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Kenwood CMOS-740HD

HD backup camera — surface-mount

Item # 113CMOS740

Connect the Kenwood CMOS-740HD backup cam to a compatible receiver featuring an HD monitor, and you'll enjoy...

Connect the Kenwood CMOS-740HD backup cam to a compatible receiver featuring an HD monitor, and you'll enjoy...

Item # 113CMOS740

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About the Kenwood CMOS-740HD

HD view of what's behind you

Connect the Kenwood CMOS-740HD backup cam to a compatible receiver featuring an HD monitor, and you'll enjoy an HD view when you shift into reverse. You'll see HDR-enhanced detail and smooth transitions whether it's day or night, so you'll be confident when you pull out of a space in a busy lot or back into a tight spot on a city street.

HD view of what's behind you

Connect the Kenwood CMOS-740HD backup cam to a compatible receiver featuring an HD monitor, and you'll enjoy an HD view when you shift into reverse. You'll see HDR-enhanced detail and smooth transitions whether it's day or night, so you'll be confident when you pull out of a space in a busy lot or back into a tight spot on a city street.


Compatible stereos include Kenwood's DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, DMX957XR, DNR1007XR, DMX1037S, and DMX1057XR receivers (all sold separately).

Installing this camera yourself? Here's what you should know.

What does it do? Unless otherwise noted, a backup camera is only intended for use backing up your vehicle. (If you require a front-view or constant rear-view camera, check for that capability.)

What tools and supplies will I need? A panel tool, a wire cutter/stripper, a soldering iron, and a rosin-core solder with heat shrink tubing are recommended, along with whatever tools are needed to remove the radio from the dash.  

How much wiring is required? Wiring instructions vary from camera to camera. Some cameras have power wiring that can only be connected near the radio. Others let you power the camera at compatible reverse lights. In all cases, the camera must be wired for power and ground, the camera's video output must be connected to the radio/monitor, and the radio/monitor must be connected to a reverse trigger in your vehicle. Some radio replacement interfaces supply a reverse trigger wire for the radio -- using that wire to power your camera will damage the interface.

Will the included video cable be long enough? You'll need to route the camera's video cable from its mounting location outside your vehicle into your vehicle's cabin and all the way to the screen in the dash. This often requires drilling a small hole in your vehicle or filing some metal and or plastic. You'll also need to estimate the length of cable needed to run from the camera to the dash, which will not be a straight shot. Each camera's cable length is listed.


Product highlights:

  • HD backup camera compatible
  • compatible with select Kenwood car stereos
  • resolution up to 720p with compatible HD monitor (not included)
  • HDR-enhanced
  • IP67 rated for water and dust resistance
  • 1.0 Lux for excellent night vision
  • 180° horizontal/103° vertical viewing angles
  • composite video output
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # CMOS-740HD

What's in the box:

  • Rearview camera (attached 12' cable)
  • 20' Extension cable
  • 23" Power/ground harness
  • Bracket
  • 2 Machines screws (with lock and flat washers)
  • Self-tapping screw
  • Rubber Grommet
  • Cable-tie
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Kenwood CMOS-740HD

Russ B.

Features & specs

Features and Specs
Camera Type Rear
Resolution 1,300,000
Parking Guidelines No
Lux Rating 1.0 lux (min)
Selectable Views N
Reversed Image Mirror
Horizontal Viewing Angle 180 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle 103 degrees
Wireless No
Plug type Composite video

Product Research


Compatibility: The CMOS-740HD is only compatible with select Kenwood receivers that feature a high-definition composite video camera input, HD video screen, and onboard HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology. Compatible Kenwood receivers include the DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, DMX957XR, DNR1007XR, DMX1037S, and DMX1057XR (all sold separately).

Note: The Kenwood CMOS-740HD camera will not work with other non-HD Kenwood receivers and other brands of receivers.

CMOS Optics: The Kenwood CMOS-740HD rearview camera utilizes a 1/3.8" CMOS image sensor with approximately 1,300,000 pixels (1.3 Mega pixels). The camera gives you a brilliant mirror image of what's behind your vehicle for rearview confirmation.

High Definition View: The CMOS-740HD camera will display an image in high definition (1280 x 720p) on a compatible Kenwood receiver with a high-definition composite video camera input and HD video screen. Its able to do this over a composite video cable using HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology that allows a 720p video signal to be sent over a standard composite video cable. Both the CMOS740HD camera and compatible Kenwood receivers have this special technology onboard.

HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology reproduces bright and dark objects more clearly at the same time. HDR helps to reduce "blown out highlights" and "crushed blacks" and ensures clear images in challenging environments; including backlit scenes in daylight, streetlight scenes at night, and places where light-dark contrast is particularly severe.

Wide Viewing Angle: The CMOS-740HD is equipped with a F2.0 wide-angle lens. The 180° (horizontal) x 103°(vertical) angle lens allows you to check your rear right and left sides of your vehicle when backing up and parking. The CMOS-740HD provide an excellent near field view of practically anything behind you.

Note: This rearview camera is meant as a back-up aid only; never solely rely on the rearview camera when backing up. In addition to using the rearview camera, always look behind you to make sure everything is clear when backing up your vehicle.

Illumination Range: The Kenwood rearview camera provides an illumination range of approximately 1.0 to 100,000 luxe. It offers less light distortion from nearby light sources.

IP67 Certified: The Kenwood CMOS-740HD rearview camera is IP67 certified for waterproof and rustproof protection.

Mounting Bracket: The CMOS-740HD comes with a surface mount bracket that allows you to install the camera on top or below your vehicle's mounting surface. Once mounted, you are able to manually adjust the up and down angle of the camera. The bracket attaches to the camera via the included machine screws. The bracket includes self-stick tape and a self-tapping screw to secure the bracket to your vehicle.

Note: Make sure the camera's "Kenwood" logo is facing up so the camera image displays properly; if the camera "Kenwood" logo is facing down, the image will be upside down.

12V/24V Compatible: The Kenwood CMOS-740HD is 12-volt and 24-volt compatible for installation in a variety of vehicle types. The power (red) & ground (black) wires of the camera will need to be hardwired. Power can be obtained from a +12V accessory wire (switched) in the vehicle or at the radio. The ground will need to be connected to your vehicle's metal chassis.

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Customer Q&A

19 questions already asked

Do parking guidelines move, when turning wheel?
[ Dustin  May 18, 2021 ]
3 answers
No it doesn't
[ Richard  May 18, 2021 ]
[ DARIO  May 18, 2021 ]
No, they do not
[ Matthew  May 18, 2021 ]
Will this work with the new 2021 JVC KW-1000Z? JVC & Kenwood being the same company and all, and the KW-1000 being JVC's premiere unit.
[ Cameron  May 09, 2021 ]
1 answer
im not really sure but it should kenwood and jvc are tied in with each other i a defective camera so i exchange for a alpine that works great
[ DEMARCO  May 09, 2021 ]
Will this work with a non-kenwood unit?
[ John  Apr 09, 2021 ]
1 answer
The type of signal being sent through the cable is not a universal standard and only works with select Kenwood radios. We have advisors that can be reached by calling 1-800-324-9695 who are happy to discuss your goals and setup to give a personal recommendation on a setup that will work
[ Paul  Apr 27, 2021 ]  Staff
Will this camera work with the kenwood dmx1037s head unit?
[ Bradley  Feb 22, 2021 ]
4 answers
Not sure but it goes with all the new xr series. Look up the camera specs it will tell which one capable ability.
[ CARL  Feb 22, 2021 ]
Yes, it will
[ RICHARD  Feb 22, 2021 ]
It works well with my DMX 1057XR which would make ur head unit in the same category as mine. High-def clarity as a backup camera! I am very satisfied with my decision:)
[ JOSEPH  Feb 22, 2021 ]
Yes it will.. I have this camera connected to that head unit
[ JOSEPH  Feb 22, 2021 ]
Can this camera be mounted on a spare tire backup cam bracket for Jeep Wrangler?
[ Web Shopper  Feb 15, 2021 ]
1 answer
It comes with a relatively universal bracket that can mount on any flat surface. The challenge would be running the wire back inside the jeep since the spare tire carrier is mounted to the rear door. Not impossible but a challenge. Hope this helps.
[ David  Feb 15, 2021 ]
How would I mount this to a back of a truck to help with hooking up trailers?
[ Henry  Dec 13, 2020 ]
1 answer
mount it above the hitch looking down at an angle
[ William  Dec 15, 2020 ]
Will this work with a Kenwood Excelon DNX995S Receiver?
[ Michael  Dec 08, 2020 ]
1 answer
Unfortunately the Kenwood CMOS-740HD will not work with the Kenwood Excelon DNX995S receiver. The Kenwood CMOS-320 and Kenwood CMOS-230 are compatible with that radio.
[ Allison  Dec 21, 2020 ]  Staff
Can this camera be used with a Pioneer AVIC 8200NEX? If not plug and play, could the camera be modified to work?
[ Robert  Dec 03, 2020 ]
3 answers
I think you can as SD camera. To fully obtain true HD you must use the compatible Kenwood recommended radios. I am using it with Kenwood DMX957XR. It looks great.
[ RICHARD  Dec 04, 2020 ]
Yes it will work pnp
[ TREVON  Dec 04, 2020 ]
[ CARSON  Dec 03, 2020 ]
Does this back up camera work with the dnr876s head unit?
[ Victor  Nov 27, 2020 ]
2 answers
This camera will work in ur head unit. The pic quality is definitely HD. Im going to buy another to use as a 2nd backup camera mounted on my roof rack
[ JOSEPH  Nov 27, 2020 ]
The compatible receivers are DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, DMX957XR, DNR1007XR, DMX1037S, and DMX1057XR. That's what I seen on the features section of the Crutchfield website.
[ JUAN  Nov 27, 2020 ]
What's the minimum focus distance of the camera?
[ jancrag  Nov 20, 2020 ]
3 answers
I laid a Lowe's receipt on the lens and could still easily read the letters. Pretty darn good.
[ Robert  Nov 21, 2020 ]
I would say less than 2 inches
[ EARLE  Nov 21, 2020 ]
Can not answer that question camera nevner worked
[ DEMARCO  Nov 20, 2020 ]
How is this a 720p camera when composite video can only handle 480i?
[ PaulS  Aug 23, 2020 ]
1 answer
It's a proprietary cable with compatible receivers using onboard HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology.
[ Paul  Jul 04, 2021 ]
Is this compatible with the DMX7706s Head Unit?
[ Patrick  Aug 20, 2020 ]
1 answer
Hi Patrick, The Kenwood CMOS-740HD camera will not work with Non-HD Kenwood receivers. For example, you could use the CMOS-740HD camera, with the Kenwood Excelon DMX957XR receiver, since it does have an HD Screen. Please chat with us online or by phone at 1-800-324-9695, we will be happy to answer additional questions or provide product advice.
[ Jess  Sep 06, 2020 ]  Staff
Is it possible to view a non-mirrored image to use this as a front camera?
[ Shawn  Aug 05, 2020 ]
1 answer
It is not, it is for backup purposes only.
[ Calvin  Aug 21, 2020 ]  Staff
Would this work with the Kenwood HD DDX9906XR?
[ Sami  Aug 02, 2020 ]
1 answer
Compatible Kenwood receivers include the DNX997XR, DDX9907XR, and DMX957XR .
[ Calvin  Aug 20, 2020 ]  Staff

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