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NAD C 338

Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth®

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Our take on the NAD C 338

The NAD C 338 integrated amplifier lets you connect digital, analog, and even wireless music sources. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect it to your home network so you can easily access your digital music library and stream internet radio. Support for Spotify® Connect and Google Cast (now called Chromecast built-in) gives you near limitless music options. You can also stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet. NAD's remote app gives you convenient control over your system from compatible Apple® and Android™ devices.

Smart and connected

The NAD C 338 integrated amplifier lets you connect digital, analog, and even wireless music sources. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you connect it to your home network so you can easily access your digital music library and stream internet radio. Support for Spotify® Connect and Google Cast (now called Chromecast built-in) gives you near limitless music options. You can also stream music from any Bluetooth enabled device, like a smartphone or tablet. NAD's remote app gives you convenient control over your system from compatible Apple® and Android™ devices.

Clean amplification for your speakers and headphones

The C 338 uses an advanced Class D amplifier design for consistent performance. Its highly efficient power supply provides a noise-free foundation, generating huge power with negligible distortion — up to 1000 watts instantaneously to faithfully reproduce the energy and excitement of all your favorite music. A built-in high-performance headphone amplifier can drive even the most demanding studio monitor headphones.

Product Highlights:

    • 50 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.01% THD
    • 50 watts x 2 channels into 4 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.01% THD
    • 4-ohm stable for use with a wide range of speakers
    • Class D Asymmetrical PowerDrive amplifier design
    • 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter for high-performance playback of digitally connected sources such as a CD player
    • built-in Wi-Fi for listening to music from a networked PC, internet radio, and music streaming services
      • includes support for Google Cast (now called Chromecast built-in) and Spotify Connect
    • built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from a compatible device
    • independent built-in high-output headphone amplifier
    • remote control
    • free NAD control app for iOS® and Android™ lets you use your compatible mobile device as a remote control
    • 4 digital audio inputs (2 optical/2 coaxial)
    • 3 stereo RCA audio inputs, including a phono input (for use with a moving magnet cartridge)
    • subwoofer output
    • full-size headphone jack
    • pair of binding post speaker connectors
    • detachable power cord

    What's in the Box:

    • Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier
    • 6' AC power cord
    • 2 WiFi antennas
    • Bluetooth antenna
    • Remote control (Amp 3)
    • CR2025 3V battery
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • Chromecast Built-in installation instructions
    • Warranty Information
    • "Attention" note

    Featured Video

    Great amp! Set it up with a new turntable and old set of Cambridge Soundworks New Ensemble II speakers. Now i'm listening to my old vinyl, but I can also stream Spotify to the system right from my phone. Really easy to set up and use. Sounds great!

    Dave, Northport, NY


    NAD C 338 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (21 Reviews)

    Not meant for high end sound reproduction

    Vince from Seattle, WA on 1/26/2019

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The NAD C338 just didn't perform well with a variety of floorstanding speakers I own. The sound was thin, anemic, lacking life, punch or breadth. This amp was perhaps meant for bookshelf or computer speakers, because it sure ain't up to providing the musical excitement through high end floor standing speakers I spend good money to experience at home. If you are looking for high end sound and lifelike sonic presence and drive, avoid this amp. BUT if you want a BASIC appliance to provide ordinary/AVERAGE BASIC quality audio music playing with digital and Bluetooth operability and don't have to have high end sonic vividness, AND you can afford this price point, then by all means buy this amp with all abandon. I will never spend another dime on any future NAD devices after my disappointed experience with the C 338.

    Pros: 1. Bluetooth reception 2. Digital and phono stage inputs 3. Quality feeling chassis 4. Modern looking case/design 5. O.K. Headphone amp built in.

    Cons: Unacceptable sound quality for the price. There are high end sounding amps at this price point that stir your soul, while the C 338 sounds like a computer speaker amplifier. Maybe the price reflects all the digital and wireless wizardry, but not much else. No direct access button to each individual input source-instead you have to cycle through the source menu just to change a source.

    NAD C 338

    Ray from Madison, MS on 8/12/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The amplifier sounds very good. Works well. Small footprint. Easy to set up. Sounds great and looks great with the matching NAD CD player. This amplifier has a very clean sound. Not too sterile, but just uncolored for the most part. I would give it 5 stars except for a few nits: I have lots of vintage stereo gear; Pioneer, McIntosh, Adcom, etc., bass and treble used to be pretty standard fare. I am in my mid 50s. I wish the amplifier had bass and treble controls to help boost frequencies that I don't hear well. It also could use an extra set of speaker terminals. Even in a low power integrated amp,, these are basic features that should come standard for the price. The remote is pretty basic. Also, the display can't be read from more than a few feet away. Overall, I love this amplifier. Even with nits, a good value overall. I AM impressed with the sound quality.



    NAD C 338

    Crutchfield customer from Bethesda, MD on 6/22/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Would be great if NAD included tone controls and USB.



    Incredibly irritating flashing blue light

    Jim from Austin, TX on 4/24/2018

    Excellent sound, compact size, and runs cool... but the interface is a constant nightmare. When it loses the Wi-Fi settings, which happens all the time, a bright blue light on the front of the unit will flash forever, and it is unbelievably distracting and irritating. It will do this until you set up the Wi-Fi again. This procedure, requiring a cell phone and multiple passwords, is exasperating and buggy. Why do I care if the Wi-Fi is set up when I'm just trying to listen to music? Leave me alone! When I need the Wi-Fi, I'll set it up. I don't need a blindingly bright light pestering me incessantly. What kind of moron designed this? Why can't I turn it off? Oh yeah, when it decides it needs a firmware update, it doesn't care if you're in the middle of a great movie or classic album. It will, without warning, switch to the Wi-Fi input and take as long as it feels like to update the software. No, you can't stop it. If you turn it off and on again to prevent this, it'll just keep trying until you give up. Why am I at the mercy of my stereo? It should NEVER interrupt my listening. I have kids and pets for that.



    Great amp! Easy streaming music

    Dave from Northport, NY on 1/13/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great amp! Set it up with a new turntable and old set of Cambridge Soundworks New Ensemble II speakers. Now i'm listening to my old vinyl, but I can also stream Spotify to the system right from my phone. Really easy to set up and use. Sounds great!

    Pros: Easy set up, great sound, slim compact design, bluetooth streaming

    Cons: none

    NAD C 338

    Crutchfield customer from Westport, CT on 12/28/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought this for my daughters Christmas gift, its something she will be able to use for many years, outstanding quality.



    Awesome little amp

    Herman from Sammamish, WA on 11/2/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I did receive a defective unit, but the folks at Crutchfield were great to help resolve the issue and I have enjoyed this amplifier so much, that I now own two and am considering purchasing a third. This NAD amp has put a breath of new life into my old speakers and sounds amazing. I love the built-in Chromecast Audio and the ability to create groups to play music in parts or all of the house is fantastic.

    Pros: Love the features, great sound and no issues driving less than efficient speakers.

    Cons: None

    NAD C 338

    Crutchfield customer from Kannapolis, NC on 9/27/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I needed an integrated amplifier for my phonograph and this gave me additional flexibility to stream as well as connect a couple of optical digital connections. Audio is very clean. Interaction with the computer could be a little better. It would be nice if there were options to prevent unwanted devices/neighbors pairing with it.



    NAD C 338

    DAVID from New York, NY on 7/30/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It sounds as good a s it looks! Very clean lines, smart design and solid construction. Fast delivery, showed up a day sooner than expected!



    Buy it! Best blend of new and old school technology.

    Geoff from Simpsonville, SC on 7/12/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Wow! It took me a little while to wrap my head around the Chromecast Audio, but it really works! It also supports Spotify Connect which seems similar to Chromecast Audio. It of course also supports bluetooth. Both Chromecast Audio and Spotify connect have better audio quality then bluetooth due to higher bandwidth. Also has a great phono preamp, opt and coaxial connections plus analog RCA's. What more do you need? Sound is amazing. I bought the NAD c 516BEE CD player it it sounds great. I'm running this with an old school Yamaha DP-211 Turntable and B&W DM303 bookshelf speakers. I've blown away a few of my friends already. This is really the best blend of old school and new technology.

    Pros: Built in digital connections, phono, and analog. Built-in Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast audio. Super clean and quiet sound

    Cons: none

    C338 - Great Feature Set - Ideal for Streamers

    Bill from Oakland, CA on 7/4/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Usable infrared remote with only the useful buttons, but a little small/cheezy Amp can be programed to respond to other remotes. I programmed it to respond to the TIVO remote volume buttons, for use with TV. Produces little heat Bluetooth on your phone is required for the one-time initial configuration of the amp's Wi-Fi. Not required thereafter. All control of the amp is then done by phone via Wi-fi from anywhere in the house, or from the amp's front panel or remote. Music streaming over Wi-Fi works well; I used the 5gz band. Music streaming relies on built-in Google Chromecast Audio software. That built-in Chromecast can be grouped with another Chromecast Audio to play music simultaneously on both. If the unit is off, you can turn it on automatically by turning on a digital source (e.g. your TV) that sends it a signal. This means if you turn on your TV, the amp will come on. Also, if the unit is off, you can turn it on automatically just by "casting" music to it from your phone. This is true even if the amp was previously set for TV input; it will turn on and switch to Wi-Fi input. It will turn itself off automatically after 20 minutes of no use. You can also "cast" music from your computer using the Chrome browser's "casting" capability. The NAD amp's Chromecast is subject to same limitations as a stand-alone Chromecast Audio.

    Pros: Once you start "casting" music (I've been using Google Play Music), you can close the app on your phone, put your phone to sleep, use other apps, leave the house with the phone in your pocket, or even turn the phone off; the music will continue to stream from the internet to the NAD amp and be listenable until you turn the NAD amp off. At that point, you can still control the playback volume from the remote or amp knob.

    Cons: Unexciting appearance with tiny display. While you are casting music from your phone, you can control its volume using the phone's volume buttons, but look out! The volume control is not linear. As the volume slider exceeds the 75% point, it becomes quickly really loud, perhaps potentially damaging.

    Ideal for a Smaller Modern Audiophile System

    Pat from Stinson Beach, CA on 6/17/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Superb integrated amp. The option to stream from wifi, bluetooth, and chromecast streaming, as well as connect via cables allow this amp to be the heart and soul of a small home theater set up. I paired it with some Klipsch RP-150m

    Pros: Connections, connections, connections...

    Cons: New system isn't available on some smart/universal remotes yet

    NAD C 338

    Terence from New York, NY on 6/6/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    So far this little unit has performed at expectations. The app control is a plus, as is auto-detect source (great for auto turn on). The unit puts out good power for its size and I think produces a great soundscape. Speakers I use are wharfedale 10.1 (though I would prefer to match this unit with something a little bigger like an ELAC unifi B6). Where i'm not entirely convinced is the internal chromecast. I assume due to the software, spotify over chromecast seems to be streaming at 128kbps, a relatively low quality. This results in the sound coming through somewhat flat and lifeless. Bluetooth sounds about the same. When fed a good quality audio source, the unit shines. Testing with a digital connection and FLAC files this has great depth and great punch. What I'd like to see is airplay/airplay 2 support, which should be able to be done given the wifi chipset inside, but no guarantee of this, I can live without a USB input. I considered this unit against the ELAC integrated amplified and do not regret my choice.



    NAD C338

    John from Sterling, IL on 5/7/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This amp is a big step forward from my old Kenwood KA-8300. Minimalist by comparison in appearance, but loaded with modern features. I use this amp with a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable and a pair of JBL Studio 230 "bookshelf" speakers. The thing that immediately grabbed my attention at first listen was the outstanding level of transparency and detail in the music. It picks up on the little things that the Kenwood just couldn't summon. The highs and mid-range seem to be the NAD's strong suit, and I'll admit the bass response is slightly weak compared to the older amp, but the NAD is a smaller amp, and the bass hits when it counts. There is also a subwoofer output in case I feel the need to add one at some point. The Bluetooth function works great and sounds amazing compared to the adapter that I had been using. I have yet to connect a CD player although I'm looking forward to it having read great things about the DAC. My only disappointment about this amp is its headphone amp. I've read several reviews recently harping on this and they seem to be right, unfortunately. I was really looking forward to not having to buy an outboard set-up for my headphones but it's quite alright. Overall I'm very pleased with the sound quality that this amp brings out of my JBL's, and the connectivity that it offers. It also brings life to my vinyl records and keeps them honest. It's been fun hearing what I've been missing this whole time.

    Pros: Outstanding sound quality and impressive phono stage. The Bluetooth function works and sounds great through my iphone. I use it for music as well as podcasts and my Sirius on-demand downloads. Appearance is sleek and stealth, and matches my turntable and speakers perfectly.

    Cons: Headphone amp could be/should be better given that NAD advertises it as a separate headphone amp. The blue power indicator light flashes, which is quite annoying. I would actually like the blue light if it wasn't flashing at me.

    NAD C 338

    William from Rocky River, OH on 4/15/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The NAD C 338 amplifier is one amazing device. While I initially purchased this with the primary purpose of connecting the record player to it (and maybe a TV), I quickly found myself really enjoying the bluetooth, wifi, and Spotify Connect capabilities. Being able to put music on through your phone, when you don't have hands or time free to enjoy a physical record, comes in very handy. And the setup of the amplifier is about as easy as it gets.

    Pros: Dedicated phono input. Bluetooth, wifi, and Spotify Connect capabilities. Can be controlled via NAD's "NAD Remote" app on a phone or tablet.

    Cons: Really none that come to mind.

    NAD C 338

    william g from Arcadia, CA on 4/14/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Sound quality outstanding, footprint very convenient for small places, a very attractive piece, very user friendly. One issue; volume indicator silly (decibels instead of simple numbers to indicate volume level). Other than that I'm completely happy with it.

    Pros: Outstanding sound reproduction

    Cons: Silly volume indicator gives decibels instead of simple numbers

    Stunning audio clarity, but lacks AirPlay support

    Scot from El Cerrito, CA on 4/2/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I've gone "all digital" with lossless streaming audio - no more CDs or LPs. So I wanted an amp that could do native Wifi and Bluetooth so I wouldn't need adapters. The audio of the C338 is stunning - a huge improvement over the Airport Express -> Rotel solution I replace. Love the audio. The downside is that while the amp supports native Wifi, by this they mean Chromecast ONLY - AirPlay is not supported. Since iTunes is AirPlay only, this was a huge disappointment to me. So I've switched to Bluetooth, which sounds great but has two huge downsides: 1) Now my source has to be in line of sight from the amp (can no longer send audio to the Living Room from the office), and 2) My old AirPlay stayed connected at all times - it was always ready. But now every time I want to play audio I have to fiddle with the Bluetooth selector on the Mac - a bit of a hassle. I'm hoping they can add AirPlay support in a future update.



    You cannot go wrong with this one.

    Simen from Hallandale Beach, FL on 3/28/2017

    Excellent piece of equipment. Really cutting edge.

    Pros: 50 watts stable to 4 ohm All possible streaming possibilities Spotify incorporated if I am not mistaken.

    Cons: None so far

    Excellent sound, easy to install

    AHe from Silicon Valley, CA on 3/27/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is my first NAD and I love it. Clear and precise sound, I am listening to rock and classic and I am amazed about the sound quality. I run the amplifier with Monitor Audio Radius 90 and the 360 Subwoofer. Installation was easy, the system needed a few attempts to connect to the Wi-Fi and Google home seem to be a bit the problem here. however, it was installed fast, speakers connected and the sound from CD or from MP3 is just fantastic. I have connected the subwoofer with a RCA subwoofer cable and could not find the crossover frequency. While NAD did not respond to my e-mail, the Crutchfield team responded very fast and informed me that the NAD C 338 has a fixed 80Hz crossover - which in my case works perfectly fine. other with I would have switched to the other connection method and could have used the speakers cross over adjustment. I am very happy with the NAD and the service.

    Pros: Great Sound Easy to install and easy to operate Looks fantastic

    Cons: Basic functions Fix cross overt frequency to subwoofer

    Well connected, Great Sounding, Killer value!

    Brandon from Irvine, CA on 3/23/2017

    I finally got a chance to demo this amp!! I heard it on a pair of Monitor Silver 10 peakers, then a pair of PSB Bookshelf Speakers w/ Sunfire sub (my personal setup is an old pair of B&W DM602 S2's, and an SVS NSD 12" sealed sub). The50W per Channel rating is very conservative, as this amp had plenty of power to drive these speakers. Sound was rich, lush, and brilliant, playing some instrumental ensembles. I wanted to hear my own music, so I paired my AptX enabled Android Phone (I didn't try the Wif stream yeti) and played familiar songs from Pantera, Metallica, At The Gates, Unearth, Shadows Fall, and Kreator. The Bluetooth streaming quality was astoundingly better than that of my HK BTA10 adapter; crystal clear, and didn't get that bloated and grainy degredation. Side note: IMO the PSB speakers were a little too pronounced in the low mids around 500-700 Hz. The C 338 produces a very honest, warm, and balanced sound across the spectrum. The presence was smooth, but ever flat, even on songs with less treble in the mix; the top end had an excellent shimmering brilliance without ever being harsh or excessive. Articulate, bass. (IMO 6db Bass Boost was too much ~100hz, but might be beneficial for mix/masters lacking lows). Stereo separation was excellent! Dual rhythm guitars, and drum fills had a huge soundstage, vocals came out of the wall in front of me. My only con was that no matter how loud, it left me wanting just a little more forward, punchy oompf.

    Pros: Connectivity, Chromecast, Bluetooth AptX, Wifi, Coax, Optical, DAC, Build Quality, Price Value, Form Factor, Subwoofer Output, Phono Stage

    Cons: Slightly laid-back for rock/metal music.

    Great amplifier

    Will from Wyoming, NY on 3/19/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I am very happy with this new NAD C338. I was looking for a new amplifier that would allow both phono connectivity for my record player and 21st century connectivity with Internet, Bluetooth... And here it is! Great amplifier, really love the sound and easy set up. Everything work great and without a glitch. The Bluetooth range is good. Only thing is the remote, it feels really cheap and looks like an old remote.

    Pros: Connectivity Sound Quality Easy set up

    Cons: Remote isn't great.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Performance Specs
    Watts RMS per Channel (8-ohms) 50
    Watts RMS per Channel (6-ohms) Not given
    Watts RMS per Channel (4-ohms) 50
    Frequency Bandwidth 20-20k
    THD 0.03%
    Minimum Impedance 4 ohms
    Signal to Noise Ratio 98
    Digital Music Features
    Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Yes
    High-resolution Audio Playback No
    Bluetooth Yes
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
    Total Analog Inputs 3
    Phono Input Yes
    Optical Digital Inputs 2
    Coaxial Digital Inputs 2
    USB Input No
    Preamp Outputs Subwoofer
    Headphone Output 1/4"
    Dimensions and Warranty
    Width (inches) 17-1/8
    Height (inches) 2-13/16
    Depth (inches) 12-3/16
    Weight (pounds) 10.7
    Parts Warranty 2 Years
    Labor Warranty 2 Years

    Product Research

    Audio Section
    Variety of Sources
    Remote Control

    Audio Section

    Hybrid Digital Amplification: NAD has moved away from the old-fashioned power-hungry linear power supplies and Class AB output stages that waste nearly half of the energy consumed and produce heat rather than sound. Instead, NAD has developed even better performing circuits based on switch mode power supplies and Class D output stages. Once thought to be inferior to traditional topologies, this new Hybrid Digital Amplifier design is very linear over a wide bandwidth and provides consistent performance into all speaker loads, providing a dramatic advancement over previous Class AB and Class D amplifier designs.

    • Customized Hypex UcD Output Stage: The C 338 uses a customized version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage operating in a fully balanced bridge configuration. This allows for massive power with nearly un-measurable distortion and noise in the audible range. Every detail of this design has been carefully planned and perfectly executed to deliver every last drop of performance.
    • Sophisticated Power Supply: The C 338's power supply is capable of 160 watts continuously and over 300 watts instantaneously to allow for short-term musical transients. It can operate with any AC mains voltage from 100 to 240 volts and provides pure DC power to all the various stages of the C 338. This highly efficient supply also provides near perfect regulation of voltage across a wide range of conditions and provides a solid noise-free foundation for the amplifying stages.

    Full Disclosure Power (FDP): NAD uses Full Disclosure Power (FDP), the most demanding criterion for performance measurement. FDP specifies distortion under the most extreme conditions of low impedance loads and frequency extremes, rather than the simple and easy 1kHz @ 8 ohms test quoted by many of other manufactures. NAD uses this stricter performance criterion because it more closely matches the demands of real music and real loudspeakers. Maintaining specified distortion at 4/8Ω and at 20-20kHz is a much more difficult achievement. The benefit of NAD's Full Disclosure Power is the total elimination of audible distortion at any listening level. This provides pinpoint imaging and realism with music and movies alike.

    • Continuous Power: 50 watts x 2-channel (@ 20-20kHz, into 4Ω or 8Ω, at 0.03% THD, with both channels driven)
    • IHF Dynamic Power: 80 watts into 8Ω / 150W watts into 4Ω / 210 watts into 2Ω

    Binding Post Speaker Outputs: The amplifier features four binding-post speaker terminals to connect up to one pair of loudspeakers (minimum impedance of 4Ω).  The binding posts that will accept single banana plugs (single only), pin connectors, spade lugs, and bare wire (up to 10AWG).

    Discrete Headphone Amplifier: The NAD C 338 incorporates a discrete headphone amplifier with low output impedance and very high output voltage capability, enough to drive even high impedance studio monitor headphones. Connecting a set of headphone to unit's front-panel 1/4" jack will mute the speaker outputs. Volume, tone, and balance controls are all operable during headphone listening.

    Sub Output: The C 338 features a low impedance line-level, mono-RCA output that can connect to a powered subwoofer (sold separately). Low frequency information up to 200Hz is sent to the connected powered subwoofer.

    Bass EQ: The Bass EQ feature  boosts the overall bass response by at least 6 dB.

    Variety of Sources

    Wireless Network Connection: The NAD C 338 is equipped with built-in WiFi for a wireless connection to your home's wireless router and network. It uses dual band (2.4GHz/5Ghz) Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) for high-performance streaming. This wireless connection allows you to access Chromecast Built-in and Spotify Connect.

    Chromecast Built-In: Chromecast Built-in lets you instantly stream select music apps from your Apple iOS or Android mobile device to the NAD C 338 hybrid digital integrated amplifier. Unlike Bluetooth, Chromecast Built-in works over WiFi so you can connect more than one device to the NAD C 338 at a time and control what's playing from anywhere in the house on your mobile device. Because the music apps are streamed from the cloud, you get crystal clear sound and your mobile device's battery won't drain as fast compared to Bluetooth.

    • Google Home App: Use the Google Home App for Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android OS 4.2+ to connect the NAD C 338 to your home's wireless WiFi network from your Apple iOS or Android device. You also get to configure compatible apps within the Google Home App, plus adjust various settings. 
    • Supported Content: Chromecast Built-in offers Internet Radio apps like TuneIn & iHeart Radio; plus online music service apps like Pandora, Spotify (requires Premium subscription), Google Play Music, and more. You can even mirror exactly what's playing on your Android phone or tablet to the C 338. Or, if you're on your laptop or computer, you can also cast any music streaming website through the Chrome browser.
    • Simple-to-Use: Simply tap the Cast button from a Chromecast Built-in compatible music app to start streaming to the NAD C 338. You can even adjust the volume or change the song, right from your mobile device. And with Chromecast built-in, you can keep using your phone to send texts, answer calls, and scroll through social media without disturbing your music.
    • Multiroom: Using the Google Home app Apple iOS 8.0+ and Android OS 4.2+, you can sync multiple products with Chromecast Built-in in multiple rooms of your home to play the same song throughout your house at the same time.

    Note: Chromecast Built-in is a cloud based function and requires that the NAD C 338 and your Apple iOS or Android mobile device are on the same wireless network, and have access to the Internet.

    Spotify Connect: The integration of Spotify Connect will enable Spotify Premium users to instantly see, select, and stream to the NAD C 338 hybrid digital integrated amplifier from within the Spotify app (for Apple iOS 8.0+ / Android OS 4.0+) on your compatible Apple iOS or Android OS device.

    Bluetooth Music Streaming: You can wirelessly pair and connect instantly to the C 338 with Bluetooth, allowing you to stream stored music and music apps wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled source device; like your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. There is no control or song/artist info display from the C 338.

    Digital Inputs: The NAD C 338 is equipped with two optical (toslink) digital inputs and two coaxial (RCA) digital inputs. These digital inputs will support 2ch PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz (not compatible with Dolby Digital/DTS).

    Analog Inputs: The NAD C 338's stereo RCA inputs (2 Line/1 Phono) can accommodate all kinds of analog source components by offering ideal input impedance characteristics with linear ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers to prevent any sonic degradation caused by inappropriate loading of the source device.

    MM Phono Stage w/ RIAA Equalization: The NAD C 338 hybrid digital DAC amplifier includes an MM Phono stage with precisely accurate RIAA equalization, high overload margins, extremely low noise, and an innovative circuit to suppress infrasonic noise that is present on all LPs - all without affecting bass response.

    Remote Control

    NAD Remote App: Power, volume, source selection, and device settings are all controlled using the intuitive interface of the NAD Remote App (for Apple iOS 9.0+ and Android OS 5.0+) from your compatible Apple iOS or Android OS device..

    IR Remote: The included IR remote control provides wireless operation of the C 338. The remote offers the following control functions - Power On/Off, Source Select, Volume Up/Down, Bass EQ, Cast Playback (Play/Pause & Previous/Next Track), Mute, and Dimmer.

    Auto Standby: The C 338 can be setup to automatically go into standby mode if there is no user interface interaction and no active source input for 20 minutes.

    Auto Sense: The Auto Sense feature enables the C 338 to wake up from standby mode when triggered by an active source input with an audio signal.

    Our Product Research Team

    At Crutchfield, you'll get detailed, accurate information that's hard to find elsewhere. That's because we have our own in-house Product Research team. They verify what’s in the box, check the owner's manual, and record dimensions, features and specs. We stay on top of new products and technologies to help people make informed choices.


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    Get more power, more connections, and an upgradeable digital circuit board

    The NAD C 368 offers these features:

    80 watts per channel with 2 channels driven

    stereo RCA preamp output for connecting a separate amplifier or powered subwoofer

    RS-232C port for use with external controllers

    IR in/out and 12-volt triggers

    2 pairs of binding post speaker connectors for A and B speakers

    2 MDC (Modular Design Construction) slots for adding additional capabilities and features

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