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Panamax M8-AV-PRO

Power line conditioner and surge protector

Item # 299M8AVPRO

The Panamax M8-AV-PRO shields your audio/video system from harmful spikes and surges in your home's AC power.

The Panamax M8-AV-PRO shields your audio/video system from harmful spikes and surges in your home's AC power.

Item # 299M8AVPRO

In stock

About the Panamax M8-AV-PRO

The Panamax M8-AV-PRO shields your audio/video system from harmful spikes and surges in your home's AC power. It also filters out the RF (radio frequency) and electromagnetic noise that can keep your audio/video system from looking and sounding its best.

The Panamax M8-AV-PRO shields your audio/video system from harmful spikes and surges in your home's AC power. It also filters out the RF (radio frequency) and electromagnetic noise that can keep your audio/video system from looking and sounding its best.

Protection for a variety of inputs, plus expansion options

Panamax m8-0av-pro power line conditioner

The M8-AV-PRO has eight outlets separated into two isolated filter banks to reduce the possibility of interference between components. One bank of four outlets is designed for equipment with higher current demands, such as home theater receivers and powered subwoofers. The other bank of outlets protects the rest of your gear.

You also get three sets of protected coaxial input/output jacks for your cable TV and antenna feeds, plus one input/output for your telephone or Ethernet connection. The M8-AV-PRO's versatile design lets you protect even more components by adding optional Panamax modules.

The MOD-SPKP protects outdoor speakers or keypad or other control lines, while the MOD-DBSTV provides more protection for components with coaxial connections, like additional satellite receivers or cable boxes.

Quick reaction time saves your gear

When a power spike hits, the M8-AV-PRO reacts in less than a nanosecond, breaking the connection to protect your equipment. When the AC voltage returns to a safe level, the Panamax automatically reconnects power.


Product highlights:

  • total of 8 protected AC power outlets in two isolated banks
  • includes 4 high-current outlets for receivers, amps, and powered subs
  • 2 sets of coaxial RF input/output jacks
  • 1 set of phone line and Ethernet input/output jacks
  • 12-volt trigger input for high-current outlets
  • LED overvoltage and power status indicators
  • 8-ft. power cord with right-angle plug
  • 1875-joule surge protection
  • UL 1449 Rating: 500V
  • response time: less than 1 nanosecond
  • wall-mountable (mounting hardware and brackets included)
  • 12-1/16"W x 1-13/16"H x 5"D
  • weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • lifetime $5,000,000 connected equipment warranty (covers equipment damaged by an AC or signal line surge while connected to properly installed Panamax surge protector); valid only in the United States and Canada
  • warranty: lifetime on M8-AV-PRO
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

  • Surge protector with attached 8.25' power cord (terminated by a right-angle 3-prong AC plug)
  • 42" Coax (RG-59) cable (terminated by screw-on F-type connectors)
  • 3 Mounting screws
  • 3 Drywall anchors
  • 3 Spacer eyelets
  • Installation Instructions (En/Fr/Sp)
  • Warranty and Connected Equipment Policy Information

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Crutchfield response

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More details on the Panamax M8-AV-PRO

Mark G.

Features & specs

Type Strip
Total AC Outlets 8
High-Current Outlets 4
USB Connections None
RF-EMI Filtering Yes
Joule Rating 1875
Powerline Network Compatible No
Connected Equipment Guarantee $5,000,000
Width (inches) 12-1/8
Height (inches) 1-13/16
Depth (inches) 5
Weight (pounds) 3.5
Parts Warranty Lifetime
Labor Warranty Lifetime
The Panamax M8-AV-PRO replaces these items:

Product Research



Overview: The Panamax M8-AV-PRO Surge Protector features 8 AC outlets controlled by the unit's power switch. The M8-AV-PRO also provides protection for coaxial and telephone connections. It is recommended to work with your High Definition TV. In addition, this surge protector is equipped with 4 diagnostic LEDs. The LEDs indicate Power On/Protection OK, Ground OK, Unsafe Voltage, and DC Trigger.

8 AC Outlets: The 8 AC outlets provide power protection with transformer spacing between outlets.

Noise Isolation: The M8-AV-PRO features two isolated outlet banks to eliminate cross-contamination between components. Outlets 1-4 (on the top of the unit) feature "Balanced Double L" filtration, and are isolated from Outlets 5-8  (on the side of the unit), designed for high current equipment like amplifiers and powered subwoofers. Any noise created by an A/V component in one bank cannot contaminate the power to the equipment plugged into the other outlet bank.

AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring): The M8-AV-PRO utilizes an AVM (Automatic Voltage Monitoring) system to protect your connected equipment against prolonged over/under voltages by disconnecting the power when unsafe voltages are detected, and reconnecting it when safe power returns. The M8-AV-PRO will protect your A/V system from catastrophic surges.

Cleaning/Filtration: Common symptoms of "dirty" power include loss of detail, hisses, hums, and visual artifacts. The Power Cleaning and Premium Filtration circuits help your A/V equipment perform to its full capability by eliminating line noise inherent in household current. The result is improved picture and sound quality.

Power Cord: The surge protector features an attached 8 ft power cord with a right-angle, 45-degree offset three-prong plug. The

Telephone/LAN Protection: The M8-AV-PRO has two RJ-45 jacks for use with telephone and LAN lines. The RJ-45 jacks are designed to accept both standard telephone modular plugs, as well as the larger RJ-45 plugs found on Ethernet cables and LAN lines. The unit will protect connected equipment from electrical surges that travel over telephone and network lines.

Note: The telephone/LAN protection circuits operate in one direction only. The jacks are clearly marked "Equipment" and "Line" to help you avoid connecting them incorrectly.

Coax/Satellite Protection: The unit has two separate in/out pairs of coaxial connectors designed to protect your connected equipment from electrical surges that travel over Cable, Satellite, and Antenna lines. The coaxial connectors are bi-directional, so you may connect your equipment into either jack.

12-Volt DC Signal: In addition to surge protection, the M8-AV-PRO has a 3.5mm input for a 12-volt DC signal. When a 12-volt DC signal is received from a source component, the high-current outlets (outlets 5-8) will be turned on. Power to these four outlets is turned off when the DC voltage signal is no longer being received.

Power Switch/Circuit Breaker: The M8-AV-PRO has an On/Off Power Switch and Circuit Breaker. In addition to turning on and off the 8 AC outlets, the circuit breaker disconnects the AC power from the connected equipment when the amp rating for the unit (15 Amps) has been exceeded.

Add-on Signal Line Modules: If your connected equipment has more signal lines that can be protected by the base unit alone, you can add on optional Panamax signal line modules. The MOD-DBSTV (item # 299MODDBST) is for Satellite, CATV, and Cable Modems, while the MOD-SPKP (299MODSPKP) is for Outdoor Speakers and Control Lines.

Mounting: The M8-AV-PRO Surge Protector can be placed on the floor, on a shelf, or inside a cabinet. The M8-AV-PRO can also be wall-mounted using the integrated wall-mount brackets, key-hole slots, and supplied hardware.

Lifetime $5,000,000 Connected Equipment Warranty: Panamax will replace or repair equipment that is damaged by an AC or signal line surge while connected to a properly installed Panamax surge protector (up to $5,000,000).


  • AC Specifications:
    • Auto-resetting Overvoltage Shutoff: 144V +/-8V
    • Auto-resetting Undervoltage Shutoff: 90V +/-6V
    • Line Voltage: 120VAC, 50/60Hz
    • Initial Clamping Level: 200V Peak, 141V RMS,
    • Voltage Protection Rating (UL1449 3rd Edition, 3000A): 500V
    • Protection Modes: L-N, L-G, N-G
    • Maximum Current Rating: 15A (1800W)
    • EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 53dB (100kHz-1MHz)
    • Response Time: <1ns
    • Single Pulse Energy: 1875 Joules
    • Peak Impulse Current: 65,000 A
  • LAN Protection:
    • Compatibility: 10/100bT
    • Clamping Level: 7V
    • Suppression Modes: Differential & Common Ground
    • Wires Protected: Pins 1, 2, 3, & 6
    • Connectors: RJ-45 shared with Telco
  • Telco Protection:
    • Clamping Level: 260V
    • Capacitance: 30 pf (approximate)
    • Suppression Mode: Metallic and Longitudinal
    • Wire Protected: 2-wire, 1-pair (4, 5)
    • Connectors: RJ-45 Shared with LAN (compatible with RJ-11)
  • Universal Cable/Satellite Protection:
    • Clamping Level: 75V
    • Frequency Range: 5MHz-2GHz
    • Insertion Loss: <0.5dB
    • Connections: Female "F"-type, gold-plated

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
AVM, automatic voltage control and High Output outlets for my receiver. Less than 1 nanosecond response time is really good too. Others were 1 nanosecond and another was .25. [ Jim  Mar 16, 2020 ]
Lifetime Warranty to protect valuable electronics is a no brainer. Includes a filter to help eliminate noise from electrical current, a must have with high end audio equipment, 4K TVs, Blue Ray Players, etc... If you're spending that much money on electronics, may as well go all out and protect your investments. [ Ron  Feb 26, 2020 ]
RF and EMI rejection. [ Mitchell  Sep 01, 2019 ]
To protect my stereo system. [ Don L  Aug 26, 2019 ]
Bought new tv and wanted power conditioning in addition surge protection. This particular make and model had good features for a good price. A tech friend recommended I get one. Read the article on this site about power conditioning. [ William  Aug 10, 2019 ]
My brother has purchased Panamax before and liked them. [ Dwayne  Jul 22, 2019 ]
Peace of mind alone is worth the cost of this item. Been putting this off way too long and after lightning hit multiple houses in DFW last night thought it was about time. Crutchfield has been my go to for years. The need to protect many dollars of equipment and some irreplaceable items is a no-brain-er. [ V  Jul 11, 2019 ]
Level of Surge Protection provided by this unit. [ JEFFREY M  Jun 25, 2019 ]
If I'm going to spend thousands on my home theater, I am not going to skimp out on a surge protector. BestBuy wanted me to go with a Belkin. [ Stephen  Jun 13, 2019 ]
Recommended by Rusty. Needed a surge protector that would turn system quickly and protect equipment. [ Charles  Apr 25, 2019 ]
2 isolatef power banks plus lifetime warranty would be ideal for so many componets in my system [ Yaroslav  Apr 24, 2019 ]
Live in California they turn the power off frequently to prevent wildfires . [ Douglas  Mar 23, 2019 ]
Power surge ruined my 2011 Samsung 50 inch Plasma TV. Plasmas aren't even manufactured anymore! Bought the Pananmax M8-AV-PRO because I'm not making the same mistake twice. Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me; Fool me three times load the chopper and let ir reign on you! [ Oswaldo  Mar 09, 2019 ]
This unit was recommended by your technician to protect my home theater equipment, as well as having a life time warranttee and equipment replacement guarantee of $5,000,000. I hope to not lose my equipment after 2 strikes w/in 1 year [ susan  Oct 22, 2018 ]
I need a tv surge protector and think this is the best choice for themoney [ Dennis  Sep 15, 2018 ]
has the options and configuration I need for my computer room and entertainment center [ Donald M.  Aug 23, 2018 ]
Upgrade [ Allen  Aug 11, 2018 ]
because it has high current outlets for equipment. [ beth  Jun 30, 2018 ]
Make correctly contact's, to stop harm to speakers. [ Randall  Jun 16, 2018 ]
I have two of these and over several years with our storms in Texas, these have saved my TV'S, Router, and Stereo Equipment. They are quality made. Have a GREAT Warranty, and Crutchfield Staff to back it all up. Thanks [ MICHAEL  Apr 19, 2018 ]
Appeared to be a great selection of options. [ Lucius  Mar 16, 2018 ]
complicated install on a boat [ Peter  Feb 14, 2018 ]
I have had good experiences with similar Panamax products. [ Randy  Dec 18, 2017 ]
I wanted some better protection on my equipment [ Vicky  Nov 19, 2017 ]
to protect my home theater equipment [ Lakshmi  Nov 18, 2017 ]
Good for AV my system.I think so. [ Hoai  Nov 13, 2017 ]
Panamax M8-AV-PRO is a MUST. I'm a previous Panamax consumer and along the years their products REALLY has giving the protection my Home Theater sensitive electronics deserve. I trust the protection of my equipment to Panamax. Feel secure you are REALLY covered when connect your system to the Panamax M8-AV-PRO and any other product they release. Highly recommended. -Sergio R. [ SERGIO  Aug 09, 2017 ]
To protect the system from power surges. [ Evelyn  May 07, 2017 ]
went with sound system sony [ Milonis  Apr 11, 2017 ]
My Yamaha synth is hooked up to one and it's worked great. [ Jack  Apr 02, 2017 ]
Good protection and features, such as the 12v trigger. [ Samuel  Feb 20, 2017 ]
no better way to surge proof my investment [ JOHNNY  Feb 20, 2017 ]
Reputation of company and cost of replacing home theater equipment. It helps to protect my valuable equipment from major electrical damage. [ RICHARD  Feb 03, 2017 ]
I trust Crutchfield for their recommendations. Having been through many storms, I believe in the importance of top rated surge protection! [ Christopher  Dec 31, 2016 ]
Unsure, appears to be just what I need for protection from surges [ Noah  Dec 20, 2016 ]
XMAS GIFT [ VERONICA  Nov 21, 2016 ]
#1 My old TV is going out and would cost too much to fix. I bought a new TV from Crutchfield as I have in the past. I needed surge protection and I trust what Crutchfield offers.They are from Crutchfield!!! One of the must trusted and respected retailers on the web!! [ SAMUEL B  Aug 07, 2016 ]
I lost my previous AVR during a lightning storm as well as my Apple TV. The surge came through the cable television cable and zapped both components because that path was not protected at all. After purchasing a new AVR on Rex's suggestion, and reading reviews of this product, I finally decided to purchase because of the protection it provides. [ Dan  Jul 31, 2016 ]
Great price and its just what I needed. There were many choices but this offered the best protection. [ Bill  Jun 17, 2016 ]
Highly rated around the web. [ Brian  May 01, 2016 ]
Gotta protect the investment of a great t.v! [ BRIAN  Apr 28, 2016 ]
Lightening has blown out my cable box several times. The cable company always replaces it but this last time it also hit my DVDs player. Time to get another protected on all the equipment. This one has enough plugs and the Ethernet port that I need for my cable line. [ Kay  Mar 18, 2016 ]
I have a Panamax product and trust them. [ Steve  Dec 29, 2015 ]
Protection of new equipment. Customer ratings. [ Frank  Dec 21, 2015 ]

1 question already asked

Are there mounting holes on side of unit opposite the power cable? I want to install this under my desk. How best accomplish this type of installation with the M8 AV Pro?
[ Mortymer  Aug 08, 2018 ]
4 answers
There is a slot where unit can be attached. This slot is on the opposite side of power cable.
[ Kenneth  Aug 17, 2018 ]
There is one keyhole slot on the backside of the unit opposite the cord and two on the cord end.
[ Randy  Aug 12, 2018 ]
Yes, there are mounting holes, 6" apart. Just leave the screws extended to slide it on.
[ Robert F.  Aug 10, 2018 ]
I don't believe so - there may have been a mounting kit - don't remember however did some A B testing and running the coax cable thru the unit makes a very noticeable improvement also have swiss studio AV equip going thru it and again cleans thing s up - it's a no brainer as far as i'mconcenred
[ DAVID A  Aug 10, 2018 ]

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