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Our latest how-to guides

Planning to connect your TV to an A/V receiver or an HDMI-equipped sound bar? Then you need to know about ARC and eARC. This article will explain everything about the convenient connection.

Making strong, durable wiring connections is important when installing a new stereo. Learn how to make crimp, solder, and Posi-Product connections. We'll also tell you how you can avoid most of the work with our help.

Are you getting the best possible picture on your TV? Here are some tips on how to adjust your brightness, contrast, colour, and other picture settings.

A Crutchfield employee fabricates a custom subwoofer box from fiberglass and offers ten steps to creating a custom enclosure that works for you and your vehicle.

Everyday people are making No. 1 hits with home studio recordings made in their bedrooms. Learn how they do it and what equipment they use.

If you have hiss, whine, or static in your car audio system, then you need to read our guide to solving noise problems. We'll help you determine where that noise is coming from in your vehicle's audio system.

How to wall-mount your TV
by Steve Kindig

Get the info you need for a safe and nice-looking TV wall mount installation. Watch the in-depth video included in this article.

Let's say you want your TVs to be louder in your bar area than your speakers in the dining area. How do you do it? A well-designed commercial audio system makes it simple to tailor the audio to your particular space. Find out how in this short video.

One advantage of a well-designed commercial system is that if you want to add a source down the line, like a paging microphone or an iPad, you can do so. Your commercial system is designed with future expansion in mind. This short video walks you through the process of adding a source.

The music system you hear at your favourite restaurant is designed differently than the audio system you have at home. This short video explains the differences, and shows why if you want TV audio and music at your place of business, a well-designed commercial audio system is the way to go.

How to bridge a car amplifier
by Buck Pomerantz

Bridging an amplifier combines two channels into one, maximizing its power output. Two different systems, for a 2-channel amp and a 4-channel amp, and the wiring involved are shown as practical examples.

Crutchfield offers guidelines for safely upgrading the audio gear in your hybrid vehicle. It's possible to add an amp or subwoofer to your hybrid as long as you don't over do it.

In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to set up your home theatre receiver. Learn about placement, connections, calibration, network setup, and remote control.

Hay varias maneras de conectar subwoofers con amplificadores. Nuestros esquemas de cableado le explican la mejor forma de configurar sus subwoofers y amps para aprovechar sus respectivas capacidades de rendimiento.

Here are some tips for listening with headphones at safe volume levels. Protect your hearing and improve your listening experience in the process.

What is Roon? It's not just management software for your digital music library. It also can control multi-room audio playback, control the quality of sound, and provide additional info about your tracks. In short, it makes your music library fun to enjoy again.

Subwoofer wiring diagrams
by Buck Pomerantz

There are many ways to connect subwoofers to an amplifier. Our wiring diagrams will help you find the best way to wire your subs and amps so you'll get the best performance out of your gear.

Yamaha PX Series amplifiers are flexible, powerful pro audio amplifiers that let you dial in the right sound for your application through digital signal processing. Our pro audio expert shows you how to harness the power of that digital processing in this video.

Wiring speakers in a commercial system is different from wiring your home system. Commercial 70-volt amplifiers are designed to distribute sound in multiple zones in your bar, restaurant, or other commercial setup. Our expert shows you how to wire your commercial speakers in parallel in this video.

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