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Bluesound PowerNode 2

Streaming music player with built-in stereo amplifier, Wi-Fi®, and Bluetooth® (White)

Item # 813PNODE2W

If you're serious about your music and its sound quality, here's good news.

If you're serious about your music and its sound quality, here's good news.

Item # 813PNODE2W

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About the Bluesound PowerNode 2

Wireless music for the audio enthusiast

If you're serious about your music and its sound quality, here's good news. With the Bluesound system you can play your high-resolution music and enjoy the convenience of wireless multi-room audio throughout your home. Bluesound was designed by the makers of NAD electronics and PSB speakers, both experts when it comes to delivering high-performance audio.

Wireless music for the audio enthusiast

Bluesound Powernode 2

If you're serious about your music and its sound quality, here's good news. With the Bluesound system you can play your high-resolution music and enjoy the convenience of wireless multi-room audio throughout your home. Bluesound was designed by the makers of NAD electronics and PSB speakers, both experts when it comes to delivering high-performance audio.

Ready for your most demanding speakers

The Bluesound Powernode 2 is a wireless music player with a high-performance stereo amplifier built in. With 120 watts of total system power, it can drive virtually any pair of speakers you choose — even floor-standing speakers. Its advanced amplifier delivers finely detailed sound from your digital music sources, even at extremely high and low volume levels.

HybridDigital™ Amplifier technology reduces noise and distortion

Bluesound's HybridDigital Amplifier features a 32-bit/192kHz digital-to-analog converter (DAC) coupled with 1GHz ARM multi-core processors for highly detailed and blazing fast signal processing  Your high-resolution digital files will sound clear and richly textured.

High-quality Bluetooth

The PowerNode 2 features aptX® audio coding, an advanced form of Bluetooth that allows higher-fidelity sound with compatible Bluetooth devices. The system is backward-compatible with earlier forms of Bluetooth, too. Bluetooth is a convenient way to play the sound from any app you might be using on your mobile device, including Netflix® and YouTube™. You can even share that Bluetooth source with other Bluesound music players around your house that are connected to the same network.

Bluesound control app

Control the system through Bluesound's free app for your smartphone or tablet.

A universe of music options

Bluesound is compatible with virtually all digital music formats — including high-resolution files up to 24-bit/192kHz. Access the music stored on your computer or a networked hard drive. Stream from Internet radio stations and online services like Spotify®, Rhapsody, and TIDAL. You can also enjoy downloads from high-res music sites such as HDtracks. The player is also compatible with MQA, an up-and-coming high-resolution audio format. The PowerNode 2 also features a USB input for playing files "locally" from a thumb drive or hard drive — ideal when friends come over with their own music.

Create a high-resolution multi-room music system

Combine multiple Bluesound players to enjoy high-end sound throughout your home.

  • Pulse Flex: This ultra-compact can fit just about any place.
  • Pulse Mini: This compact, all-in-one speaker system is ideal for a bookshelf, desk, or nightstand.
  • Node 2: Connects to your home audio system and makes it part of the Bluesound network.
  • Pulse 2: This all-in-one player is perfect for almost any room. It has built-in PSB speakers for great sound in a compact package.
  • Pulse Soundbar: Delivers powerful sound for movies and TV shows while giving you full access to music through your Bluesound network.
  • Vault 2: If you've amassed a large collection of CDs, then the Vault was designed for you. It's a storage drive designed with the audio enthusiast in mind. This drive defaults to bit-perfect recording of your CDs, letting you experience every detail without switching discs every time you want to hear a new track or album.

Control in the palm of your hand

In addition to creating high-end music players, Bluesound also developed free apps for Apple® and Android™ so you can control the system easily with your portable device. Pull up the app on your smartphone or tablet and you can select songs and adjust volume. Play music in one room, all rooms, or different tracks in different spaces around your home.


Product highlights:

  • built-in stereo amplifier rated at 120 watts total (60W x 2) into 8 ohms
  • HybridDigital™ amplifier renders digital music sources with ultra-fine detail, even at extreme high and low volumes
  • communicates with other communicates with other Bluesound players via your home network (wired or wireless) players via your home network (wired or wireless)
  • control the system with a free app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer (Android™, iOS®, Kindle Fire, Windows®, and Mac®)
  • plays MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, MQA, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF files
    • supported sample rates: 32kHz to 192kHz
    • supported bit depths 16-24
    • plays Internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio and iHeart Radio
  • Spotify Connect lets you play Spotify's streaming music library through your Bluesound system via your smartphone or tablet (requires Spotify app and a premium subscription; firmware and app version 1.10.0 or higher)
  • plays streaming music from TIDAL, Rdio™, HighResAudio, HDtracks, Deezer, JUKE, Slacker Radio, Qobuz, and Murfie
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming with aptX support for better sound with compatible devices
  • play music in multiple rooms when you add other Bluesound players
  • top-mounted controls for volume and muting
  • binding post speaker terminals
  • USB port for connecting a thumb drive with music files
  • combination mini-optical/stereo minijack audio input
  • audio output:
    • headphone stereo minijack
    • subwoofer RCA mono
  • built-in Wi-Fi (2.4GHz only)
  • Ethernet port (Ethernet cable included)
  • compatible with Windows® (XP or higher operating system)
  • compatible with Mac®
  • requires AC power (detachable cord included)
  • 8-5/8"W x 2-13/16"H x 8-3/4"D
  • weight: 3.8 lbs.
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee
  • requires smartphone or tablet with free Bluesound app for control of system playback
  • requires high-speed Internet connection
  • MFR # PowerNode 2 White

What's in the box:

  • Network music amp
  • 6' AC power cord (120V)
  • 6" AC power cord (240V)
  • 6.5' Ethernet cable
  • Optical-to-3.5mm adapter
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty Sheet
  • "Important" booklet
  • "Spotify Premium" note

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Bluesound PowerNode 2

Crutchfield customer from Okemos, MI on 9/27/2017

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

This thing is awesome. It is literally the complete package. Source/DAC/preamp/amp, all in one piece that's smaller than a lunch box. Great clean, detailed sound and plenty of power. It even powers my Ohm F with ease! Very convenient having optical input so I can connect my TV, and it learns infrared commands, so I was easily able to program my remote to control it. I love it!



Crutchfield response on

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Outstanding performance!

Robert from Ft Wayne, IN on 8/26/2017

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

This is actually my 3rd Bluesound product. My first purchase was a Pulse Flex to "test the waters" on this product family and look for any glaring bugs or glitches in performance. After that, I purchased a Node 2 for a living room 2.0 audio system. After a few months, I eventually decided to move the Node 2 upstairs to the main media room and replace the Yamaha AV receiver in the living room with the PowerNode 2. I have to say that I didn't lose anything in performance switching to the much smaller PowerNode 2. It does a phenomenal job on music and movies powering a pair of PSB Image B6 speakers. I only have a blu-ray player and a Roku TV in the living room setup with audio sent via an optical cable. It also integrates well with my Harmony universal remote for TV audio through its mini optical input (an adapter is included to interface with a standard Toslink optical cable). I also stream music on a hard drive connected to my wireless router. My existing router allows for easy storage device integration so pointing the Bluesound player to it was easy. I've jumped around from streaming services from Slacker Radio Premium to Spotify and have settled on Tidal. I pay for the premium HiFi service and the audio quality is great. The integrated Tidal interface within the Bluesound App is pretty good, but not great. It could use more personalized playlist options, suggestions, and a better search function as it often gets confused with a typo within an artist's name.

Pros: Great audio performance. Powers a pair of PSB Image B6 speakers easily. Wireless performance is also reliable when paired with a good wireless router. A wired connection is preferred for optimal reliability. Universal remote capability is also a plus for normal TV viewing. Playing music on a network attached storage device is also easy to use and manage through the Bluesound OS app (BluOS).

Cons: The Bluesound app user interface could be improved, particularly within the integrated Tidal navigation.

Crutchfield response on

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Crutchfield customer from Cleveland, OH on 2/18/2017

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

Excellent! Superb quality sound......I run the PowerNode 2 through Martin Logan floor standing speakers and a Martin Logan Sub. Running Tidal MQA is amazing!! I highly recommend the Bluesound. Hook up and install was a breeze, never drops off on streaming anything.....waiting for Sirius/XM to be one of the streaming services.

Pros: Everything

Cons: None

Crutchfield response on

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Good Idea That Needs Further Refinement

Scot from NC on 2/7/2017

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

I decided to set up a wireless whole house system for music listening and chose the Bluesound line because of the backing brand (NAD). While I am overall impressed with playing music through wifi or ethernet, The sound quality is anemic and thin at times, even with a subwoofer. While this unit delivers on what it promises, it falls short in some areas. One, the amp cannot touch a good, high-end, conventional analog amplifier. This unit lacks the low end grunt and mid punch that my ATI 1502 delivers. Even my 50 watt Chinese made tube amp sounds better. While lacking low end grunt (even with a subwoofer) the top end can sound thin and anemic at times. Where it shines though is in clarity. I've got exceptional speakers and while the imaging is not quite as faithful as a tube amp, it is good. The sound stage is wide and fairly well defined. Secondly, the Bluesound control interface is clumsy at best, especially when controlling from a phone. I'd definitely recommend using a tablet or a computer. Last, is the lack documentation - it's sparse. I'd also like to see more controllable configurations such as crossover tuning and gain control for the sub especially at this price. As others have stated it's pricey. At the end of the day, I am not entirely sold on this especially when factoring in the cost.

Pros: Small, compact foot print Delivers on what it says it does

Cons: Anemic sound Sparse documentation Minimal configuration adjustments Expensive for what you get

Crutchfield response on

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Bluesound PowerNode 2

Gregory M from Sterling, VA on 9/18/2016

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

I purchased the Powernode 2 to drive a pair of Elac UB5 bookshelf speakers for my average sized home office. These speakers require a fair amount of power 40-140 WPC (sensitivity 85 db) but the Powernode 2 has no problem driving them very successfully with its 60 WPC / 8 ohms output.

Pros: Good DAC Clear and accurate sound, with very low distortion. Excellent streaming solution with fast IOS app that works great with Tidal & my NAS library.

Cons: As others have noted, I would prefer an "off" switch. A bit pricey.

Crutchfield response on

5 of 5 found this helpful

Perfect solution for bedroom

Ric from Lebanon Township, NJ on 8/5/2016

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

I purchased the BlueSound Vault last year, wanting a central repository for my music collection. After getting that loaded, I began to see the advantages of having my music collection available elsewhere in the house. The PowerNode 2 was the perfect solution. I use it to power a pair of Definitive Technology bookshelf speakers, and it sounds and works great! Adding another component was easy, the app immediately recognized the new player, now my music collection is available in another location! Next up will be a Node (unpowered) to hook into my home theater setup.

Pros: Ease of setup, fast response time for app, perfect match for Bluesound Vault

Cons: I keep wishing it had an 'off' button, as it stands now, it is always on, waiting for your command. For an old school guy like me who likes to turn things off when I finished with them, it takes a little getting used to. I know, small issue, but its all I can think of. Very pleased with its performance.

Crutchfield response on

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PowerNode 2

willz from Miami, Fl on 11/22/2015

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)

I've had Powernode 2 for over a month, my experience to date has surpassed my expectations. I was able to consolidate my music library (MP3, FLAC, AIIF, Society of Sound downloads, HD purchases, Apple lossless) from my NAS, pointing to shares is painless. Indexed my library (> 37k songs), per manufacturer capacity is 100k songs. I have it set up in my home office, paired with Martin Logan LX-16 and Definitive Sound Supercube 2000 subwoofer. Happy with sound processing and quality, streaming choices, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi. I use the premium Spodify subscription, streaming quality is in 320, makes a big difference. I will add a node 2 for my living room setup. I did reach out to Bluesound concerning issues with subwoofer initially, received e-mail promptly and issue was resolved. Would highly recommended, I had been looking for a digital music solution and went through Bose Soundtouch and Bowers & Wilkins A7, the Powernode 2 has met all my needs and then some.

Pros: Small footprint, versatile, app is adequate.

Cons: Wish it came with a remote, price is bit high in my opinion.

Crutchfield response on

3 of 3 found this helpful

Verified customer (What's this?)
Verified employee purchase (What's this?)



Crutchfield response

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More details on the Bluesound PowerNode 2

Stacey B.

Product Research


Bluesound Wireless High-Resolution Audio Eco-System: The PowerNode 2 network music amplifier is part of Bluesound's wireless high-resolution audio eco-system. The Bluesound wireless high-resolution audio eco-system consists of music players, amplifiers, hard-drives, and wireless speakers to playback your high-res and low-res music files, along with your favorite online music services throughout your home using your home's WiFi network. With an advanced WiFi antenna design and blazing ARM Cortex9 Processors, Bluesound ensures a solid connection in every corner of your home. Play your music in perfect sync or play different music simultaneously to any Bluesound device in any room.

Note: Up to 16 Bluesound devices can be connected in a strictly wireless environment. If you want to connect more than 16 Bluesound devices, you will need to connect the Bluesound devices to your network using a wired connection. Bluesound can then control up to 64 devices in a strictly wired environment.

Audiophile-Grade Components: Sate-of-the-art, audiophile-grade HybridDigital amplification and DAC technologies bring dynamic power and high-current delivery to your high-res music experience, resulting in the ability to play louder than ever before, with zero-distortion precision audio performance.

  • HybridDigital Amplifier: The built-in HybridDigital amplifier is rated at 60 watts x 2 channels (into 8Ω with 0.02% THD and 100dB signal-to-noise ratio) for rich, clear, and distortion free sound at any volume.
  • 32-Bit/192kHz DAC: The Bluesound Node 2 employs a 32-bit/192kHz DAC (digital-to-analog converter) to ensure that your lossless high-res music playback is flawless, with precision and clarity.
Note: The Bluesound D30 2.1 Sub/Sat system (813D30B/W, sold separately) makes the perfect companion for the PowerNode 2.

Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 can be connected to your home network and Internet provider via a hardwired Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) jack connector or wireless WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) connection. Either network/internet connection allows you to stream music from your Windows or Mac computer and NAS drive (such as the Bluesound Vault, sold separately); as well as stream select online music services.

Note: Bluesound operates only on 2.4GHz WiFi (not 5GHz).

Bluesound Controller App: The free Bluesound Controller App turns your Apple iOS (7.0+) iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android (OS 4.0+) smartphone/tablet, Windows (Vista or newer) PC or Mac (OS X 10.7+) computer into a full-featured remote control for the Bluesound wireless music system. The Bluesound Controller App on your compatible device uses your home's WiFi network to connect with Bluesound devices, so you can play all the music you love anywhere in your home for a wireless multiroom music experience. Get on-demand access to your music libraries on your home network, stream live Internet radio from almost any place in the world, or listen to one of the many music services available on Bluesound, all from the palm of your hand with the easy-to-use Bluesound Controller App.

Supported Music Formats: The Bluesound wireless audio system supports both low-res and high-res audio files; including MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, FLAC, ALAC, WMA Lossless, MQA, WAV, and AIFF. Bluesound has been designed to work with today's larger music collections, and has indexed libraries up to 100,000 songs in demonstrated practice (this will depend on the music's metadata & artwork). Bluesound also offers gapless playback by default for all supported file music types.

Compression File Type Sampling Frequency Bit Rate or Bit Depth
Compressed Lossy MP3 16-48kHz 192-320 kbps
Lossless WMA-Lossless up to 96 kHz up to 24-bit
FLAC 192 kHz up to 24-bit
Uncompressed AIFF up 192 kHz up to 24-bit
Notes: Bluesound cannot index or play AAC files with the extension ".m4p". These files were purchased in iTunes prior to 2009 and are subject to copy protection. Apple Consumers with an iTunes Match subscription can delete and re-download these files free of charge from their iTunes Cloud

MQA (Master Quality Authenticated): Bluesound is the first wireless multiroom audio system to support MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). MQA is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that captures and delivers master quality audio in a file that's small enough to stream or download. Bluesound worked closely with MQA to implement technology inside each Bluesound component to ensure the listener will hear MQA encoded music and streams exactly like the source and the way the artist intended you to hear it when it was approved in the studio.

Note: MQA (Master Quality  Authenticated) support will require a firmware update.

Online Music Services: With a network and internet connection, the PowerNode 2 lets you access select online music services & internet radio. The Bluesound Controller app on your Apple iOS or Android device will serve as the controller for these apps and provide song/artist information with Album Art.

  • Amazon Prime: With a Prime Music subscription, you can access over 2 million songs ad-free and on-demand, as well as curated playlists and personalized stations. Upgrade to an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription to access tens of millions of songs.
  • Spotify Connect: If you subscribe to Spotify Premium and have the Spotify App on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone, you can stream Spotify to the Bluesound system. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you on-demand access to one of the largest music libraries in the world (over 15 million tracks and counting). Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover, manage, and share music with your friends. You can browse music by artist, album, track, or most popular; and create your own music library with customized playlists.
  • TIDAL: TIDAL is a global streaming service that offers over 30 million songs in high-fidelity CD sound quality. TIDAL has two pricing tiers; either $9.99 or $19.99 a month. Both pricing levels allow you to access TIDAL's entire music library. The $19.99 tier has the added benefit of high-fidelity sound at CD-level quality
  • TuneIn: The Bluesound system includes access to more than 70,000 free internet radio streams from all corners of the globe via the TuneIn radio service. Just select the TuneIn logo from the main Music menu and browse among the 70,000 stations neatly organized into popular categories and select a station that appeals to your mood.
  • iHeart Radio: iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital radio and music streaming service that lets you listen to thousands of live stations from across the country and allows you to create personalized custom stations featuring songs from the artist you select and similar music.
  • Napster: Napster is a streaming music subscription service (starting a $10 per month) that allows you to play the full-length songs you choose on demand from a collection of over 10 million songs, without ads and without having to purchase or download the music.
  • Slacker: Get the sound quality that you deserve with the new Slacker Radio® music library available in high-quality AAC audio on Bluesound. Listen to music streams at a bitrate of 320kbps and enjoy all your favorite Slacker stations in pristine MP3-quality.
Note: Availability of online music services may vary by region. Not all services may be available at time of purchase. Some services may be added or discontinued from time to time based on decisions of the music service providers or others.

Music Library From Your Mobile Device: From the Bluesound Controller App, you can stream music directly over WiFi from your Apple iOS or Android device to the Bluesound PowerNode 2 and the rest of your Bluesound components around your home. The app gives you complete control of your compatible mobile device's music library with song/artist information and album art.

Computer Audio: The Bluesound wireless music system will pull music from an existing digital music library across the network on your Windows PC or Mac computer using Windows or SMB File Sharing (SAMBA) and the Bluesound Controller App for Windows & Mac.

  • Windows: Music files stored on a Windows desktop or laptop can be accessed by Bluesound using Windows File Sharing. You will need to download the Bluesound Share Utility for Windows - Bluesound Share Utility Windows This utility will work on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.
  • Mac: Music files stored on an Apple iMac or MacBook can be accessed by Bluesound using SMB File Sharing. You will need to download the Bluesound Share Utility for OS X - Bluesound Share Utility OSX utility will work on any version of Apple OS X 10.8.x and higher.

Bluetooth w/ aptX: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 features built-in Bluetooth 4.0 with support for wireless music streaming from your Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows PC/Phone, Mac computer/laptop, and more. You'll be able to stream stored music and music apps on your Bluetooth-enabled device to the PowerNode 2. In addition, the PowerNode 2 offers aptX for CD-quality sound from Android (OS 4.0+) devices. You can even distribute Bluetooth audio to the rest of your Bluesound wireless audio system throughout your home or office over WiFi.

Outputs: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 features a set of speaker output terminals for connecting a pair of speakers, a mono-sub out for adding a powered sub, and a headphone jack for private listening.

  • Binding Post Speaker Terminals: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 is equipped with four binding post speaker terminals to connect a pair of loudspeakers. The terminals will accept single or dual banana plug connectors or bare wire. The plastic terminal caps must first be removed in order to use banana plugs.
  • Sub Output: The PowerNode 2 also features a mono-RCA subwoofer output for adding a powered sub. The sub output is full-range; you will need to use the low-pass crossover in your powered sub.
  • Headphone Output: A 3.5mm headphone jack is located on the front of the PowerNode 2 for private listening with a set of headphones. The PowerNode 2's output will be muted when headphones are connected.

Inputs: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 is fitted with a USB (type-A) port for playback of music files stored on a mass storage class (MSC) device, as well as a 3.5mm Aux input that serves as a digital or analog input.

  • USB Port: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 features a USB (type-A) port to directly connect your USB mass storage class (MSC) device; such as a thumbdrive or external hard-drive. The unit's USB port supports music playback from these compatible USB devices formatted in FAT 32 or NTFS. Not only can USB audio be played back on the PowerNode 2, but can also be wirelessly distributed to the rest of your Bluesound components throughout your home for multiroom playback. USB mass storage devices that require more than 0.5A of power will require a separate power supply. The USB port is not compatible with the direct connection of an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad or Android devices.
  • Optical/Analog Input: The PowerNode 2 is fitted with a 3.5mm Aux input which can be used as an analog or digital connection. As an analog input, simply connect a stereo minijack audio cable from your analog source to the PowerNode 2's Aux input. As a digital input, use the included 3.5mm-to-Optical adapter along with an optical digital cable (sold separately) to connect your digital source to the PowerNode 2's Aux input. As an analog or digital input, the unit's Aux input supports 2ch PCM audio (not Dolby Digital or DTS). Audio from the Optical/Analog Aux input can be played back at the PowerNode 2 and wirelessly distributed to other Bluesound components in your home for multiroom playback.

Soft-Touch Controls: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 offers soft-touch, top-panel controls to operate basic playback functions like Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause, and Previous/Next Track.

IR Input: An infrared extender (sold separately) can be connected the PowerNodes 2's IR input (3.5mm) to allow for programmable learning remotes to control volume and source selection when the PowerNode 2 is stored in a way that the front-panel IR sensor is not visible.

AC Power: The Bluesound PowerNode 2 operates off of standard household current using its internal power supply and the included 6' detachable AC power cord.

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Customer Q&A

Crutchfield asked: Why did you buy this?
Adding Bluesound to my office. Setting this up with my KEF IQ90's. [ KENNETH  Dec 28, 2017 ]
It plays high resolution files, has a great sound, and integrates with the six other Bluesound devices I have in my home. The Bluesound App does have some irritating habits. Sonos has a much better user interface, but it doesn't have the Bluesound sound. Like an annoying relative, I've learned to live with Bluesound's software faults. [ Paul  Nov 07, 2017 ]
Tons of features in a tiny, simple package! [ Ryan  Sep 13, 2017 ]
Works with another Bluesound component [ Kenneth  Jul 12, 2017 ]
Read about this in a review of the Teac 300 Turntable. Looking for home office set-up and waned to get away from receiver. Can hook up speakers and then run additional speakers throughout home wirelessly. Also nice computer program to file music and play from numerous Apple devices [ Beth  Feb 21, 2016 ]
Hi-Rez! [ Scott  Dec 19, 2015 ]
I researched for weeks and it looked like this would blow away Sonos on sound quality and it does indeed - there really is no comparison!! [ BRYAN G  Dec 18, 2015 ]
Needed a way to connect other areas of home to sound produced by by home stereo (Onkyo TX-8160 pre-aux connection. This device will drive a pair of speakers connected directly to it and act as a bridge to other Bluesound speakers I purchased. [ Patrick  Jun 22, 2017 ]

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