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Crux CUB-15

Universal bullet backup camera — flush-mount

Item # 249CUB15

Looking for a backup cam worthy of your vehicle's sleek exterior?

Looking for a backup cam worthy of your vehicle's sleek exterior?

Item # 249CUB15

In stock

About the Crux CUB-15

A sleek addition

Looking for a backup cam worthy of your vehicle's sleek exterior? Crux's CUB-15 backup camera mounts cleanly on cars with a lip-style overhang above the license plate.

A sleek addition

Looking for a backup cam worthy of your vehicle's sleek exterior? Crux's CUB-15 backup camera mounts cleanly on cars with a lip-style overhang above the license plate.

Everything you need to backup

Crux supplies a hole-saw attachment because intallation of this camera will require that you cut a hole in your vehicle to properly install it. They additionally include a flush-mounting system and 20' feet of cable to connect the camera to your receiver. Once installed, you'll gain a full color 170° view of what's behind you. Manual vertical adjustment makes it easy to get the view you're counting on. You also get parking lines for easier reversing into tight spaces. The camera's included video cable plugs into the standard composite video on any car stereo with a compatible video screen.

Installing this camera yourself? Here's what you should know.

What does it do? Unless otherwise noted, a backup camera is only intended for use backing up your vehicle. (If you require a front-view or constant rear-view camera, check for that capability.)

What tools and supplies will I need? A panel tool, a wire cutter/stripper, a soldering iron, and a rosin-core solder with heat shrink tubing are recommended, along with whatever tools are needed to remove the radio from the dash.  

How much wiring is required? Wiring instructions vary from camera to camera. Some cameras have power wiring that can only be connected near the radio. Others let you power the camera at compatible reverse lights. In all cases, the camera must be wired for power and ground, the camera's video output must be connected to the radio/monitor, and the radio/monitor must be connected to a reverse trigger in your vehicle. Some radio replacement interfaces supply a reverse trigger wire for the radio -- using that wire to power your camera will damage the interface.

Will the included video cable be long enough? You'll need to route the camera's video cable from its mounting location outside your vehicle into your vehicle's cabin and all the way to the screen in the dash. This often requires drilling a small hole in your vehicle or filing some metal and or plastic. You'll also need to estimate the length of cable needed to run from the camera to the dash, which will not be a straight shot. Each camera's cable length is listed.


Product highlights:

  • bullet backup camera with vertical adjustment
  • hole-saw included for installation
  • 20' video cable included
  • compatible with any radio with an RCA video input (most aftermarket models, only a few factory)
  • flush-mount hardware included
  • 170° wide angle
  • resolution: 480 TV lines
  • front-cam capability
  • waterproof housing
  • parking lines included
  • 0.4 Lux minimum for night driving
  • dimensions: 1-1/8" x 7/8" x 1-1/8"
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • MFR # CUB-15

What's in the box:

  • Rear-view camera (attached 4' cable)
  • 20' Video signal cable w/ attached 3' power/ground wires
  • Hole-saw
  • Wiring Instructions

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Crux CUB-15

Russ B.

Features & specs

Features and Specs
Camera Type Rear or Front
Resolution 480 TV lines
Parking Guidelines Selectable
Lux Rating 0.4 Lux (min)
Selectable Views N
Reversed Image Both
Horizontal Viewing Angle 170 degrees
Vertical Viewing Angle 90 degrees
Wireless No
Plug type Composite video

Product Research


Rear-View Camera: The Crux CUB-15 rear-view camera can be installed in a variety of vehicles with an aftermarket in-dash multimedia or navigation receiver installed. Your aftermarket receiver must feature an integrated video monitor and a composite video camera input. The camera allows you to view what's behind you on your in-dash receiver's video monitor when you put your vehicle in reverse.

Note: The Crux CUB-15 rear-view camera is meant as a back-up aid only; never solely rely on the rear-view camera when backing-up. In addition to using the rear-view camera, always look behind you to make sure everything is clear when backing up your vehicle.

Image Sensor & Lens: The Crux CUB-15 rear-view camera features a CCD image sensor that offers 480 lines of resolution. The bright f/1.2 lens has 170° (horizontal) x 90° (vertical) viewing angle. The minimum illumination is 0.4 Lux.

Normal or Mirror Image: The Crux CUB-15 rear-view camera provides either a mirror or normal image. By default, the camera will display a mirror image. To get a normal image, you should cut the green wire loop on the camera's cable.

Park Assist Lines: The rear-view camera provides parking assist lines on the screen of your vehicle's in-dash aftermarket monitor. These parking lines are there to assist you when backing up into a parking space. There are two vertical lines which help you judge the left and right edges of the parking space and your vehicle. There are also 3 color-coded horizontal lines that are used to distinguish how close you are getting to the end of the parking spot - Green (Clear), Yellow (Getting Close), Red (Very Close).

Note: You can remove the Park Assist Lines by cutting the white wire loop on the camera's cable.

Waterproof Housing: The Crux CUB-15 rear-view camera features a IP67 waterproof housing.

Flush-Mount Installation: You will need to drill a 7/8" (22.5mm) hole in your vehicle's rear exterior panel. The rear-view camera mounts in this opening and features an integrated spring-loaded mounting bracket which secures the camera in place.

Note: Make sure you have the camera orientated correctly so the image is displayed correctly on your receiver's screen.

Connections: The rear-view camera features an attached 4' power/signal cable and comes with a 20' video cable with attached 3' power/ground wires. At the end of the video cable is a male RCA composite video plug, which connects to the composite, rear-view camera input of your head unit. The power (red) & ground (black) wires will need to be hardwired. Power can be obtained from your vehicle's reverse light circuit or from the +12V accessory wire of your aftermarket stereo (if applicable). The ground will need to be connected to your vehicle's metal chassis.

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Customer Q&A

24 questions already asked

Will this camera work with the pop&lock tailgate handle your sell for a 2006 tacoma?
[ Noble  Oct 22, 2021 ]
1 answer
We do not have the size of the cutout needed for the lock. This needs a cutout of 7/8" (22.5mm) to be mounted.
[ Paul  Oct 25, 2021 ]  Staff
What would cause the camera to be out of focus? Tested camera before final install and image was in focus. Installed camera in the cut-out hole, and now image is out of focus.
[ Garry  Sep 24, 2021 ]
1 answer
The lens does not move like a photography camera, so it good be only two things. A dirty or damaged lens, water on the lens will cause it to go out of focus when there is rain. Or, some sort of electrical problem. On of the wires damaged during installation or running next to something causing interference (this is unlikely). I would clean the lens as a first step. One last thought, the lens fixture may have been damaged during installation or not put together correctly. Check for cracks around the lens or a loose lens.
[ Michael  Sep 25, 2021 ]
I would like to use this on a 2019 chevy 3500 pickup. Can the GM oem plug be wired to this camera?
[ sam  Jun 25, 2021 ]
1 answer
We need to know a little more about your vehicle before we can determine if this will work with the stock system. Give us a call at 800-324-9695 and we'll be happy to check into it!
[ Allison  Jul 12, 2021 ]  Staff
Will this camera work with factory 2017 f150 display unit?
[ brian  Mar 07, 2021 ]
1 answer
Check clearance area were camera will be installed. Camera has low profile. Can be installed in most installations.
[ ALEXANDER S  Mar 07, 2021 ]
Is this Camera Submersible, looking to install on Boat Trailer?
[ Brock  Dec 21, 2020 ]
1 answer
I wouldn't submerge it. Every time I aggressively wash the back of my van, the camera view gets a little foggy, misty for a few days. I figure it's water related.
[ carexpert  Dec 29, 2020 ]
Will this work on 206 ram 1500 wit a ra2 radio?
[ Joe  Dec 16, 2020 ]
1 answer
Joe, I do not really understand your question. I had this camera installed on the rear bumper of my Audi Quattro where it is working just fine. I don't remember the brand of the radio. Sorry I can't be of more help.
[ Julie  Dec 17, 2020 ]
Is the short cable from the camera a 4 pin or 5 pin ?
[ David  Nov 11, 2020 ]
1 answer
If I'm remembering correctly, it's just an aux in that plugs directly into the head unit and the a black and red 18 gauge for the power. If you google the crux and go directly to their website and look at the manual
[ Kyle  Nov 11, 2020 ]
What temperatures is this camera rated to?
[ Paul  Apr 09, 2020 ]
1 answer
We don't have that spec measured and it is not listed in the manufacturers specs either. It has a 1 year warranty, so as long as it's mounted correct, it should be covered at least that long.
[ Cosmo  Apr 25, 2020 ]  Staff
6v or 12v?
[ Joshua  Feb 23, 2020 ]
4 answers
12 volt
[ Larry  Feb 24, 2020 ]
[ Pete  Feb 23, 2020 ]
12v for sure. May have an input volt range?
[ DARREN  Feb 23, 2020 ]
12 volt. Excellent video quality.
[ Stephen  Feb 23, 2020 ]
Can you disable parking lines if your aftermarket stereo already has them?
[ RyanH  Feb 07, 2020 ]
1 answer
Yes, the parking lines are selectable. You can remove the park assist lines by connecting together the two exposed white wires on the camera's cable.
[ Cosmo  Feb 20, 2020 ]  Staff
How does it know when your in reverse?
[ Lenny  Sep 04, 2019 ]
3 answers
Camera powers up by your reverse lights and connect the wire on unit to camera power lead wire and that triggers only the screen to change to display image.
[ Jim  Sep 06, 2019 ]
The reverse light signal to your head unit.
[ Frank  Sep 05, 2019 ]
This is just a camera that would need to be connected to compatible head unit. The head unit will determine when to show camera image when in reverse.
[ Scott  Sep 04, 2019 ]
Will this fit the 2015 Ford F-250 Superduty tailgate emblem?
[ Brent  Aug 26, 2019 ]
2 answers
That I don't no.. my buddy got the tail gat latch with camera hole..
[ Randy  Aug 27, 2019 ]
I had to mount mine on the plastic part of the center bumper. Only spot that made sense. Also, the included hole saw is too small, you'll have to widen the hole a little to get the camera to fit.
[ Brian  Aug 26, 2019 ]
Kenwood ddx373bt will this work with that receiver?
[ Sean  Jul 31, 2019 ]
2 answers
Yes it will Mine works great.
[ Richard  Jul 31, 2019 ]
So far the camera has worked very well with my Pioneer receiver.
[ Fabio  Jul 31, 2019 ]
What size hole saw comes with this? I have an existing hole in my tire carrier that I fear may be too big.
[ Ken  Jul 02, 2019 ]
1 answer
Hi Ken! The Crux CUB-15 will come with the bit needed to drill a 7/8" (22.5mm) hole. Chat with an Advisor online or by phone at 1-800-324-9695, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
[ Jess  Jul 16, 2019 ]  Staff
Can this camera be mounted off center? Like to one side of the license plate? Or does it have to be centered?
[ PAUL  Mar 23, 2019 ]
4 answers
we mounted it in the center of the bumper...I see no reason why you could not install it off-center. however, it gives you lane indicators so if you are off center the lane information might be a bit off. The camera direction is adjustable because it is in an eyeball socket so you might be able to adjust it to minimize the off center effect?
[ JAMES P  Mar 23, 2019 ]
Although I mounted mine in the center, I see no reason why it wouldn't work off center. if you were trailering and wanted to the line the hitch up, you'd probably want it centered but otherwise should work fine next to the license plate. Good luck
[ Christopher  Mar 23, 2019 ]
For best view I would recommend center mount, but could be used off center.
[ John  Mar 23, 2019 ]
It can be mounted anywhere you want to drill a hole. It does not have any mounting brackets or screws, but is flush mounted to your vehicle for a more stock or professional appearance. It includes the proper drill bit for mounting as well
[ MASON  Mar 23, 2019 ]
I just bought the bullet backup camera, installed it to my pioneer AVH110BT, because I didn't want a bulky camera. I'm seeing everything that is on the left on the right, and when I move it, it's all backwards. I dont want to buy a new head unit because of cost, how can I get the camera to flip the image?
[ Mitch  Feb 21, 2019 ]
5 answers
I think you might need to cut a jumper wire to flip the image, check the instructions.
[ Erik  Feb 25, 2019 ]
There is a reverse image jumper wire in the harness near the camera that you can cut.
[ Daniel  Feb 25, 2019 ]
I can't remember exactly how this works but that was how mine was when I got it as well. There should have been a little piece of paper that came with the camera. There should be 4 little wires separated from the rest. 2 of them control the guidelines the other 2 control the image. When you change them (pull them apart or put them together) It will flip the picture. I believe the ones that flip the image are blue and the grid lines are white.
[ Alex  Feb 25, 2019 ]
Hi Mitch, you should be able to flip the image horizontally by cutting the blue wire -- the details are in the owner's manual PDF linked from the Overview tab on Crutchfield. Please note that you can also rotate the camera lens assembly within the housing to adjust the angle and orientation of the image. Good luck!
[ Benjamin  Feb 25, 2019 ]
There is a wire about a foot away from the camera that has a silver tag on it that says cut for reverse image if you cut this wire it reverses the image
[ Jodie  Feb 25, 2019 ]
It is not clear to me what is the proper orientation of the camera. Should the grooved portion of the outer lip be facing up if you want to use this as a reverse camera?
[ Moose  Feb 12, 2019 ]
4 answers
The camera is adjustable after installing so it doesn't really matter. Put the grooves however they look better on your vehicle and then rotate the camera for the best view.
[ Anonymous  Feb 14, 2019 ]
The camera is adjustable
[ Chris  Feb 14, 2019 ]
On mine, the groove is at the bottom (6 O'clock). The camera can be moved around, but to look at the ground, it sits into that groove to keep it from moving around at all. The groove also allows it to look downward a little bit more to see the ground behind you.
[ Trenton  Feb 14, 2019 ]
it does not matter ounce u get it mounted u can turn it how u need for it to work to ur preference . It stays realy well in its place wife has had hers on her jeep for about a year now no issues. And she is pretty rough on her jeep.
[ Michael  Feb 12, 2019 ]
Does this specific model come with the license plate cover or is it just alone?
[ Trevor  Dec 25, 2018 ]
3 answers
[ J  Dec 27, 2018 ]
There is no license plate cover included.
[ Holly  Dec 26, 2018 ]
It is a stand alone so it doesnt come with a license plate. This model will be more suitable for installation on the front or rear bumper.
[ Armando J. Mene  Dec 26, 2018 ]
Can I use this on a stock Jeep Wrangler touch screen radio?
[ Jim  Nov 30, 2018 ]
1 answer
You will want to contact an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat to discuss compatibility with your factory system. They will be able to pull up your vehicle and see if this will integrate. If it does not, then they will also be able to discuss other options with you.
[ Krissy  Dec 05, 2018 ]  Staff
How deep of a gap do you need to install this in to?
[ Jeremy  Sep 05, 2018 ]
2 answers
The camera depth is 1/2 inch with the cord you need a minimum of 5/8
[ Richard  Sep 07, 2018 ]
Have not installed yet
[ Jess  Sep 06, 2018 ]
How long is the cabling that comes with this camera?
[ Ben  Aug 28, 2018 ]
4 answers
20 ft
[ Dean  Aug 31, 2018 ]
Couldn't tell you the exact length, but I can say that I had enough cable to run from my tailgate handle, through the tailgate, the underside of an 8 ft. bed plus screw cab, and up to the radio. It was just enough, but it did make it. And, it works perfect. I couldn't be happier the picture.
[ Anonymous  Aug 31, 2018 ]
Well I can't honestly answer that. I got a 4 door Toyota. It went frm tailgate latch over to the tail light along the frame up to firewall An to my radio. Had 6in to spare. Wud be nice if it was alil longer.. camera does wrk good tho
[ Randy  Aug 30, 2018 ]
I did not remember but it was extra long for my fj cruiser
[ tom  Aug 30, 2018 ]
What size hole does this fit?
[ Phillip  Mar 25, 2018 ]
2 answers
It comes with a drill bit to drill for it but you may need to file in addition because it's very snug.
[ KORY K  Apr 08, 2018 ]
It comes with the whole saw that u need.. but it's a lil small so u will have to die grind it out a lil bit
[ Randy  Apr 06, 2018 ]
I have a 2001 F150. I think there is room in the tailgate near the handle to install the camera.Will this fit any receiver with a display? is that aspect of the installation universal?
[ Peter  Nov 08, 2017 ]
1 answer
I just finished installing this camera. I connected it to a 10 year old Kenwood monitor and it worked great. As long as your monitor has an RCA video input, it should work. It was very easy to install. It comes with a hole saw but I did have to widen the hole a little more before it would fit. It doesn't require much space to mount it.
[ Christopher  Nov 09, 2017 ]

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