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Universal-fit car audio gear

Universal-fit car audio gear

Find what Fits your car

All Car Amplifiers
All car amplifiers

Check out our full selection of car amplifiers: find out how an amp can make your system sing.Go to products
Equalizers & Processors
Equalizers & processors

An equalizer adjusts frequencies to improve your system's sound; a processor uses digital signal processing for more comprehensive adjustments. Go to products

A crossover network directs the correct frequencies to the various amps, speakers, and subs in your system.Go to products
All Component Subwoofers
All component subwoofers

Drop a component sub into an enclosure, power it with the right amp, and enjoy a new dimension to your music.Go to products
Empty Subwoofer Boxes
Empty subwoofer boxes

Choose from our selection of sealed and ported boxes to house your subwoofer.Go to products
Bass Packages
Bass packages

You'll find a variety of bass packages here, from a simple sub/amp combo to an amplified multi-sub setup.Go to products
Powered Subwoofers
Powered subwoofers

Powered subwoofers combine a matched subwoofer and amplifier in a compatible enclosure. Go to products
Rear-view and Auxiliary Cameras
Rear-view and auxiliary cameras

Install a rear-view camera and connect to your car's video screen for a better view when you back up. Go to products
Headrests and Monitors for Any Car
Headrests and monitors for any car

Roof-mount overhead screens fold away when not in use, while universal screens mount in any appropriate location.Go to products
Dash Cameras
Dash cameras

These windshield-mounted video recorders capture everything from family outings to fender benders, so you'll always have a record.Go to products