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Video: Parrot MINIKIT Neo Universal Bluetooth Kit

Parrot's MINIKIT Neo universal Bluetooth car kit clips on your visor, then links up with your compatible phone to give you hands-free calling and much, much more. Once you mount the MINIKIT Neo on your visor, it syncs up with your phonebook instantly. You can speak commands to initiate, accept, or reject calls, all without taking your hands off the wheel.

Video Transcript

Robert: Hi. It's me, Robert, and we're sitting here in my car today with the Parrot MINIKIT Neo, their newest hands-free Bluetooth device for the car. The Neo is really easy to use. It uses a series of what they call "magic words" and all you have to do is say its name and and it pops to life. "MINIKIT"

MINIKIT: Who do you want to call?

Robert: Tara.

MINIKIT: Tara. Cell phone call in progress.

Robert: In addition to hands-free calling, the Neo is also compatible with Bluetooth A2DP Profile. That means you can stream music from your phone or iPod through the device. And you know, for such a tiny little speaker it doesn't sound that bad. If you have nothing else, such as a car stereo to listen to, it's a good alternative. But more importantly if you're running GPS on your phone the turn-by-turn directions get beamed to the device, and so that makes it that much easier for you to use your phone as a GPS unit.

I made a few calls with the MiniKit over the weekend and everyone I called said they could hear me fine, that my call was coming through fairly clear, and that's because of the noise-canceling microphone built in on top of the device. Meanwhile, calls coming in, as you've heard, are also really clear because there's a big speaker built in right here, and it's right next to my head. In a noisy car environment that really helps make sure you can hear.

So if you're interested in learning more about this, check out our website, and if you have any questions about it, give us a call.

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