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Sony CDX-G3100UP

CD receiver

62 Reviews

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Item # 158G3100UP

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Our take on the Sony CDX-G3100UP

You want your sound strong and your tunes right at hand. Sony built the CDX-G3100UP CD receiver for you. A robust amp design delivers surprising power combined with an accurate, deep soundstage so your favorite tunes deliver an impact that most stock radios just can't match. And if you like to tweak the sound, Sony includes a 5-band equalizer for shaping your tone curve, along with their MEGA BASS feature for pumping up the lows.

Straight up and ready to rock

You want your sound strong and your tunes right at hand. Sony built the CDX-G3100UP CD receiver for you. A robust amp design delivers surprising power combined with an accurate, deep soundstage so your favorite tunes deliver an impact that most stock radios just can't match. And if you like to tweak the sound, Sony includes a 5-band equalizer for shaping your tone curve, along with their MEGA BASS feature for pumping up the lows.

Sony CDX-G3100UP CD Receiver

You can adjust the color of the display so it looks right at home in your dash.

Play your favorite tunes

Along with that great sound, this Sony gives you plenty of ways to enjoy your music. In addition to a CD player with MP3 and WMA playback, the CDX-G3100UP comes equipped with a front-panel USB input. You can plug in your iPod® or iPhone® — even many Android™ smartphones — and enjoy control from the receiver, with handy built-in controls to scan and find music quickly. And if you're a Pandora® Internet radio fan, you can plug in your iPhone then browse stations or rate songs from the receiver's controls. The front-panel aux input adds even more options.

Want to keep your steering wheel controls?

In most cars, you'll need an adapter to retain those controls with this car stereo. Connect a few wires, then program the adapter for your particular car and radio, and you'll retain the convenience of your steering wheel controls. You'll see the adapters that work with your vehicle when you add this receiver to your cart.

Easy installation, great features and sound.

Anonymous, Decatur, AL

Featured Video:

What's in the Box:

  • CD receiver (10A fuse)
  • Face
  • Sleeve (installed)
  • Trim ring (installed)
  • Wiring harness
  • Remote control (RM-X211)
  • CR2025 Lithium battery (installed in remote)
  • 2 Radio removal tools
  • 4 ISO-mount screws
  • Operating Instructions (En/Fr)
  • Face-fixing screw note

Product Highlights:

    General Features:
    • CD receiver with AM/FM tuner
    • built-in amplifier (18 watts RMS CEA-2006/55 peak x 4 channels)
    • plays CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, including discs loaded with MP3 and WMA files
    • detachable face with variable color illumination
    • remote control
    Smartphone Features: (see Details for info on compatibility with specific smartphones and apps)
    • built-in iPod, iPhone, and iPad control
    • Pandora Internet radio control with iPhone
    • Quick-BrowZer and Jump Mode search features
    Audio features:
    • EQ5 5-band equalizer
    • low-pass filter
    • MEGA BASS loudness
    • inputs: front panel auxiliary and USB inputs
    • outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (2-volt front, dual mono sub outs)
    Other info:

    Sony CDX-G3100UP Reviews

    Average Customer Review(s):

    (62 Reviews)

    Easy install and great sound

    Julio from Marietta, GA on 11/24/2016

    2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installed in a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee where the stock radio had a ton of static and CD player was not working. This unit solved all these problems, looks great and the sound is perfect! The adapter kit with the head unit made installation a breeze. I highly recommend for someone who just needs to upgrade their radio without busting the bank.

    Pros: Great sound, front USB attachment for pandora or any other iPhone music, easy install

    Cons: None so far

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from Decatur, AL on 10/24/2016

    2001 Acura Integra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Easy installation, great features and sound.



    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from Shreveport, LA on 10/18/2016

    2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It's easy to install and it looks amazing.


    Cons: None

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    David from Seymour, CT on 8/21/2016

    2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This radio was easy to install very easy to operate

    Pros: Fantastic lights,alot of options excellent sound with easy adjustments of the equalizer.

    Cons: To turn up the volume when on the move too easy to press the volume control rather just turn it.

    Couldn't be happier!!

    Merrill from Layton, UT on 8/16/2016

    1996 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First off I ordered the wrong setup, but got great support getting the right parts. Their service is amazing! A person answers right away who speaks English and knows about car stereos. I got my questions answered quickly and smartly, with a little bit of southern charm. The radio is perfect! I couldn't be happier!! I have seen people complain about the face being too bright at night. There is a day and night setting on the radio. FYI. Initially I got no sound, but a call to cust service gave me the solution. I had to put a couple wires together not mentioned in the instructions, but it was no big deal. My truck is 20 years old, so I wasn't too surprised. If you run into trouble, just call. There are plenty of online videos on putting in stereos and I got a good deal of info from them and the products sent me by Crutchfield.

    Pros: Looks, sound, price, service

    Cons: Can't think of any..

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from Lititz, PA on 8/14/2016

    2002 Nissan Sentra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good unit for the price.



    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from Las Cruces, NM on 7/24/2016

    2004 Ford Ranger
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great stereo to replace factory radio

    Pros: Easy installation, great product, nice sound, great FM reception. Due to it's great sounds, getting ready to order a 3rd one.

    Cons: The only con, is instruction on how to set up display, sound, etc are rather vague. However after calling technical support I was on my way to enjoying my new stereo.

    great value

    Gordy from Mobile, AL on 7/14/2016

    2003 Chevrolet Malibu
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This is the second one of these same radio's I've bought in last six months. Put one in my 95 Chevy truck and one in a 03 Malibu. Definately sounds better in the Malibu!!! Overall a great radio with all the features you need these days.

    Pros: Tons of features for the price.

    Cons: A tad confusing navigating thru all the set-up features- even with the manual sitting there. But once done I have no complaints.

    Great product

    Ryan M from Tucson, AZ on 7/3/2016

    1994 Toyota Corolla
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    My stock unit finally gave out, so I bough this radio as a replacement and so far I've been very pleased. The build quality is exceptional and the sound is much better than the stock unit. I do have some minor complaints, though. It is a VERY tight fit in my corolla, so I was unable to install the protective bracket around the radio and the head unit itself was very difficult to attach to the body of the radio. Additionally, the screen can be very hard to see dieing the day but this may just be a local problem as I do live in a very sunny location. Everything else about the radio is wonderful. I love that I can charge my phone through the usb port, I love how it looks in the dash, it's amazing that I can set the colors to anything of my choosing and the dimmer option is extremely helpful for night driving. I would definitely recommend this radio as a replacement to a friend.

    Pros: Look Build quality Color options USB charging Dimmer Sound quality

    Cons: Extremely right fit Difficult to read display during daylight

    Great improvent

    DoubleD from Fulton,Mo. on 5/30/2016

    1999 Volkswagen Beetle
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Awesome sound and GREAT improvement over factory unit. All the adapters helped with installation.




    Casey B from Sumas, WA on 5/15/2016

    2002 Toyota Camry
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Does everything I want it to and more. Great buy for a great price.



    Sony CDX-G3100UP Car Stereo Review

    steve from San Bernardino, CA on 5/7/2016

    2001 Toyota Tundra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This unit was used to replace an older Sony CD unit. This one sounds as good or a bit better. It has more EQ frequencies (5) to set and that is most of it. The menu structure is the same as my older one, so it wasn't hard to adapt to this one. If you're not familiar with the way the button pushes work through the menus though, you may "get lost" in them at first. Fortunately it doesn't take long to get up to speed. This is the only reason for 3 stars for ease of use. I enjoy CDs still, but I mainly wanted the USB input. I can rip the CDs into WMA or MP3s in media player, and put them on a jumpdrive. Voila! No worry about dirty CDs skipping or needing to be changed. The sound quality is very nearly indistinguishable from CD (we're talking about car audio here - not generally Hi-Fi enough to tell the loss of resolution, especially in a moving vehicle from a <$100 unit). I would not hesitate to buy again!

    Pros: Excellent for price, good sound, combination of features, Very Customizable

    Cons: So customizable that the menu structure to do so may be a bit vexing, until you get used to it!

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Tom from Camden, OH on 4/18/2016

    2006 Ford Econoline
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installed in a 32 ft. motorhome great value for the money, sound quality is much better than stock, easy to install in 30 minutes

    Pros: Sound Quality

    Cons: Has been installed for a week now, No Cons!!


    Nicholas C from Tifton, GA on 4/18/2016

    1999 GMC Envoy
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Fits perfectly in dash, amplifies the stock bose system in my Envoy.

    Pros: Nice interface, cool colors, megabass is great.

    Cons: None come to mind at this time.

    Great factory replacement

    WA from Gainesville, FL on 4/6/2016

    1997 Ford Ranger
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very satisfied with the product and service.

    Pros: Great sound. Easy installation. Everything I need and nothing I don't.

    Cons: None

    Awesome product!!

    Breanna from Allentown, NJ on 3/28/2016

    2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Love it.



    amazing performance

    Carlos E. from San Antonio, TX on 3/18/2016

    1992 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Amazing stereo easy to use nice features other then the carbon fiber looking face plate which I really don't care to much for carbon fiber it looks and performs great.

    Pros: Color change, rear output control ability ease of use

    Cons: Carbon fiber look

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from hialeah, FL on 2/21/2016

    2005 Toyota Corolla
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good radio



    GREAT radio

    Bill L from Port Orange, FL on 2/10/2016

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Used this radio in a golf cart, great sound and apperance

    Pros: Excellent value and sound quality

    Cons: none

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Steve from walnut creek, CA on 2/9/2016

    2010 Toyota RAV4
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Having bought a lot of Sony products, I was expecting more. I selected this particular unit because of the specs on the FM receiver (I listen to a lot of FM). According to the numbers it should perform substantially better than both the competitor's products and the unit I was replacing. Wrong. It is clearly worse than what I replaced. FM fades quickly when signal should be more than adequate. Noisy as well. Really disappointing. Amp power is adequate but not impressive. Overall operation of the unit is non-intuitive. Channel seek is particularly frustrating. Unless you like the disco light display that is the default setting, I would pass.

    Pros: Straightforward installation, supplied instructions adequate for the job, but I suggest checking out additional videos or written instructions before disassembling the RAV4 radio. Impressed that all of the wiring colors matched the supplied mating harness. Assembled replacement for the RAV4 dashboard looks good. Aux in works, replaces the disconnected Aux In on the RAV4 between the seat console (that will no longer function).

    Cons: A few of the dash install parts were somewhat confusing / difficult to assemble. Lack of instructions on where certain mounting screws should go. Relatively poor FM reception, confusing unit operation, very small buttons/controls on the unit, somewhat under-powered.

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from Clarksville, Tn on 2/8/2016

    1999 Ford F-150
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    installation was easy. sound quality is excellent. great product.



    Easy install and great sound!

    Mikylikzit from Spanaway, WA on 2/4/2016

    2000 Honda Accord
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this stereo for my daughter's car. It was very easy to install and she loves the sound. She also loves the AUX and Bass Boost. I only gave 4 stars on the build quality because it is still new and we will see how long it lasts.

    Pros: Price, ease of installation, and sound

    Cons: None so far.

    Easy and Simple- Great Quality

    Scase from Kentucky on 1/17/2016

    2003 Dodge Ram 1500
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Buying through Crutchfield eliminated the hassle of going to the store, searching for the appropriate harness and bracket. On top of that, it was probably the easiest install I've done out of the 10 I've done so far. So easy, my buddy actually watched and loved the quality of it, he went out and got one too! Love this product.

    Pros: Clear instructions Quick and easy- was done in 30 minutes! Great quality radio Impressive features including the Mega Bass, and the fact it pushes 55w to my new speakers!

    Cons: If you've never put one in, could be a little complicated, but it's not Rocket science, you'll get it quick.

    Great head unit

    Chris S from San Diego, CA on 1/13/2016

    1995 Buick LeSabre
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This head unit is a great value and gave me a lot of bang for the buck. Under $100 and easy to install. Sounds great, looks great and Sony quality throughout. Recommended if you want a good stereo for low cost.

    Pros: Sound quality, RCA preamp and sub outputs, iPod control, high output.

    Cons: Display colors are changeable but I just use white.

    Sony CDX-3100UP Review

    ColoradoFam5 from Highlands Ranch, Colorado on 1/6/2016

    1998 Jeep Wrangler
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    The radio and speakers installed easily and quickly, the staff at Crutchfield made sure I got all the right adapters for my 1998 Jeep, and the radio sounds great with the Kicker 40CS464 front and 40CS54 rear speakers

    Pros: Couldn't beat the sound for the price and has lots of features

    Cons: None

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Damon G. from California on 1/4/2016

    2001 Chevrolet Malibu
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Looks great

    Pros: Easy to install with kit and directions provided. Use of Radio is good.

    Cons: Took a little time to install

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    CoachB from Nevada on 12/27/2015

    2004 Ford F-150
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Fantastic upgrade to the factory system in my 2004 F150. Easy install and has all the options my daughter wanted to be able to connect her phone. Puts out plenty of power.

    Pros: Price, features, easy install.

    Cons: None.

    Sony CDX-G3100UP vs. Sony CDX-GT660UP

    InfectiousAgent from North Dakota on 12/7/2015

    2003 Dodge Durango
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Installed on a 2002 Dodge Durango w/ Infinity System. Replaced Head-Unit and bypassed the factory amp. Speakers: JL Audio TR-650csi (no amp). Overall: Good Head-Unit but lacks "Wow Factor" When compared to the Sony CDX-GT660UP set up identically in my 2003 Dodge Durango, the Sony CDX-G3100UP lacks the tuning ability to truly "dial in" the JL Audio TR-650csi's. Even with the new "MAGABASS" feature, the difference in both clarity and loudness is noticeable when comparing the two systems side by side.

    Pros: Sony! Looks Awesome! Great build quality! Easy install.

    Cons: Compared to the discontinued Sony CDX-GT660UP, the Sony CDX-G3100UP is somewhat lacking.

    Love This Radio

    TomT from Virginia on 11/16/2015

    I bought this unit to replace my Dodge Dakota radio that died. It has great sound and many extra features not available on factory unit. I love the lighted dial, USB port and remote control. It was easy to install and everything worked correctly. Installation kit made the job easy.

    Pros: Great sound, looks good in dash, installation kit, and remote control.

    Cons: Push buttons are a little small for me to see without my glasses (age related).

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from Texas on 11/11/2015

    2011 Honda Accord
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Nice radio. Did not have the punch I was looking for. But a basic good sounding radio.

    Pros: Nice features for the price

    Cons: Will need a sub if you want better sound.

    Sony does it again.

    Jeff L. from Virginia on 11/10/2015

    2003 Nissan Sentra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great radio and lots of functions.

    Pros: Ease of install and functions

    Cons: none

    Works Wonders

    Perrbr02 from Fort Wayne, IN on 11/9/2015

    1999 Subaru Legacy Outback
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very excellent head unit for the price from Crutchfield, Especially since you get the install kit, wire harness, instructions, And a 2 month free Pandora One subscription. (At least I got that). Im coming from a Kenwood head unit, and you could set the volume louder if that makes sense, cannot do that one this one, at least not that I have found. That is my Only complaint. Lovin' it! It was the first thing I did to my new car.



    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Isabel from Virginia on 11/9/2015

    2000 Isuzu Trooper
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I love my stereo! It was just what I was looking for. Not expensive and has all the functions I was looking for. Everything received was exactly what was described.

    Pros: I received this a day early and it was exactly as described. I will order again! I am so pleased.

    Cons: It took me a little bit to figure how everything worked and set it up the way I wanted. I played with it for about an hour, and it's good to go now!

    Excellent value

    EJ from Minnesota on 11/9/2015

    1996 Ford Explorer
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great sounding unit when paired with efficient speakers. I used 4 6x8 Infinity speakers rated at 2 ohms and the sound quality is very good. Way better than expected. I tossed in a Powerbass sub to round out the low end and am very happy considering that I really haven't spent that much overall. The factory stereo is a distant, bad memory.

    Pros: Respectable sound quality, amp ratings are accurate and not exaggerated. Price is right. Looks nice.

    Cons: I wish there where actual physical controls for bass and treble instead of having to focus attention on pushing buttons through menus to make sound adjustments.

    Excellent upgrade from factory system

    BobC from Maryland on 11/6/2015

    2001 Volvo S40
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This sounds much better than the 15-year-old head unit it was replacing and has a more intuitive control layout than most comparable units I've seen. My few complaints are minor - the factory provided colors settings are poor (but you can create your own), it's almost impossible to read the display when it scrolls information (which also makes it difficult to see the selection when changing modes because of a completely unnecessary scroll which takes place almost immediately after changing modes) and it ignores sub-folders on thumb drives making it impossible to organize those files in any way other than by album. Another plus from Crutchfield is that it arrived the day after I ordered it even with free shipping! The installation was quick and easy, although there was no warning that I'd have to strip some wires and buy the crimp caps necessary to connect them to the adapter. The hardware for turning the second DIN slot into a storage space didn't fit properly, but it's hard for me to complain about that since it was provided for free.

    Pros: Sounds great Easy to install

    Cons: information display could be improved no way to organize files on thumb drive

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Gordon O from California on 11/5/2015

    1995 Jeep Wrangler
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    It was the first install for me a long time. My 1995 Jeep Wrangler needed an upgrade. The instructions that Crutchfield has for installations is excellent. The total install took less than 45 minutes and it worked great. now to upgrade the rest of the speakers.



    Great purchase

    Brian from Oregon on 11/1/2015

    1999 Honda Accord
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I should have done this sooner. Easy to install, easy to connect with bluetooth, and great sound quality.

    Pros: Easy to install, the color schemes are great, and bluetooth works perfectly and seamlessly.

    Cons: none

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    savychris from Michigan on 10/13/2015

    1992 Ford F Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good radio



    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    LaMarr from Tennessee on 9/23/2015

    1986 Chevrolet C Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great Sound Easy Installation

    Pros: Great Quality

    Cons: none

    Awesome product, awesome company

    Beast from Colorado on 9/20/2015

    2000 Saturn SW2
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This player is an awesome little unit that is practical and easy to install with the kit provided by Crutchfield. It plays CDs, MP3, Pandora from your mobile unit, etc. The display will change colors to suit your taste, and the sound quality is adjustable through various presets along with a custom setting. The front display face is removable for added security. Awesome product from an awesome company!

    Pros: Product is everything the advertisements say that it is; however, the kit with dash box, wire harness, and wire ties makes it so much easier to navigate the installation. Definitely worth NOT having the hassle of a bad installation.

    Cons: None! It even shipped and was received on time for early installation.

    Great head unit

    Sonny D from California on 9/17/2015

    2003 Toyota Tundra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This head unit sounds great, I replaced an old pioneer that I had, and the sound is so much better. I have infinity capa speakers that have never sounded so good.

    Pros: Great sound for the price

    Cons: EQ takes a little getting used to

    Great Stereo, Great Price

    wayoflife from knightdale, nc on 9/2/2015

    2007 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Best deal around, costed $50 less than everywhere I looked. Great Stereo selection and being able to buy everything you need to install was a nice bonus. Would use this website again for sure.



    Simple and Perfect

    P from Colorado on 8/31/2015

    2008 Hyundai Elantra
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Needed to replace the factory CD player in my car. This does exactly what I want, while adding a few more options that are really nice (USB port). Love the colors on it! Was simple to install and looks really cool! Only problem I have is the face plate does not easily attach or detach, but since I don't necessarily plan on taking it off regularly, it is not a problem.

    Pros: Simple to install, sounds good and looks cool!

    Cons: Face plate does not attach and detach easily

    Great Product

    Grumpy from Rochester, New York on 8/28/2015

    2005 Mitsubishi Outlander
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great Product! Sound and light show are very good. Easy to use. Had no problems using my Ipod Touch or Android Smartphone with the this system.

    Pros: Easy to install Easy to use Sound Quality Love the light effect

    Cons: None

    Great radio more than i expected

    Jay23 from South lyon mi on 8/24/2015

    1999 Jeep Wrangler
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great radio, does every thing that you need and more than I expected

    Pros: Works great awesome radio

    Cons: Pandora only for iPhone

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    TimG from Ohio on 7/19/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Have always been a fan of Sony. After reviewing many other brand's specs, appearance and price, the choice was obvious!

    Pros: Simple to install and has great sound

    Cons: None

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Anonymous from North Dakota on 7/18/2015

    1992 Ford Ranger
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Good unit for a great price . Was looking to get better sound quality and more options by upgrading from a stock stereo . I quite happy with my purchase .

    Pros: All installation hardware was included at no extra charge .

    Cons: none

    Song Comes on the Radio...

    GinaA from Texas on 7/13/2015

    2002 Ford Ranger
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    First of all, I drive a stripped`down 2002 Ford Ranger. Crank windows. No cruise control. Cloth seats. Paid cash for it in 2009. The factory radio/CD player bit the dust some months ago. Do you know what it's like for a creative person to drive anywhere without MUSIC? Agh. My son, the car guy/music guy/ electronics guy/ fix-it guy recommended Crutchfield. I liked the ease of ordering the right thing for my vehicle. It was a good reasonable price, and arrived promptly and packaged well (that's important to me). My son installed it easily. Nice sound, love all the styling and color changing options (cool), ease of use. Yes, I've hit the wrong button a couple times, but that was in initial use. It's so good to have music again. I'm a classic rock/ blues lover. Highly recommend this company and its products.

    Pros: Ease of ordering and installation. Looks. Style. Fit. Sound. Options.

    Cons: If I'm wearing my sunglasses (it's Texas, so that's 95% of the time), I can't always see the display, but that's b/c my glasses are polarized.

    Sony Upgrade

    DanB from Michigan on 7/9/2015

    2000 Jeep Cherokee
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Nice balance of features at a high school budget. USB and aux hookup make it easy listen to custom playlists, or go right to the presets. Not sure how much the CD player will get used. Would like a higher quality feel for the volume knob.

    Pros: Multiple media inputs. Good value. Easy install with the install kit into my Jeep.

    Cons: A CD player that will never get used, eliminate the player and lower the cost.


    David from Hawaii on 7/8/2015

    1999 Subaru Forester
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Outstanding sound from a very moderately priced unit, and a huge upgrade from the factory supplied device.

    Pros: Very easy to instal and the extra instructions relating to my car were very useful. I had it up and running within an hour. Great sound from the I-Pod.

    Cons: It took longer to fully understand the menu and programing than it did to instal

    Read the fine print

    tc from Montana on 6/30/2015

    1994 Toyota 4Runner
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I love Crutchfield's website and installation instructions, and this Sony head-unit is fine for what it is; I'm sad that I didn't read the fine print under the Details tab under the sub-section titled Disk & USB Playback. This unit says: The USB port enables audio playback & control of MP3/WMA audio files stored on your portable USB Today, I noticed the next more expensive Sony says this: The head unit can play MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and WAV music files stored on compatible USB device. Translation: This Sony will not play music that you copy from your iTunes folders. Caveat Emptor!!



    Great Replacement

    mplumber from Nebraska on 6/23/2015

    2001 Ford Escape
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Old Sony went dead and needed a good cheap replacement and this did the job very well. I like my old Sony and this was the updated version of it. Setup is easy and took about 45mins total.



    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    2000jeep from Idaho on 6/21/2015

    2000 Jeep Wrangler
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Very easy install

    Pros: Sounds good, and was easy install


    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    Chris H. from Florida on 6/16/2015

    2003 GMC Yukon
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great CD / Flash drive player. Always an easy installation with Sony products!

    Pros: Easy instillation and great sound.

    Cons: None!

    Great Graduation Gift

    Rollmaster from Roanoke, Virginia on 6/11/2015

    1997 Honda Civic
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This was a gift for one of our youth group students graduating from High school. The price was right and the look was perfect for her tastes. It should make a great first deck for her. The scrolling accent colors we knew would be a hit. The aux input and the USB are just what she needed in addition to having a CD player. Her car still has the pathetic factory speakers so I cannot comment on sound quality. It sounds like mud to me, however she says that it sounds 10 times better than it did before.

    Pros: Looks great, priced right, lots of features and inputs.

    Cons: A little more challenging to operate and set-up than the older SONY units that I have purchased in the past

    Good Reception

    Kyle from Washington on 6/9/2015

    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Bought radio as recommended by advisor because it had good reception. Using in a remote cabin with 12V solar system. Good sound and reception.



    Awesome sound, bad install

    Dan from Madison, Wisconsin on 6/8/2015

    2003 Ford Mustang
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Made driving way more fun. My previous stereo had no bass and now it's like I have subs! Would recommend. But the install is unclear and said to remove the antenna and get a new cord but after cutting it off we found you could simply remove it. Cost me 3 extra hours and $20 trying to fix the issue. Otherwise it is awesome



    Sony CDX-G3100

    Vince M from Myrtle Beach South Carolina on 6/5/2015

    1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    I bought this unit to replace an older single DIN Sony that I thought was going south. I wanted a basic receiver that had a front aux input and a CD player, as well. I reused the old mounting kit and harness adapter and it went in with no problem. Until I turned it on. It sounded great for 15 minutes and then the sound just faded out. Turns out that the speaker in the driver's door was damaged and caused the internal amp to go into protection mode. After replacing both front speakers, the system has performed to my expectations. For a bargain priced stereo, it sounds great with the new Sony 6" speakers. My only quibble is with the very small and oddly shaped buttons that my big fingers have trouble getting to easily. The exception is the easy to use volume dial. Overall, a good value for the money.

    Pros: Ease of installation, front aux and USB port, selectable display colors.

    Cons: Except for the volume control knob, buttons for on/off/source and other functions are very small and oddly shaped.

    Works good, doesn't play acc

    Zak from Texas on 6/4/2015

    2003 Toyota Corolla
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Radio is nice and as described but I guess I assumed or didn't think about seeing if it played ACC files from a flash drive (which is iTunes files too I think) which is kinda a bummer. Also can't go back a song when using the flash drive like my older Sony in my e30. Overall a good radio and good upgrade from most stock radios. Has a bunch of LED color options if that's your thing.

    Pros: lots of color settings

    Cons: doesn't play acc or iTunes files off flash drive

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    mw from Kansas on 6/2/2015

    1988 Chevrolet Cheyenne
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    Great Stereo for the price.

    Pros: Easy to use.

    Cons: Display will not dim with dash lights. The display must be manually set to dimmer on or off. It would be nice to have a connection to the dash lights so the display brightness could be controlled with the dash lights rheostat.

    Amazing little radio

    Anonymous from centerville Indiana on 6/2/2015

    1989 Chevrolet C Series
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    While this radio does have a little bit of a learning curve, it sounds amazing and I love the mega bass button on the front

    Pros: sounds awesome and looks great

    Cons: some buttons are really touchy like the volume

    Sony CDX-G3100UP

    EJ from Colorado on 5/18/2015

    1994 GMC Safari
    Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

    This car stereo unit is a good one for those who are on a budget. I have always respected Sony products & this stereo unit fits my needs extremely well. Easy to install, sounds great & user friendly for my playing pleasure.

    Pros: Sounds good Easy to install Not difficult to set up

    Cons: None so far


    Hands-on research

    Features and Specs

    AUX Input Front
    Audio/video Input ---
    USB Input Front
    CarPlay No
    Android Auto No
    Siri Control No
    Android Control Yes
    Memory Card Slot USB
    Bluetooth Compatible No
    Satellite Radio Ready No
    HD Radio No
    Navigation ---
    iPod Compatibility
    Full size Classic
    Nano 7/6/5/4/3/2/1
    Touch 5/4/3/2
    iPhone 6+/6/5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G
    CEA-2006 Compliant Yes
    RMS Power Output 17 watts
    Peak Output 52 watts
    RMS Power Bandwidth 20-20kHz
    Preamp Outputs 3-channel
    Sub Preamp Outputs Yes
    Switchable Rear Preamp Outputs No
    Video Screen No
    Preamp Voltage 2 volts
    Display Color Variable
    Key Button Color Variable
    EQ Bands 5
    Wireless Remote Yes
    Steering Wheel Control Compatible Adapter required
    Parts Warranty 1 Year
    Labor Warranty 1 Year
    FM Sensitivity 7 dBf
    European Tuning No
    Seek/Scan Seek
    Radio Data System Yes

    Product Research

    Disc & USB (Android) Playback
    iPod/Aux Integration
    AM/FM + Pandora Radio
    Audio Section
    Display Features
    Remote Control

    Disc & USB Playback

    Disc Compatibility: The Sony CDX-G3100UP features a single disc player that will playback CD-Audio and finalized CD-R/CD-RW audio discs. The unit supports the playback of MP3/WMA music files on a CD-R or CD-RW disc.

    • Off Insert/Eject: A CD can be inserted or ejected with the power off. The head unit will automatically begin disc playback, when a disc is inserted with the receiver set to a different source or powered off.
    • Auto Reload: The CD player will automatically reinsert the disc if it's ejected, but not removed for 20 seconds or more.
    • Mounting Angle: For proper CD playback, this unit must be mounted between 0° (horizontal) and 45°.

    Front-Panel USB Input (Android Compliant): The CD receiver's front-panel USB (type-A) port allows you to connect a USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) or USB Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) compliant device; such as your Android smartphone or USB thumbdrive. The USB port enables audio playback & control of MP3/WMA audio files stored on your portable USB MSC/MTP device through the Sony head unit. Basic playback controls included Play/Pause, FW/RW, Previous/Next Track, and Random/Repeat. Song/artist information such as track, artist, and album name will also be displayed on the receiver. In addition, USB devices that can be charged via USB will be charged when plugged into the CD receiver's USB port (1A) and the vehicle's ignition switch is set to ACC or On.

    • MSC Playback: The Sony receiver's USB port enables playback & control of MP3/WMA music files stored on your portable USB MSC device, like your older Android smartphone (w/ OS 2.2+ [Froyo/Gingerbread]) or USB thumbdrive device (up to 32GB) through the head unit.
    • MTP Playback: The Sony head unit's USB port also enables playback & control of stored MP3/WMA music files on your portable USB MTP device, like your newer Android smartphone (w/ OS 4.0+ [Ice Cream Sandwich/Jelly Bean/KitKat/Lollipop]) through the Sony head unit.
    Note: You cannot use your Android smartphone's touchscreen to control music playback and you cannot select music apps from your smartphone for playback. However, you can continue to listen to stored music on your Android smartphone through the head unit while you check your Calendar, Facebook, Texts, etc on your phone.

    MP3/WMA Playback: The Sony CDX-G3100UP supports the following types of MP3/WMA files recorded onto CD-R/RW disc or loaded onto a USB mass storage class device.

    Media Type Disc (CD-R/RW) USB (MSC or MTP)
    File System ISO9660 Level 1/2, Romeo, or Joliet, FAT 12/16/32
    Playable File Types MP3: bit rate up to 320kbps
    bit rate up to 320kbps
    Maximum # of Folders/Files 150 folders/300 files 256 folders/256 files per folder
    Tags ID3 tag (version 1.0/1.1/2.2/2.3/2.4), WMA tag

    Compressed Audio Display Information: The CD receiver can display the following ID3/WMA-tag information; Track number, Elapsed Playing Time, Song Title, Artist Name, or Album Title.

    Search Functions: The Sony CD receiver offers several unique search functions.

    • Quick-BrowZer: The unit's Quick-BrowZer feature allow you to search for a track on a CD or connected USB Mass Storage Device easily by category (Genre, Artist, Album, or Playlist).
    • Jump Mode: Jump Mode gets you closer to the song you want by allowing you to fast forward through a music category in 10% increments.

    iPod/Aux Integration

    iPod/iPhone Audio Playback w/ DAC Bypass: The CDX-G3100UP's front-panel USB port allows you to connect your iPod/iPhone via the iPod dock or Lightning connector-to-USB cable that comes with your iPod or iPhone (not included with the head unit). This USB 1-Wire for iPod/iPhone connection lets you directly connect, charge, & control select iPod/iPhones via the USB jack on the front of the unit, as well as view metadata like song title & artist name on the front display. The USB connection bypasses the iPod/iPhone's DAC and uses the head unit's 1-bit DAC to maximize sound quality. You can choose to control the your iPod/iPhone from the head unit (Head Unit Control Mode) or from the Apple device's clickwheel/touchscreen (Passenger App Control).

    • Head Unit Control + Song/Artist Info: The CDX-G3100UP's Quick-BrowZer feature allows you to browse your iPod/iPhone's music library by Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Playlist, or Podcast from the head unit's front-panel control; content in each category will be listed alphabetically. The unit also offers basic playback controls; such as Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Rewind, Previous/Next Track, and Repeat/Random. During Head Unit Control mode, the CDX-G3100UP will display your iPod/iPhone's music file information; including track #, elapsed playing time, song title, artist name, and album label. Newer Apple devices with iOS 6.0+ allow you to continue to use your Apple device's touchscreen to navigate your stored music and access music apps; older iPod/iPhone devices will be locked during connection.
    • Passenger App Control: In Passenger App Control mode, you can navigate the stored music on your iPod/iPhone device through its clickwheel or touchscreen; as well as music apps on an iPhone (iOS 3.0+). Basic playback functions, such as Play/Pause and Previous/Next Track are still available from the head unit. The Passenger App Control mode does not offer song/artist information display. Not all apps will be compatible with this mode.
    Note: While connected and the ignition switch is set to ACC or ON, the head unit's USB 5V/1A connection will power and charge your iPod/iPhone (not iPad). If your iPod/iPhone has no initial battery charge, then this unit will not recognize it.

    iPod/iPhone Compatibility Chart: The Sony CDX-G3100UP is "Made for iPod/iPhone" compatible and supports the following iPod/iPhone model features (as of 4/23/2015):

    Apple Device Generation Tested Version Media Type Control Type Display Type Charge
    Audio Video Head Unit iPod/App Pandora App Artist/Song Text Track Info
    3G 4.2.1 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    3GS 5.1.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
    4/4S 7.1.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
    5/5C/5S 8.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
    6/6+ 8.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
    2nd 4.2.1 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    3rd 5.1.1 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    4th 6.1.3 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    5th 8.3 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    nano 1st 1.3.1 Y N Y N N Y Y Y
    2nd/3rd 1.1.3 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    4th 1.0.4 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    5th 1.0.2 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    6th 1.2 PC Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    7th 1.02PC Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    classic 80GB 1.1.2 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    120GB 2.0.1 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    160GB 2.0.4 Y N Y Y N Y Y Y
    iPad 1 5.1.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N
    2/3 8.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N
    4/air 8.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y N
    mini 8.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y
    Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the head unit and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to wait until a newer software update is available.

    Front-Panel Auxiliary Input: A front-panel stereo minijack (3.5mm) input is provided to allow the connection of a portable audio source. Just connect your portable digital music player to this unit, and you can listen to the audio from the portable player through the speakers in your mobile audio system. The volume level of the auxiliary input is adjustable from -8 to +18 dB to compensate for any difference between the unit and your portable device.

    AM/FM + Pandora Radio

    Digital Clarity Tuner w/ RDS: The Sony CDX-G3100UP CD receiver is equipped with a Digital Clarity Tuner for clear AM/FM stereo sound with digital processing technology. The radio features 5 memory bands to store and receive AM/FM stations. You can store up to 6 presets in each in band (FM 1-3/AM 1-2), for a total of 18 FM presets and 12 AM presets.

    • RDS: The Radio Data System (RDS) feature displays radio broadcast information such as artist & track information when listening to compatible AM/FM stations.
    • BTM: Presets can be stored automatically using the Best Tuning Memory (BTM) feature.

    Pandora Internet Radio: The Sony CDX-G3100UP lets you playback and control the Pandora Internet Radio music service that is being streamed to your Apple The Sony CDX-G3100UP will also display Artist, Album, & Song information provided by the Pandora app. iPhone. Simply download the Pandora App onto your iPhone (iOS 5.0+) and connect your iPhone device to the Sony head unit via USB. Your iPhone will need an active Data Plan account with connection to the Internet via 3G, EDGE, or WiFi. In addition, you will need an active Pandora music service account.

    • Station List: You can select Pandora stations from your Station List by date or alphabetically (A-Z).
    • Skip Songs: You can skip song tracks within a station. You cannot skip back to a previous song. Pandora limits the number of skips allowed.
    • Thumbs Up/Down: You can give songs a thumbs up or thumbs down to help Pandora personalize stations to suit your preferences.
    • Bookmarking: The song or artist currently being played can be bookmarked & stored in your Pandora account.

    Note: Access to the Pandora service will depend on the availability of a cellular and/or WiFi network for purposes of allowing your iPhone to connect to the Internet. Pandora is not supported in Canada and only available in the United States.

    Audio Section

    Dynamic Reality Amp: The redesigned, internal Dynamic Reality Amp circuitry boasts 47% lower internal resistance compared to conventional in-dash receiver, delivering 52 watts x 4 channels of Peak power to your vehicle's speakers. This allows you to crank up the volume while maintaining low distortion, low noise levels, and smooth frequency response. The power output specs for the CDX-G3100UP are as follows:

    • Continuous Power Output: 17 watts RMS x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, 1% THD-N)
    • Peak Power Output: 52 watts x 4-channels (208 total watts)
    Note: The power specifications for the Sony CDX-G3100UP are compliant with the CEA2006 Mobile Amplifier Power Testing and Measurement standards from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). These standards were developed as a way to equitably compare power specs from model to model and between manufacturers.

    2-volt Preamp Outputs: The Sony CDX-G3100UP is equipped with 2-volt preamp RCA jacks, left and right front plus two mono subwoofer outputs, for connecting full-range and subwoofer amplifiers. The subwoofer preouts have an independent level control that you can adjust from -2 to +2dB. The subwoofer outputs are full range, so make sure your sub amplifier has a built-in low-pass crossover.

    EQ5: The CDX-G3100UP features Sony's EQ5 equalizer with 11 preset equalizer curves for various types of music. You can choose from R&B, Rock, Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Soul, Country, Custom, and Off. The Off mode provides a flat response. The Custom mode allows you to manually adjust the receiver's 5-Band EQ (Lows/Mid-Lows/Mids/Mid-Highs/Highs) from -10dB to +10dB.

    Mega Bass: The receiver offers Mega Bass which reinforces bass sound in synchronization with the volume level.

    Beep Tone: The in-dash head unit provides an audible beep to confirm button operation. This function can be turned On or Off.

    Display Features

    Detachable Face w/ Caution Alarm: The CDX-G3100UP features a detachable face for theft prevention. A face-fixing screw is supplied for making the face non-detachable, if desired. No face case is included with this unit. An optional soft face case (142DFC1X, sold separately) can be purchased for this unit. If you turn the ignition switch to the Off position without detaching the front-panel, the caution alarm will sound for a few seconds. The alarm will only sound if the built-in amplifier is used.

    Dynamic Color Illuminator: Dynamic Color Illuminator lets you match the head unit's LCD & button illumination to complement your existing vehicle lighting components. You can select from 11 preset colors, a customized color, or 4 preset patterns. The unit's Dynamic Color Illuminator offers the following advance features.

    • Day/Night Color Mode: You can register a customize color for the unit's display and buttons for day & night time driving.
    • Sound Synchronization: With selectable Sound Synchronization, the timing of the color change is synchronized with the audio source. The color changes according to synchronization of playing music. When you select a preset pattern sound synchronization becomes effective.
    • Motion Display: The Motion Display shows moving patterns and a spectrum analyzer on the display when turned on.

    Auto Scroll: Auto Scroll allows long displayed items to scroll automatically across the display when the track is changed on a disc.

    Dimmer: The CDX-G3100UP features a dimmer mode to dim the brightness of the display and button illumination. You can choose from either "Dim On" or Dim Off".

    Display Illumination/Clock Display: Pressing the Source/Off button once will switch sources. Pressing and holding the Source/Off button for one second will turn off audio output, but the clock display and button illumination remain on. To turn the unit off completely, you must press and hold the Source/Off button for two seconds.

    Auto Off: When installing in a vehicle without an accessory power wire at the radio location, you can set the unit to turn off all lighting a set amount of time after you turn the power off. The Auto Off feature can be set to 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or No.

    Demo Mode: The head unit's demo mode can be turned On or Off.

    Remote Control

    Wireless Remote Control: The head unit comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control (RM-X211) for easy operation. The included wireless remote allows you to control the basic functions of the Sony head unit while keeping your eyes on the road.

    Steering Wheel Remote Compatibility: The head unit features an OEM steering wheel remote control input on the rear of the unit that lets you keep your vehicle's factory radio steering wheel remote controls when used with an optional steering wheel audio control adapter (sold separately). Please consult Crutchfield's Outfit My Car to see if your vehicle is compatible.

    Our Product Research Team

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