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Car Stereo Installation Parts

We take pride in the huge selection of installation kits, harnesses, and interfaces we carry. We offer multiple options for most vehicles, so you can choose the package that works for you.
Car Stereo Installation Parts

Find what Fits your car

Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapters
Steering wheel audio control adapters

These adapters allow you to use your vehicle's steering wheel audio controls to run your new aftermarket stereo.Go to products
Auxiliary Input Adapters
Auxiliary input adapters

Auxiliary input adapters allow you to add an iPod® or other outboard sound source to your car stereo.Go to products
Factory System Adapters
Factory system adapters

Use these adapters to install a new stereo in vehicles with amplified systems, safety features, or unusual dashboards. Go to products
Dash Kits
Dash kits

Vehicle-specific mounting kits allow you to install a DIN (2" tall) or double-DIN (4" tall) aftermarket stereo in your dash.Go to products
Wiring Harnesses
Wiring harnesses

Splice the color-coded Crutchfield harness to the wires from your new car stereo, then connect to your factory radio's plug.Go to products
Universal Mounting Kits
Universal mounting kits

Here you'll find parts that'll help you custom-install a new stereo in a car with an unusual or unusable dash opening.Go to products
Car Antennas and Adapters
Car antennas and adapters

Here you'll find antennas and their accessories, along with the adapters you'll need to connect a new car stereo in some vehicles.Go to products
Remote Controls
Remote controls

Wireless and wired remotes offer convenient control over your aftermarket car stereo.Go to products
Wire Connectors
Wire connectors

Here you'll find the connectors, heat shrink tubing, and other items that you'll need to install your new car stereo.Go to products
Sound Deadening
Sound deadening

Sound deadening materials on your car's body panels can improve performance, minimize rattles, and reduce road noise.Go to products
Other Car Stereo Accessories
Other car stereo accessories

Here you'll find test CDs, face cases, microphones, FM modulators, and other problem solvers.Go to products

Here you'll find the tools that'll come in handy for your next car stereo installation.Go to products
iPhone Adapters for Aftermarket Radios
iPhone adapters for aftermarket radios

These adapters connect an iPod or smartphone to your aftermarket stereo, giving you music playback and control.Go to products