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NAD C 388

Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC and Bluetooth®

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Our take on the NAD C 388

At 150 watts per channel, NAD's C 388 integrated amplifier fills your room with detailed, virtually distortion-free sound and brings out the best in all your music. Connect digital or analog music sources and stream music via Bluetooth from your computer or a compatible mobile device. You can also stream audio from connected sources to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. NAD's smart, future-proof Modular Design Construction (MDC) lets you upgrade the C 388 to include features like wireless multi-room music and 4K video pass-through.

Power and flexibility

At 150 watts per channel, NAD's C 388 integrated amplifier fills your room with detailed, virtually distortion-free sound and brings out the best in all your music. Connect digital or analog music sources and stream music via Bluetooth from your computer or a compatible mobile device. You can also stream audio from connected sources to a pair of Bluetooth headphones. NAD's smart, future-proof Modular Design Construction (MDC) lets you upgrade the C 388 to include features like wireless multi-room music and 4K video pass-through.

Clean amplification for your speakers and headphones

The C 388 uses an advanced Class D amplifier design for consistent performance. Its highly efficient power supply provides a noise-free foundation, generating huge power with negligible distortion — up to 1,000 watts instantaneously to faithfully reproduce the energy and excitement of all your favorite music. A built-in high-performance headphone amplifier can drive even the most demanding studio monitor headphones.

Innovative customization options

Two MDC upgrade slots let you add or swap modules on the back of the unit so you can tailor the C 388 to your exact needs.

Available upgrade modules include:

DD BluOS: This module adds Wi-Fi® and Ethernet network connectivity with decoding for all major digital music formats, including high-resolution audio (up to 24-bit/192 kHz). It lets you access your personal music library as well as streaming music services. BluOS lets you set up a wireless multi-room music system and distribute high-resolution music to Bluesound speakers throughout your home.

DD HDM-1: This module adds three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output. It supports video resolution up to 1080p and two-channel PCM audio with 24-bit/192 kHz resolution.

DD AP-1: This module adds a balanced and single-ended line input and a MC/MM phono input, with high-quality 24-bit/192 kHz DAC audio.

DD USB-2: This module adds additional asynchronous USB and SPDIF coaxial and optical digital inputs.

DD HDM-2: This module adds three HDMI inputs and one output with support for 4K video resolution and two-channel audio with 24-bit/192 kHz resolution.

Product Highlights:

    • 150 watts x 2 channels into 8 or 4 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.009% THD
    • 4-ohm stable for use with a wide range of speakers
    • Class D Asymmetrical PowerDrive amplifier design
    • 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter for high-performance playback of digitally connected sources such as a CD player
    • built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from a compatible device or wireless headphone listening
      • supports the aptX® codec for wirelessly streaming CD-quality sound
    • independent built-in high-output headphone amplifier
    • 2 MDC (Modular Design Construction) slots for adding additional capabilities and features
    • remote control
    • compatible with leading third-party control systems like Control4, Crestron, RTI, and URC
    • 4 digital audio inputs (2 optical/2 coaxial)
    • 3 stereo RCA audio inputs, including a phono input (for use with a moving magnet cartridge)
    • stereo RCA preamp output for connecting a separate amplifier or powered subwoofer
    • RS-232C port for use with external controllers
    • IR in/out and 12-volt triggers
    • full-size headphone jack
    • 2 pairs of binding post speaker connectors for A and B speakers
    • USB port for service only
    • detachable power cord

    What's in the Box:

    • Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier
    • 6' AC power cord
    • Bluetooth antenna
    • Remote control (SR 9)
    • 2 "AA" batteries
    • Quick Setup Guide
    • Warranty Information

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    Great unit clean sound very nice power matched it up with a pair of svs prime towers sounds great .

    Joseph, Palm Coast, FL


    NAD C 388 Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (29 Reviews)

    NAD C 388

    Dave from Westminster, CO on 3/11/2019

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I was looking to move on from my home theater receiver and all those speakers and wires and get into a clean, powerful stereo set up. I did a ton of research on and decided on the NAD C 388. It's perfect for my needs. Powerful enough to drive my speakers to listening volume and not strain. Very easy set up with all the connections I needed. And it's expandable as my needs change which I like.

    Pros: Power, Simplicity, Expandable


    If you're deciding between this or the C-368, get this one!

    Alex from Fairbanks, AK on 3/7/2019

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Recently bought the Nad C-368 80w to replace my nearly 15 year old Nad C-352 80w and tried it out for about a month with a set of Kef bookshelfs. The sound was noticeably more detailed with the newer class D amp, and the digital inputs and a display are both major pros. Due to a recent move, I now have a much larger room to fill with sound and the 80 watts just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I called Crutchfield and asked how difficult it would be to upgrade to the 150w C-388 and it literally could not have been any easier. Got it a few days later and after hooking it up, was amazed at how much more fidelity and volume my speakers were capable of all this time. The extra money is nothing to sneeze at for most people, myself included. It was definitely worth it though. Low volumes sound identical to the C-368, but there is a sense of ease with how much more impact the sound has even in slightly elevated listening volumes. At high volumes it's mind blowing how much better even a set of bookshelf speakers can sound.

    Pros: Automatically turns itself on when it senses a signal. Samsung tv remote adjusts volume.

    Cons: Massive useless remote. Get the Nad remote app.


    Crutchfield customer from Big Sur, CA on 2/10/2019

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The NAD C 388 makes my entry level Bowers and Wilkins speakers sing as I assumed it would. Two great surprises. I now have so much musical bass that I don't imagine I need a subwoofer anymore. And second, the amp upped the quality of Spotify streams to near CD quality. Wow!

    Pros: Great sound, no distortion at volumn

    Cons: Lousy app. awful volumn controls

    I didn't know my speakers could sound this good!

    Paul from Plano, TX on 1/20/2019

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I'm amazed at how much better my 27+ year old Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble speakers sound with this integrated amplifier. Switching to this integrated amp meant instead of using analog inputs into a Pioneer VSX-D1S I'm using digital inputs into the NAD. CD's surprised me the most, and I'm guessing the biggest improvement is the NAD's DAC as compared to the DAC in my blu-ray player. Streaming TV shows also sound better, which again is probably the quality of the NAD's DAC this time vs the DAC in the TV. I was nervous when I bought the C 388 because I had read reviews saying things like it "lacked oomf" or "it sounded like something was missing". This amp does not "lack oomf" and I don't hear anything missing from the sound. I think these bad reviews come from you have to turn this amp up higher than you think you should. My speakers are not very sensitive and could be part of the problem. With the VSX-D1S I would turn up the volume to at most 1/3rd of the way up and my speakers would be loud. With the C 388 I always have to turn it up over 50% and have had to go as high as 75%. Part of this is comparing a digital volume control to an old analogue volume control, and part is the wider dynamic range of the better DAC. I have to turn this amp up higher for the average sound levels, and the amp has plenty of power in reserve for even the loudest dynamics from movies and music.

    Pros: sounds great silent background able to handle low sensitivity speakers with a difficult range of impedances

    Cons: you might have to turn the volume up higher than you think you should have to firmware upgrades were a pain, but finally worked when I used a Windows computer instead of a Mac to write the files

    NAD C388 with HDMI input

    Crutchfield customer from Kingsport, TN on 1/17/2019

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this to power a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls, the music source is an Apple TV which only has HDMI output. I got the optional HDMI card for the C388 and it works transparently in my setup. Finding a stereo integrated amp with HDMI input was hard to do, the NAD C388 is perfect for this need. The C388 really makes the Cornwalls come to life, even though they are very efficient speakers they can handle all the clean power that you want to give them. I would recommend this unit without hesitation.

    Pros: Plenty of clean power, HDMI input

    Cons: None

    NAD C 388

    Joseph from Palm Coast, FL on 12/7/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great unit clean sound very nice power matched it up with a pair of svs prime towers sounds great .

    Pros: Clean sound plenty of power very nice unit

    Cons: Would like to have at least one more rca input.

    A Soul Mate for Totems

    Joe from Delano, MN on 11/26/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Needed to Replace my NAD C372 to power my Totem Hawks through a Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC. Tried the Marantz PM8006, but it didn't have the juice to power the Hawks. Replaced it with the C388, and it slapped me in the face for straying. Bass that punches but doesn't linger, a miraculous sound-stage, zero fatigue at any volume, and transcendent vocals. An absolute soul mate for Totem speakers. I could listen to a recording of someone frying pork chops on this combination and be moved to tears.



    At 150 Watts Per Channel, the NAD 388C Makes My 4 Cerwin Vega 12s Sing

    J Bruce from Marlborough, MA on 11/25/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The NAD 388 C integrated amplifier is awesome! At 150 watts per channel, it makes my 4 Cerwin Vega 12s sing. I have owned the 388 C and it has worked flawlessly since I purchased it in November of 2017. I don't use the DAC (digital analog converter) but it is there if I ever need it. Make sure you get the Monster QuickLockT MKIII Self-Crimping Banana Connectors, 2 pairs, 24k gold-plated contacts for corrosion resistance, special teeth and ring-lock for a strong grip that stays tight, - no tools required. This will make sure that you don't short out your system when you connect the speakers to the amplifier!

    Pros: Excellent quality Great sound

    Cons: None

    Wow! Whoa! OMG! CHILLS!!!

    jay from San Antonio, TX on 11/12/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The amp arrived this morning (2 hours early - woot!!). Packaging was incredible. All connections were a snap (speaker banana plugs, bluetooth antennae, optical cables and electrical chord). The setup system was also very easy to use (I'd read the online owners manual a few times before the unit arrived). I elected to pass on the firmware upgrades for the time being (they require a separate storage device which gets plugged into the back of the amplifier after downloading the software on a computer). Now the fun part. This will be used for music (rock, dance, r&b and contemporary jazz) and television. I'm using 2 pairs of Klipsch speakers. 1 pair of Reference 7II's and 1 pair of the Synergy F3's. The RF-7II's handle 250 watts (peak 1250) and the Synergy F3's handle 150 watts (peak 600) continuous. Well, I've heard 2 songs so far. Highs are super crisp, Mids are completely clean and the Bass is super tight after adjusting the tone controls. The speakers are 10 feet from my sofa. At -26 db the sound is amazing and insanely loud without one shred of distortion (wish i could go louder. But I live in an apartment complex and know I'd be fined or worse, evicted- LOL). Oh, I felt tears forming because the music sounded so good!!!! For the money, this is a superb value!!!! This is my first NAD purchase and I'm completely satisfied. Thank you Crutchfield and NAD!!!!

    Pros: Easy setup. Clean sound.

    Cons: Unit turns on at -20 db, which is LOUD. Make sure you turn the volume down before using it.

    NAD C 388

    Wilfrid from Bonita, CA on 11/4/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Only one statement : Freaking AWESOME ! NAD does it again. In 30 years they've never let me down. REMARKABLE



    NAD C 388

    Randy from Grawn, MI on 10/18/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Received my order quickly and it sounded great out of the box. The Nad C 388 has plenty of power to feed my Kef Q100's which love the juice and is used primarily for digital music through my computer. I also have the Pre/outs set for Subwoofer to get extra bass. Plenty of controls to dial in to how you like your sound and is easy to configure, I recommend playing with various settings. It's my first Nad product and I'm happy with the build quality and packing.

    Pros: Power Ease of use Build Quality

    Cons: Wish is had more controls for Subwoofer control instead of just a High Pass filter or Full Range

    love this little machine!

    Daniel from Elmhurst, NY on 9/23/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I replaced my NAD C 375BEE with this amplifier. I like the bluetooth and the digital connections the other didn't have, but I miss the multiple analog ones this unit doesn't have. For my taste, I would've loved to have at least two more analog connections. One annoyance, is the lack of analog knobs which makes it cumbersome just to adjust for, instance, the balance or the treble or the bass. And don't get me started with the firmware updates. This unit is aimed, I guess, for the younger generations. Other than that, this amplifier is a thing of beauty with the crisp musical transients, and its ability to extract deep bass from my floor standing Goldenears like never before.



    great value

    Paul from Eugene, OR on 9/7/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a really lovely product. I have it paired with equally-new Paradigm Prestige 75F speakers and after a month I still feel giddy listening. The sound is pristine in the sense the amp allows the music to set the stage rather than setting the stage for the music. I couldn't ask for a better return on my investment.

    Pros: Plenty of power and authority. Multiple analogue and digital connections. Easy set up and firmware upgrade. Easy to operate.

    Cons: The front power button feels rather less than authoritative unlike most other NAD power buttons. That struck me as odd, but times change. And if you're thinking that's not much of a con you'd be right.

    NAD C-388 is a Home Run!!

    Crutchfield customer from Townshend, VT on 9/4/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Amazing sound and power. I am using this for music, and sounds absolutely amazing with my ELAC Uni-fi tower speakers. The detail and sound stage is simply superb. I did not realize what a difference a truly good amplifier would make with the sound of my music. I am very pleased with the purchase of the the NAD C-388. The only thing I found a little challenging was the toggling through all the menu options to get the settings the way I like, but after some patience and practice it became easier.



    Thanks Crutchfield

    Wes from Winston Salem, NC on 8/12/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This amplifier gets loud! It sounds great with Elac Unifi floor speakers. The lows are outstanding. While I mostly listen to vinyl, the bluetooth and DAC work really well. The amp also looks beautiful, with a very simple front unencumbered by excessive buttons or controls. Crutchfield also did a great job helping me with my decision. On the downside, the initial set up is a bit clunky, particularly updating the firmware.



    Transparent, authoritative, and powerful!

    GIANG from Mansfield, TX on 5/17/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is a fantastic sounding amp. Don't let its size and weight fool you because it will power any speakers that you can think of. It will do so with authority and finesse. I was in the market for an integrated amp to go with my new pair of Monitor Audio Gold 100 and I have looked at many amps in this price range. I have had some NAD gears in the past and have liked them. Hence, I decided to give this guy a go. I was skeptical at first since it is not built like your "traditional" class A/B amps with big power transformers and capacitors. Since I got it from Crutchfield, I figured I can return it if it doesn't work out. Once everything was hooked up, this little guy just put a smile on my face. The sound quality is phenomenal to say the least! The first thing I noticed with this amp is how transparent music sounded. Secondly, you can just feel the power with this amp. I just love how engaging and interesting this amp sound. It makes your music more alive, unlike many other amps that sound flat and lifeless. Also, I use the preamp output for my SVS SB-4000 subwoofer. For some reason, the subwoofer just sound much better in this setup. The build quality is nicer than your typical home theater receiver, but not over built or anything. The front panel is plastic and I wished it was metal. Front LCD screen is pretty cool and the volume control knob is very smooth and well dampened. I am just glad I bought this amplifier. It works very well for my taste.



    NAD C 388

    Crutchfield customer from The Woodlands, TX on 4/13/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sound. Pairs perfectly with my 25 yr old Paradigm speakers. Feel like I am 18 again listening to music.



    Excellent value!

    David from St Petersburg, FL on 3/8/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Crisp highs, solid lows. Couldn't ask for more in an integrated amp in this price range. Using this with Monitor Silver 5i speakers and a Hsu subwoofer. Audio source is a PC with a LynxStudio E22 sound card. I've used NAD equipment for years and never been disappointed. The C 388 is no exception.

    Pros: Excellent sound. Easy to operate. Runs much cooler than older amps & receivers.

    Cons: None, so far.

    NAD C 388

    Crutchfield customer from Palestine, TX on 2/21/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This amp has blown all my musician friends minds and the wharfindale speakers from u I'm in audio nirvana ??????????and I'm a hard sell ... beautiful distortion free sound ????????????????????????????



    Great Sound

    Cristian Diaz from Bronx, NY on 1/5/2018

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I am actually was looking forward to buying an additional NAD C 375 for my second home. But, I found out that it was discontinued. The C 375 is great. I bought the C 388 thinking that it would be either the same or better. The C 388 exceeds the C 375 in sound purity and versatility. I am very happy that I chose it and will recommend it to someone else.

    Pros: Great sound, versatile, bluetooth, easy to operate.

    Cons: The red light on the display window.

    NAD C 388

    Crutchfield customer from Alhambra, CA on 12/4/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Using this amp, primarily amplifier section to drive restored JBL-100 speakers. The volume control to adjust overall volume with a pair of L-300, being driven with an NAD C275 BEE. Very good blend of sound with the two amps and two pairs of speakers. Clean, typical NAD sound. Well built. I use my old NAD 1600 pre-amp for all the source inputs, so I haven't used the onboard, C275 controls much. Very good amp. Highly recommend it.



    Unrivaled delivery of clean power! Stays cool.

    Phil from Newnan, GA on 7/16/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased this unit 2 months ago primarily for listening to music, and have been extremely happy with it so far. As a 2.1 stereo amp, it really delivers! All of my streaming media, including my library of music stored on the computer is accessible using my SONOS Connect, so I didn't need to purchase NAD's optional BluOS module. I also have a large vinyl album collection, and appreciate the fact that the pre-amp has a phono input. When it comes to delivering clean power, this thing is a BEAST! I'm driving a pair of Ascend CMT-340 SE speakers and a Rythmik F15 powered subwoofer with it. In a 20'x20' media room, it produces crystal clear sound at low or high volume. Most of the time I'm running it between 40-60% output, but occasionally "rock the house" at approx 80% output. I cannot imagine needing more power from an amp, and even driving it at that level for several hours, the amp is just barely warm to the touch (unlike most other amps, which can get almost too hot to touch). Somewhat uniquely, the built-in bluetooth feature is bi-directional, so it can be used to stream audio from a phone or laptop to the unit, or stream audio from the C 388 to a bluetooth speaker or BT headphones. At this price point, it would be nice if they included a printed manual, but you can always download and/or print a PDF copy. The user interface is a bit cumbersome and takes some getting used to, but works well enough. Firmware updates are available and installed flawlessly.

    Pros: Clean, overwhelming power delivery, runs cool, phono input, Toslink and coax digital inputs, bi-directional BT function, quality, elegant build and form factor.

    Cons: No printed manual, less-than-intuitive user interface.

    Exceptional Amp but some minor quirks

    Edward from Pearl River, NY on 5/28/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased the NAD C388 to replace a Marantz SR4023, which I have been very pleased with but I wanted an integrated amplifier that had digital inputs since I frequently listen to streamed music through Sonos Connect. I have only owned the NAD C388 for about a month and have been very pleased with the improved sound quality versus the very good sound I was getting from the Marantz. In fact I view the listening experience with the NAD to be at a new and very satisfyinglyimproved level. I have Polk RTiA7 floor standing speakers and a Polk DSW Pro550 subwoofer. My set-up is for music listening only and I have a separate system for home theater. I have tried vinyl, cd, Sonos Connect streamed and Bluetooth via the NAD and all are good (BT is okay) but they require tweaking to the tone controls and subwoofer volumes. I expect the sound to further improve over several months as I get use to it and experiment more. So why not a 5 star rating? Here are my reasons none of which reasons not to buy this amp. First, the interface is a bit confusing and the guidance from NAD's web site is lacking (there is no manual included with the amp). The NAD iphone app would not work without a firmware update. It took about an hour worth of back and forth to my PC to download the correct firmware update file before I was successful. Also, my Monster banana plugs do not insert all the way into the binding posts. Not a big deal but annoying.

    Pros: Build quality, exceptionally clean sound, good power, does not get hot, great future potential

    Cons: Somewhat confusing interface (at least initially), time consuming firmware updates, binding posts not completely compatible with certain plugs. No guidance on bi-wiring.

    plenty of power without the heat

    Eldon from Green Valley, illinois on 3/20/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Getting it set up was a pain for me. The "clean" few button design makes the user have to thumb through modes/settings to do the simplest things ie. select speakers, tone control, fade in/out and source enable. I was unable to use all the features listed in the manual. NAD tech advised me that I needed the latest update to get the features that i was missing. The update worked but this system scares me because I'm not very computer savvy and there is a warning that if you happen to restart before update is complete that you could permanently damage the unit! Now that I have the unit set up and going it sounds great! I have pushed it hard through my Klipsch speakers for over two hours and amazingly, there was almost no heat coming off of the unit! One other complaint is that the volume dial takes forever to raise or lower volume and since there is no mute button on the unit, you can't shut the volume down quickly. The remote control does have a mute button and this is the way to go if you have it handy.

    Pros: great sound, lots of power with no heat

    Cons: set up and lack of buttons

    NAD C 388

    Robert W. from San Pedro, CA on 1/11/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I still have my Sony PS-2251 Direct Drive Turntable and JBL L100 Studio Monitoring Speakers obtained over 40 years ago and they are still working just fine. To use with these, I just purchased a NAD C 388 150 Watts/Channel Pre-Amplifier and an Onkyo C-7000R Optical CD Player to play my Franklin Mint 100 Greatest Classical Recordings of All Time, also over 40 years old. The sound quality is superb and supersedes that of my previous system producing subtle lows of very rich quality.



    Excellent Integrated Amp

    Rich from Green Bay, WI on 1/4/2017

    I have owned many different integrated amps over the last few years in search of the "right" one for me. The NAD C388 is it. It offers the power that I want for my KEF R300 speakers. It provides the inputs that I need including a dedicated Phono input and multiple digital inputs. I like the idea of Class D amplification and NAD is at the forefront of this technology. It shows. Combined with my speakers, I am in heaven with the sound and ease of use of this integrated amp. The soundstage is wide and the instruments sound like they are in the room with me. I think you would have to spend a lot more $$ to get much of an improvement over the C388. Set up was easy and the menu system is pretty easy to navigate. The background is absolutely silent. I am very happy with the purchase. If it's in your budget, I highly recommend this amp.

    Pros: Sound, Inputs, build quality, remote, everything

    Cons: None


    Dale from Dallas, PA on 1/4/2017

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Absolutely love this amp. It's really, really quiet but sounds amazing. Love the minimalist design. Something I never thought of is the volume knob - it is engineered beautifully with really precise control and feel. The remote works so much better than my previous NAD devices as well, which was one of their week points in the past. The Bluetooth feature is one of my favorites on these new NAD hybrid amps - it works flawlessly and has a codec that upgrades the sound to CD quality - very, very nice with great range because of the exterior antenna. Has just the right amount of connections for any setup. It also has a nice feature that recognizes the digital device when it is first powered on and automatically switches to that input on the amp - so when I turn on the TV it comes on automatically. Looking forward the upgrades and expansion options from this unit down the road. Wonderful.

    Pros: Sound, looks, Bluetooth, features - everything.

    Cons: None.

    Crystal Clear Sound

    Todd from APO AE on 12/30/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I purchased the NAD C 388 to power four Klipsch RB-81 IIs which it does a fantastic job of doing. The power is clean just as advertised just make you sure you have a good source. My system is missing a little kick in the Bass frequencies but that was expected based on the specs on the Klipsch Bookshelf speakers. The Bluetooth worked but I was not impressed with sound quality. I also figured for paying this kind of money for a receiver that it would come with an Owners manual which it did not. I like the ease of use of the controls and overall I am impressed with the unit and will keep NAD in mind for future products. This is a must if you like stereo sound and don't have the budget to purchase much higher end products

    Pros: High power clean sound and easy to set up and operate.

    Cons: Bluetooth was not impressive and there wasnt an owners manual in the box

    Awesome sound and feature rich.

    Tom from Los Alamitos, CA on 12/23/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This thing is awesome. Basically the most robustly featured receiver with the power I need. I have it paired with 2 monitor audio silver 10 towers and the sound is very impressive. Clean and Crystal clear. I play CD's using optical cable. Obviously the origin of the music is key. Streamed music sounds good but the disparaging bit rate is clearly noticeable. I'm planning to enhance my CD library sue to the incredible CD sound quality. It also sounds great from my audio technical at-lp 120 turntable. I use it as my tv viewing receiver by connecting the audio from the tv with an optical cable as well (using standard rca cables had an annoying hum and was the same with an alternative receiver). The sound from that is also terrific. You can rename the inputs to their respective components and the volume control is prominently displayed on the front. Haven't tried the Bluetooth yet so can't comment, but happy it's an option. I love it. Could not be happier. Buy it.

    Pros: Great wattage output with clear sound. More inputs and custom features than competitors.

    Cons: Could use a usb input for direct connect from my computer. However, I use an rca cable to the headphone jack for that.


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    Performance Specs
    Watts RMS per Channel (8-ohms) 150
    Watts RMS per Channel (6-ohms) Not given
    Watts RMS per Channel (4-ohms) 150
    Frequency Bandwidth 20-20k
    THD 0.009%
    Minimum Impedance 4 ohms
    Signal to Noise Ratio 95
    Digital Music Features
    Built-in DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) Yes
    High-resolution Audio Playback No
    Bluetooth Built-in 4.0
    Wi-Fi N/A
    Total Analog Inputs 2
    Phono Input Yes
    Optical Digital Inputs 2
    Coaxial Digital Inputs 2
    USB Input Service only
    Preamp Outputs Stereo RCA
    Headphone Output 1/4"
    Dimensions and Warranty
    Width (inches) 17-1/8
    Height (inches) 4-3/4
    Depth (inches) 16-5/8
    Weight (pounds) 24.7
    Parts Warranty 2 Years
    Labor Warranty 2 Years

    Product Research

    Audio Section
    Variety of Sources
    Remote Control

    Audio Section

    Hybrid Digital Amplification: NAD has moved away from the old-fashioned power-hungry linear power supplies and Class AB output stages that waste nearly half of the energy consumed and produce heat rather than sound. Instead, NAD has developed even better performing circuits based on switch mode power supplies and Class D output stages. Once thought to be inferior to traditional topologies, this new Hybrid Digital Amplifier design is very linear over a wide bandwidth and provides consistent performance into all speaker loads, providing a dramatic advancement over previous Class AB and Class D amplifier designs.

    • Customized Hypex UcD Output Stage: The C 388 uses a customized version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage operating in a fully balanced bridge configuration. This allows for massive power with nearly un-measurable distortion and noise in the audible range. Every detail of this design has been carefully planned and perfectly executed to deliver every last drop of performance.
    • Sophisticated Power Supply: The C 388's power supply is capable of 400 watts continuously and over 1,000 watts instantaneously to allow for short-term musical transients. It can operate with any AC mains voltage from 100 to 240 volts and provides pure DC power to all the various stages of the C 388. This highly efficient supply also provides near perfect regulation of voltage across a wide range of conditions and provides a solid noise-free foundation for the amplifying stages.

    Full Disclosure Power (FDP): NAD uses Full Disclosure Power (FDP), the most demanding criterion for performance measurement. FDP specifies distortion under the most extreme conditions of low impedance loads and frequency extremes, rather than the simple and easy 1kHz @ 8 ohms test quoted by many of other manufactures. NAD uses this stricter performance criterion because it more closely matches the demands of real music and real loudspeakers. Maintaining specified distortion at 4/8Ω and at 20-20kHz is a much more difficult achievement. The benefit of NAD's Full Disclosure Power is the total elimination of audible distortion at any listening level. This provides pinpoint imaging and realism with music and movies alike.

    • Continuous Power: 150 watts x 2-channel (@ 20-20kHz, into 4Ω or 8Ω, at 0.009% THD, with both channels driven)
    • IHF Dynamic Power: 400W into 2Ω / 350W into 4Ω / 250W into 8Ω

    Binding Post Speaker Outputs: The amplifier features A & B speaker terminals to power two pair of loudspeakers. The speaker terminals consist of eight binding posts that will accept single banana plugs (single only), pin connectors, spade lugs, and bare wire (up to 10AWG). The amplifier supports 4Ω speakers when only one pair is connected, however, when two pair of speakers are connected a minimum impedance of 8Ω is recommended.

    Discrete Headphone Amplifier: The NAD C 388 incorporates a discrete headphone amplifier with low output impedance and very high output voltage capability, enough to drive even high impedance studio monitor headphones. Connecting a set of headphone to unit's front-panel 1/4" jack will mute the speaker outputs. Volume, tone, and balance controls are all operable during headphone listening.

    Line Outputs: The C 388 features a low impedance line-level stereo output that can connect to another other amplifier or powered subwoofer to extend the hybrid digital DAC amplifier's versatility.

    Tone Control: The NAD C 388 hybrid digital DAC amplifier lets you adjust Bass (60Hz) & Treble (20kHz) from -7 to +7dB, as well as Balance between the left & right speakers (L10 to R10).

    Filters: Filters provide easy bi-amplification or subwoofer integration by adding the required filters to redirect bass frequencies to the subwoofer. Select High Pass or Full Range. When High Pass is selected, low pass audio signals within the 40Hz to 200Hz are sent to the C 388's subwoofer preout and high pass audio signals are sent to the C 388's amplifier section and speaker outputs. Select Full-Range to deliver audio signals with the whole frequency spectrum to the C 388's amplifier section and speaker outputs.

    Variety of Sources

    Bluetooth Music Streaming: You can wirelessly pair and connect instantly to the C 388 with Bluetooth (4.0), allowing you to stream stored music and music apps wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled source device; like your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. The high performance Bluetooth aptX codec is fully supported for true CD-quality sound from aptX-compatible Bluetooth devices (like Android OS 4.0+ smartphones & tablets). There is no control or song/artist info display from the C 388.

    Note: If the optional MDC BluOS module (sold separately) is installed, Bluetooth as Source will be defeated or not selectable. Use the Bluetooth option included in the MDC BluOS module.

    Digital Inputs: The NAD C 388 is equipped with two optical (toslink) digital inputs and two coaxial (RCA) digital inputs. These digital inputs will support 2ch PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz (not compatible with Dolby Digital/DTS).

    Analog Inputs: The NAD C 388's stereo RCA inputs (2 Line/1 Phono) can accommodate all kinds of analog source components by offering ideal input impedance characteristics with linear ultra-low-noise buffer amplifiers to prevent any sonic degradation caused by inappropriate loading of the source device.

    MM Phono Stage w/ RIAA Equalization: The NAD C 388 hybrid digital DAC amplifier includes an MM Phono stage with precisely accurate RIAA equalization, high overload margins, extremely low noise, and an innovative circuit to suppress infrasonic noise that is present on all LPs - all without affecting bass response.

    Modular Design Construction (MDC): Modular Design Construction (MDC), an exclusive feature of NAD, allows you to customize the NAD integrated amplifier with additional capabilities and features, now or in the future. The two available MDC slots can accommodate a variety of upgrade modules (all sold separately) including 4K video capable HDMI switching, additional Digital Inputs, and one of the most advanced Hi-Res Audio multi-room wireless systems available, the BluOS music management system developed by Bluesound.

    • BluOs Module: By simply adding the optional BluOS MDC Module(745MDBLUOS, sold separately), the C 388 becomes part of the BluOS wireless multiroom music ecosystem. The BluOS module connects to your network via a wireless (WiFi) or wired (Ethernet) connection, and is controlled via Apple iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows PC, or Mac computer. BluOS supports streaming of internet radio, select online music services, and Hi-Res audio files. The BluOS module also includes dual USB (type-A) port for music file playback from USB mass storage class devices, like a thumbdrive or digital portable audio player. In addition the BluOS module offers built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming from a Bluetooth source device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
    • Balanced/Unbalanced & Phono MM/MC Module: The DD AP-1 module (745DDAP1, sold separately) adds a balanced and unbalanced analog line-level input, plus a MM/MC compatible phono input.
    • 4K HDMI Module The MDC HDM-2 (745HDM2, sold separately) adds HDMI capability with three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output for video plass-through. Based on the latest 6GHz HDMI chip, the MDC HDM-2 includes full support for UHD (4K) video pass through to a video monitor, plus support for 24-bit/192kHz 2Ch PCM (not compatible with Dolby Digital/DTS).
    • 1080p HDMI Module: The DD HDMI-1 module (745DDHDM1, sold separately) adds three HDMI inputs and one HDMI output for video pass through. Full 3D Video support with video resolution up to 1080p/60. Supports 2 channel PCM audio with 24-bit/192kHz resolution (not compatible with Dolby Digital/DTS).

     Note: These MDC modules are all sold separately (not included with the C 388). You can add up to two MDC modules.

    Remote Control

    NAD Remote App: Power, volume, source selection, and device settings are all controlled using the intuitive interface of the NAD Remote App (for Apple iOS 9.0+ and Android OS 5.0+) from your compatible Apple iOS or Android OS device.

    IR Remote: The included IR remote control handles the key functions of the C 388. The IR remote can also be used to directly command other NAD products that respond to applicable common remote control codes. This includes other NAD Stereo Receiver, Integrated Amplifier, and Preamplifier models. It has additional controls to remotely operate NAD CD Players, AM/FM Tuners, and dedicated AM/FM/DB Tuners. It will operate up to a distance of 23'. The remote requires two "AA" alkaline batteries (included).

    Remote Connections: The NAD C 388 is fitted with a 12V trigger input/output, an IR input/output, and a RS-232 port for custom integration and advanced remote connectivity

    • 12V Trigger In/Out: The +12V trigger output (3.5mm) lets you turn on/off another device along with the C 388. The integrated amp  can also be turned on/off by another device using the +12V trigger input (3.5mm).
    • IR In/Out: The IR input (3.5mm)is  used to control this unit using an optional infrared repeater or the IR output of another component. The IR output (3.5mm) can be used for control of another NAD component.
    • RS-232 Port: The RS-232 port allows connection to a compatible PC or external whole-house control system. NAD is a certified partner of Control4, Crestron, RTI, URC, AMX, Savant, & Elan.

    Auto Standby: The C 388 can be setup to automatically go into standby mode if there is no user interface interaction and no active source input for 30 minutes.

    Auto Sense: The Auto Sense feature enables the C 388 to wake up from standby mode when triggered by an active source input with an audio signal.

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