for music or home theater — a great solution for folks who don't want to give up floor or shelf space to traditional speakers.Go to products
Wireless Home Speakers
Wireless home speakers

Wireless speakers designed for easy, convenient listening in your living room, bedroom, or other spots around your home.Go to products
Powered Stereo Speakers
Powered stereo speakers

These powered speakers deliver big sound without the need for a separate receiver or amp.Go to products
Computer Speakers
Computer speakers

A range of high-performance speakers to give you better sound from your laptop or desktop PC.Go to products
Speaker Wire
Speaker wire

Most new speakers don't come with wire for connection to your receiver or amplifierGo to products
Speaker Stands & Mounts
Speaker stands & mounts

Sturdy, attractive mounting options for your speakersGo to products
Wireless Surround Sound Systems
Wireless surround sound systems

Want enveloping surround sound, but not wires running to the back of your room? These systems help you keep things looking neat.Go to products
Smart Speakers
Smart speakers

These speakers have voice control built in, and they connect to the internet for access to all sorts of smart features.Go to products