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Marantz CD6006

Single-disc CD player with USB port for iPod®/iPhone®

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Our take on the Marantz CD6006

Our customers love Marantz CD players for their warm, detailed sound. The CD6006 follows in the footsteps of its acclaimed predecessors with outstanding sound from a sleek, affordable component. You'll enjoy impressive audio performance from every disc in your CD library. If you love the convenience of portable music, this player has a front-panel USB port for connecting Apple® devices. You can also connect a flash drive loaded with music files. The CD6006's high-end digital-to-analog converter brings out the best in every track, with refreshing detail and clarity. A newly developed headphone amplifier with adjustable gain settings accommodates a wide range of headphones.

Clear, dynamic CD sound

Our customers love Marantz CD players for their warm, detailed sound. The CD6006 follows in the footsteps of its acclaimed predecessors with outstanding sound from a sleek, affordable component. You'll enjoy impressive audio performance from every disc in your CD library. If you love the convenience of portable music, this player has a front-panel USB port for connecting Apple® devices. You can also connect a flash drive loaded with music files. The CD6006's high-end digital-to-analog converter brings out the best in every track, with refreshing detail and clarity. A newly developed headphone amplifier with adjustable gain settings accommodates a wide range of headphones.

High-level performance

The CD6006 incorporates reference-class technologies from Marantz's high-end CD players. Its precision disc transport and double-layered bottom chassis resist vibrations that can have a negative impact on sound. Newly designed extra-rigid feet further eliminate vibration. An oversized power supply feeds the player's digital and analog circuitry, delivering plenty of clean power for lively, low-noise playback.

Product Highlights:

  • plays CDs, CD-Rs & CD-RWs plus MP3, WMA, and AAC CDs
  • front-panel USB input (type A) for USB flash drive, iPod®, iPad®, or iPhone®
  • USB input supports WAV, MP3, AAC, and WMA file playback
  • high-performance 192kHz/24-bit Cirrus Logic CS4398 digital-to-analog converter
  • double-layered metal bottom plate for vibration resistance
  • centralized disc mechanism resists vibration for improved sound quality
  • Marantz HDAM® (Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module)-SA2 used in analog circuitry for faster signal transfer and better transient response
  • robust, high-speed power supply for rich, dynamic sound
  • remote
  • optical and coaxial digital outputs
  • gold-plated stereo analog RCA output
  • built-in headphone amplifier with full-size headphone jack and volume control
  • remote control input/output (for use with Marantz receivers and amps with a compatible remote control in/out jack)
  • detachable power cable
  • frequency response: 2-20,000 Hz
  • dynamic range: 100 dB
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 110 dB
  • total harmonic distortion: 0.002%
  • 17-5/16"W x 4-1/8"H x 13-1/2"D
  • warranty: 3 years
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the Box:

  • CD player
  • 6' AC power cord
  • Wireless remote (RC003PMCD)
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • 3' Stereo RCA cable
  • 2' Mono-RCA cable
  • Owner's Manual on CD-ROM
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Instructions
  • Limited Warranty Information (US/CA)

Audiophile grade sound, great Cirrus dac...excellent transport.

Thomas, Corning, NY


Marantz CD6006 Reviews

Average Customer Review(s):

(47 Reviews)

Sounds much better than the price tag

Vince from Rock Hill, SC on 6/17/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The CD6006 is a very non-CD sounding CD player. Unlike many CD players, the CD6006 is not at all harsh. The 192/24 Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC does an amazing job of retaining detail while sounding more like vinyl than CD. While not a reference CD player. the CD6006 shares a great deal of technology with the SA-14S1 including a large toroidal transformed and thus sounds well above it's price tag. The CD6006 display can be formatted a number of ways, supports CD Text and can be dimmed for those late night listening sessions and can even by disabled to allow for critical listening. The build is very good with a good solid feel with improved isolation (and let's face it - it just looks cool!) The remote has a black brushed aluminum face plate and feels very solid. The remote can operate other Marantz products. I have not tried the front USB, nor the adjustable headphone output, but I'm sure they are fine. All in all a highly recommended CD transport!

Pros: -Very detailed sound while not being harsh -Very analog sound -Quick transients -Solid build -Removable IEC plug

Cons: It might be overlooked as it's sound is well above the price tag.

Marantz CD6006

Thomas from Corning, NY on 6/16/2018

Audiophile grade sound, great Cirrus dac...excellent transport.



Excellent CD Player. Not Quite What I Hope but Good Value

Robert from Cuba, IL on 6/6/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a quality player with good features. It has that warm Marantz sound with good detail. Only drawback is that it is not a significant upgrade from my Sony SACD/CD player as I was hoping it to be.

Pros: Detail, warmth, features such as direct iPod input, value

Cons: Not a significant upgrade from previous player

Smooth playback

Jeffery from Anchorage, AK on 5/26/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The whole transaction was great. The lady that helped me with on-line Master card transaction confusion, Thank you! Marantz CD6006 is smooth, detailed (way more than Yamaha cd c600) with impressive 3d sound stage. It is used in conjunction with NAD integrated amp, Focal stand-mount speakers and another brand of sub-woofer along with with Audioquest wiring. Do not encounter tizzy tin-can sound normally associated with compact disk with this configuration.

Pros: looks better than pictures suggest. Open/close drawer is snappy


Marantz CD6006 is a winner

Dave from Rochester, NY on 5/7/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced my CD6005 (moved it to my headphone system) with the new CD6006. I really liked the older model, but the 6006 is a tad better. I'm also into vinyl, and the 6006 has many qualities that I like about vinyl. This CD player actually provides good imaging and is musical. I listen to allot of classical, and the soundscape is right with this player. It also lacks the harshness that some CD players exhibit. I own Marantz and McIntosh tube equipment, and am a big fan of both companies. The Marantz CD6006 doesn't disappoint!

Pros: No harshness Great imaging Excellent value Well built Proven reliability

Cons: None

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from Mars Hill, NC on 4/21/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great sound at a good price. Only wish I cold get a CD changer that sounds this good.



Marantz CD6006

Paul from New Hyde Park, NY on 4/4/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This unit replaced a long serving, good sounding Marantz CD5000. I decided on getting this CD player as I am familiar with the Marantz sound signature and quality ( the previous one lasted more than 10 years ) This is linked to an outboard DAC to drive my main system, SCHIIT FREYA pre and PARASOUND A23 amp or a tubed PRIMALUNA PROLOGUE amp driving MONITOR AUDIO Bronze 6 and a HSU subwoofer VTF 2 mk4. This sounds simply marvelous, fully detailed and full bodied. I do a near field listening, treated my room for the early reflection arrivals and it paid off well. I am using the CD 6006 outputs direct to my headphone amp SCHITT VALHALLA and ASGARD to drive a SENNHEISER HD650.

Pros: Solid bass, clean mids and sparkling highs,

Cons: There are times when the drawer will not respond and will require a firm push on the eject button to operate.

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from Hanahan, SC on 3/26/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The CD player worked well for about 30 minutes, then stopped in the middle of a song and thereafter would not play any song on that CD. The next CD I tried to play (a commercially produced CD that I have been playing on several players for 20 years) prompted an "unsupported" error message. I polished the disc and still received the same error message. Every CD I tried afterwards would simply stop playing during the first or second song. A machine with one job to do...

Pros: Sounded nice for the brief time it actually worked.

Cons: A CD player that won't play CDs.

Crutchfield response on 3/27/2018 Once we saw this review, our Tech Support team reached out to this customer to help him further. We'll either help him get the CD player working the way it should, or help him return it for an exchange or refund.

Unbelievable sound, quite amazing!

Randall from Hillsborough, NC on 3/11/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced a very old NAD 515 with the Marantz 6006. I always thought the NAD was a great sounding unit, but with its age it was time to replace. Boy, do I wish I had done this sooner. Like many say, I'm reliving my CD collection and hearing things I've never heard. I'm running the 6006 through a NAD C 356BEE and B&W 683's and music has never sounded so full, rich and open. My wife and I have been spending hours listening to CD's we haven't heard in years and its been such a treat with the 6006. Also using the USB has been a pleasure, sound is fantastic! If you have any doubt about replacing an older CD player, run, don't walk for the 6006.

Pros: Solid build, amazing sound quality, USB ability, extremely affordable for the return in sound quality.

Cons: Not a big deal but the remote is overkill if you don't have other Marantz products. Otherwise, none.

Great for MP3 files on USB!!!

David from Pentwater, MI on 3/5/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

First of all Thanks to Tom, my advisor for great service. As a mobile DJ for decades and a pioneer of the MP3 format since 1999, I wanted to write about this Marantz CD6006. When I first took it out of the box I was impressed with the weight. It feels like a quality unit with an oversized power cord. I have been running out of options for playing CDs in my collection, so I needed a good CD player. I have owned top of the line equipment over the years including, Threshold, Linn, Panasonic DAT, Bryston & other great equipment, so I know a little about great music. But it's the MP3 file playback that I'll be using the most on this unit. I took a tiny 64GB thumb drive & loaded it up with thousands of MP3 files. The navigation of folders, random play options, data display of the tagged files, is something of an answer to a dream for me. Everyone who loves their MP3 collection should buy this player. It's my favorite player now. Thanks Crutchfield & Marantz!

Pros: Low cost/packed with features!

Cons: None that I've come across yet.

The best CD player I've heard at this price point.

Craig from North Bend, OR on 3/5/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The review title say it all pretty much. This CD player has very balanced output. I do think that it benefits from having good inter-connects between it and amp-- lots of detail and with a very engaging sound across many types of music. No listener fatigue here-- even after hours of listening. and it's nicely built too. I certainly do recommend the CD6006.

Pros: Excellent musical balance and quite easy to use. Easy to program.

Cons: I would like a less cluttered remote, but even as is it's very easy to program. (I just use CDs).

Stylish and exceptional performer

Anne from Porterville, CA on 2/25/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I started with my conviction in the quality of Marantz, rooted in the long-passed time when Rock and roll was my passion. Life seemed to remove music enjoyment into the wings for a while, and as it re-emerged I found myself falling in love with classical music. The difference between .mp3 sound quality and .wav file quality made me realize that I wanted a CD player that would last well into the future no matter what new money-saving, sound-degrading technologies came along next. The reviews claiming Marantz still made on of the best affordable players caught my eye - these reviews seem spot-on to me now that I am listening to the player. I am hearing the music collection as though it is entirely new. Orchestral and chamber music all richer and more distinctly delivered; nuances of tone and detail, like violin and cello plucking and the sound of keys being fingered in the treble end of piano performances, are so much better. The difference between poorer recordings and good ones is more evident, but I enjoy this and consider it part of an education in music appreciation. I'm absolutely delighted with the CD6006. I've ripped quite a few CDs to store on USB discs (as .wav files) to protect the CDs,and the sound quality off the USB drive is just as good as it is from the CD. Not always so when I play the flash drive in other players. Two incredible upgrades in the past winter, a hybrid tube amp purchase and the CD6006 have redefined my music experience. Speakers next...

Pros: Sleek appearance Exceptional sound quality Versatility of input with equal sound delivery from all formats tried

Cons: None

Another Marantz triumph

Judge Tom from Brookeville, MD on 2/19/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I replaced an 8 year, 2 month old $600-$700 , 17 lb.,top of the line Onkyo player that was highly rated by Stereophile Magazine with this Mrantz which at least equals if not outperforms it. In classical music, in small chamber and instrumental pieces there is definitely more depth and resonance to the strings, especially plucked strings. Large orchestral music is clear, unabrasive and impactfull. The upper bass is not as obtrusive, while the deep bass is tight and punchy. The time in disc reading is much faster than the Onkyo as is the drawer mechanism and just as sturdy. The discs fit more tightly with more secure seating of the disc. Overall build quality is excellent. The machine sits as firmly as a rock. I would discount all those complaints of the disc drawer and read time. The Onkyo had a drawer just as thin, but it kept working until the player died electronically. I used as a temporary replacement for the dead Onkyo a decades old Marantz CD 63. If the CD 6006 lasts as long it will out live me. The one flaw which also afflicts my ancient Marantz is the inability to read heavily smudged spots on the disc. It only requires a quick glance and wipe to solve this problem on the rare occasion that I encountered it.

Pros: Great build and sound. A all around best buy.

Cons: Discs smudged by sticky fingers disrupt playback.

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from Southport, NC on 2/14/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Quality sound, great features, it's what you'd expect from Marantz. (They've in the neighborhood for awhile!)



Sweet sounds

Howard from NEW YORK on 2/7/2018

Just hooked up to my adcom 555 and the sound is amazing. Warm and smooth. Speakers are martin Logan theos. Really makes them sing

Pros: Great player

Cons: None

Re-discover your CD collection

Jim from Hillsborough, NJ on 1/27/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Marantz CD6006 is quickly becoming the workhorse in my system. A few years ago I walked away from vinyl and CDs in favor of streaming music through a bluetooth DAC. After I added high quality custom speakers i discovered (or Re-discovered) the full sound produced by physical media like vinyl and CDs. As luck would have it, my old CD player kicked-the-bucket and I needed a new CD player. After much review and consulting with the techs at Crutchfield, I selected the CD6006. The performance did not disappoint. I was looking for a mid-range CD player with a quality DAC to allow for an analog connection for my older receiver. The ability to by-pass the Marantz DAC and output a digital signal may come in handy in the future. I like the full bodied output provided by the CD6006.

Pros: Quality DAC producing full body sound Allows for both analog and digital feed to receiver. Good Value

Cons: 1-Disc capacity

Excellent value, great sound quality

Craig from N Ferrisburgh, VT on 1/27/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Wonderful sound quality; easy to operate. It's a perfect replacement for our decade-old CD player that recently bit the dust.




Kevin from Kent, WA on 1/15/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Outstanding fidelity! The singer is in the room with you! Very happy with purchase and delivered to Washington state in three days as promised!

Pros: Outstanding fidelity

Cons: Not a changer (single disk only)

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from La Porte, IN on 1/15/2018

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Great player, very happy. Nice detailed stereo sound.



Great CD player

Anonymous from Santa Fe, NM on 12/28/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I bought this together with the Marantz PM6006 Integrated Amp and the pair does a beautiful job of playing CDs. The sound is superb with a great acoustical range with no distortion that I can hear through 4 speakers. I am very happy with the unit. The two units match beautifully and look very nice stacked. Very happy with the purchase so far.

Pros: Plays CDs with great range and no distortion. Pairs perfectly with Marantz PM6006.

Cons: None so far but wish it came with a printed manual.

Extremely pleased!

John from Tucson, AZ on 12/21/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Purchased to replace a long in the tooth Sony player. I was tossed between a much higher priced unit and the 6006 . I started by Googling as many reviews over both units. I discovered many sites that had a lot to say. The 6006 seemed to get the most positive reviews. I finally weighed all of what I read and decided the 6006 would satisfy my needs. My advisor Drummer answered all my questions and concerns, so I pulled the trigger. My Marantz CD6006 arrived via FedEx and was put into service immediately. My unit had a build date on the back of May 2017. Unit is solid, it has some weigh to it. To hear some people talk of the "flimsy" cd drawer, well I guess if your heavy handed and careless with your equipment then yes. I found it just fine. AND as the manual states DO NOT push the drawer closed, use the button. The remote is designed to work with the CD player and other Marantz components. It gives you the essential controls over the player.It is not back lit. The sound quality of this player is fantastic. It reproduces sound beautifully. It has gone through its "burn in " and its superb. Great highs and lows. My go to sound check CD's have never sounded so darn good. The 6006 is hooked to my new Outlaw Audio RR2160 2 channel stereo receiver (optical) and ELAC Debut B6 speakers and it's a sonic delight! Not a single complaint . I have NO issues hooking up my iPhone 8 Plus to stream my music from it, simply sounds great. A great investment. Highly r

Pros: Well packaged for shipping. Build quality. Solid. SOUND. Accepts iPhone / iPad perfectly.

Cons: Remote. Not back lit. Big. Black. wished it was available in SILVER. Manual on the included CD. ( easy to print, though)

Marantz CD6006

Peter from Venice, FL on 12/19/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I use this with my IPod Touch configured with Apple Music and output through my vintage McIntosh preamp and amp, driving B&W speakers. Very open, detailed and well balanced sound. CDs also sound great. Highly recommended.



Great sound, solid value

Louis from Cypress, TX on 12/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This player was a great find. Now that most people are streaming or ripping music to hard drives, it's great that Crutchfield stocks so many CD players, and especially this open, musical sounding unit. In fact, this is the best sounding player I've ever owned and I was expecting to have to pay a lot more for sound this good. The construction is solid, too. Operation is straightforward, and as a bonus, the remote for my Linn preamp also controls the Marantz so I only need one remote. I have not used the headphone jack or the USB input so far, but I thought they were worth paying a little more for. Why only four stars, then? Because my vinyl still sounds better.

Pros: Excellent sound, easy operation, plays nice with my Linn components.

Cons: Doesn't sound as good as my vinyl.

Not Up To Expected Quality Level For Marantz

Anonymous from Austin, TX on 11/2/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Overall, this Marantz CD6006 is a good CD player. But, it has downsides. First of all, the CD tray is flimsy plastic and not much different from CD trays found on much less expensive products. The tray simply does match the quality of the chassis and the feet. The display is OK, but it takes too long to load after inserting a CD. The unit has a USB port for use with an external device such as an iPod. But, the instructions warn that Marantz is not responsible if your external device suffers damage or data corruption after playing it through the CD6006. I care not to risk the 10,000 song library on my iPod so have been afraid to try using the USB port. The remote is huge thanks to it being a general purpose remote having DVD controls and more. A much smaller, CD player specific remote would be appreciated. The remote has small legends for buttons and the like, but is not backlighted so I have to use a flashlight with it in dim light. For the cost of this unit, I should not have to put up with these inconveniences. The sound quality is fine, but sometimes the player hangs up or freezes on a CD which plays just fine in another, cheaper player. After I polish the CD surface, it plays OK in the Marantz. I have to conclude the Marantz is more sensitive to slight smudges or other surface reflectors. I was going to give the unit three stars but after writing this review, I'll drop it to two stars.



A stunning new player!

Rick from Laguna Niguel, CA on 8/18/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a wonderful CD player, and very pleased with it, the sound is better than expected for the price. The Marantz CD6006 replaces an old Mitsubishi DP-311R that I have had and loved since 1988. It finally gave up after all those years, just a few months ago. It was a great player. But now the Marantz CD6006 seems to be an even better player. I am hearing new parts of my music I had not heard before. It is as if I am listening to my CD's for the first time. Just a stunningly beautiful CD player. The quality of sound is excellent. And the build quality of the player seems to be just as excellent as well. Extremely happy with my purchase, and very pleased with Crutchfield as well. The only negative would be the display is way too small to see or read from across the room from my listening location. Other than that, everything about this player is top notch, love it.

Pros: Everything is awesome, except for the display.

Cons: I wish the display was larger, cannot see anything from my listening location.


Chris from Silver Spring MD on 7/20/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I'm shocked at how good the CDs can sound through this machine. I've gotten too accepting of their sound in a car Cd player, and this Marantz blows them away. It prompted me to repair my 35 yr old components, and it all works well together again. Keep up the good work!

Pros: Ease of setup, use. Good price point Works with new or old equipment. Nice to have remote

Cons: None

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from Baltimore, MD on 7/16/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

playing it hard ,usb ipod decent ,the sound with the new mobile high fidelity yes albums fragile and yes album (first album)in cd format woo sounds real good,,,meadow Lark speakers,,,,,,,,I will be playing this hard for the next three months,,,and give vinyl a break



Marantz CD6006 - did not measure up to expectations

CBell from Gastonia, NC on 7/11/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The Marantz CD6006 player is well made. But unfortunately, that's where the the good stops for me. The player did not deliver sound quality that I expected. Maybe that is my fault. I have an older CD player which sounded much better. More encompassing, fuller range, and tight base. The Marantz was disappointing in three aspects. One, it did not provide dynamic range. Two, the sound from the headset was poor. The individual sound level was moderate at best. I would expect great sound from this DAC using a good set of headphones. Thirdly, the remote control was not design for a CD player. I was more or less design for a multi-system setup, not a CD player. I believe if you are going to spend money on a CD player it should also incorporate fast forward and rewind capabilities. Not just skip selection.



Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from Allenton, WI on 6/25/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A super sounding CD player, It looks & feels very well made.I am very happy with this CD player it sounds great!



You can't go wrong

Frank from Bronx, NY on 5/22/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I had been playing my cds on a very old player. It always seemed fine but I decided it was time to upgrade and boy am I sorry I didn't do it long ago. The Marantz CD6006 is good. Real good. It's causing me to pull out old discs just to hear what I never heard before. I know sound is subjective but this player is solidly made, simple to use and will make those old cds seem new again. Buying from Crutchfield is easy and reliable. BTW, it looks real good too.

Pros: Great sound and looks


Exceptional Sound

Darrell from Abilene,TX on 5/21/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

The CD6006 is the best of both worlds. It combines a high quality CD player when you want to go old school with a USB port for enjoying digital files. The USB port allows you to access the built-in DAC to make the most out of near CD quality music files. If you don't have a quality DAC, it doesn't matter how good the musuc files are. The chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. I have it paired with a pair of B&W DM604 S2s. My music has never sounded better. Well done Marantz.

Pros: Sound quality is fantastic, and I love the USB capability.

Cons: None so far.

Marantz CD 6006

Theodore from Seattle, WA on 5/14/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

A very good sound. Solidly constructed, except for the CD tray, which is a flimsy plastic affair. I like the USB input, which allows me to process streaming audio from my tablet/phone. It adds new capabilities to my classic stereo system. Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Pros: Good sound. Streaming through the DAC

Cons: Cheap CD transport tray

Marantz CD6006

Larry E. from Henderson, Nv. on 5/1/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It was everything I expected. My cds came alive, I didnt really expect that much difference, so I'm really impressed. Great quality in this unit and easy to operate. Ill be playing my cds a lot more.



A Fantastic CD Player

Brad from St Paul, MN on 4/4/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is a fantastic CD player. After researching a variety of different CD and network music players I settled on the CD6006 as a means of playing both CDs and MP3 via the USB input located on the front panel of the CD player. While I am spending most of my listening time rediscovering my CD collection the USB input has provided a convenient and satisfying way to listen to my MP3s without investing in a separate network player.

Pros: Beautiful Warm Sound Integrates Seamlessly with PM6006 Int. Amp. USB Input for Listening to Music Files

Cons: None

Marantz leader in affordable audio

Glenn R from Boca Raton, FL on 4/2/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I hope this review will help the other reviewer who said "You should be able to program a disc and adjust features but you can't." Make sure you push the the cd button next to the power button on the top row of buttons on the remote, that puts the remote in cd mode. I can do everything I need to do with the remote EXCEPT eject the disc which he stated which IS a minor hiccup. When I want to eject a disc I use my Simaudio Moon remote which uses the same protocol. If you have another cd remote laying around, try it. I am very happy with the way my Marantz 6006 performs, it gives my very expensive Simaudio Moon player a run for the money and it costs 1/6th the money !! He may have a defective remote??

Pros: Versatile, great sounding DAC, looks great

Cons: None

The CD deck you want

Billy from Austin, TX on 3/28/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I am so pleased dedicated CD players are still made in 2017, especially ones like these. It would be unfortunate if the only option were cheap boomboxes with iPod docks. I am a first time Marantz owner and, though this may not be news to longtime customers, this machine is a true CD deck! It has superb sound and the kind of features and build quality you knew from days past when such hardware was the centerpiece of your home stereo system. Terrific sound and built to last. Really happy!

Pros: Superb sound and build quality.

Cons: The remote. You should be able to program a disc and adjust features but you can't. The button labels are, amazingly, useless. I consulted the manual and it doesn't go into detail on the buttons, so that was also useless. I've tried a whole host of different combinations and still nothing. I called Marantz and still nothing. There isn't even a "tray eject" button. This is by far the most frustrating aspect of owning this machine, as well as the most disappointing.

Great sound!

Joel from Havre, MT on 3/19/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This is my first purchase from Crutchfield and i will say customer service was top notch....i will return!! As for the player itself, I hear details in passages that I've never heard before. Bass is very tight, not bloated, and the treble is very crisp and clean, not shrill. I wouldn't say it's night and day difference for me vs a blue ray player, but there is definitely a difference in detail. So much so that my wife could notice a A-B difference yea, maybe there is! Buy this item, and buy from Crutchfield!!

Pros: Everything

Cons: None.

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from Chico, CA on 3/8/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

It's Magic! Finally all my old discs have come to life.



This unit sounds great overall! Crisp highs, great bass.

MotyMusic from Culver City, CA on 1/23/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

This Marantz CD player is one of the best-sounding players I've heard. And best of all, since I own a recording studio and master to USB Flash Drives, it's very convenient (and much cheaper) to take my mastered song on a Flash Drive from the studio to my home and check out the latest mix on my home stereo without having to burn a lower-quality (44.1 KHz) CD! I can hear the master exactly as it was recorded, and see what it does on a completely different amp and set of speakers! And it makes my old mixes on CD sound GREAT!! I would definitely recommend this unit to the pro who would like the convenience of hearing his REAL mix on his home stereo... because if you're a pro, you already know that studio monitors LIE!!!

Pros: Ultra convenient for the Pro, great sounding for anyone who just wants a great-sounding CD player. It's a bit heavier than some, but that's because THERE ARE ACTUAL PARTS IN IT!!! NO CORNERS WERE CUT HERE!

Cons: NONE!

Marantz CD6006

Michael from Redding, CA on 1/5/2017

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

After some consideration and dimensions of a unit that would fit in my space, I decided on the Marantz CD6006. When the unit arrived, I thought Crutchfield accidentally sent me a receiver. This unit is pretty heavy for what I thought I was getting. It turned out to be the right product however. I hooked it up to a Martin Logan Motion Vision Soundbar and a Paradigm wired subwoofer that I previously owned. The sound clarity was very impressive. I played a couple of Holiday CD's and couldn't believe how good they sounded. I'm very happy with my purchase and believe it was money well spent. I recommend Crutchfield for quality products and service. After I receive the link, I'm going to post my review on the Soundbar that I also just received from Crutchfield.

Pros: Great sound quality. Solid build Very attractive unit.


Great Value for Price

Keith from Phoenix, AZ on 12/16/2016

I purchased this unit to replace a 2000 vintage Sony XA-20ES player (~$750 new) that is still working fine, but I thought that improvements in DACs over the years might provide improved performance, and chose the Marantz based upon reviews and recommendations. The unit I purchased was a "scratch and dent" unit, and while it had clearly been opened, all the MFG accessories were included, and the unit and accessories were absolutely pristine. Based on this purchase, I wouldn't hesitate purchasing scratch & dent units from Crutchfield. After several days of A/B testing, the only noticeable differences in performance between the players were in soundstaging. The Marantz has a slightly narrower, but slightly deeper soundstage than the Sony. In the end, I preferred the Sony performance (maybe due to my familiarity with the sound) so I returned the Marantz. Had my Sony died, or had problems, I would be happily keeping the Marantz. It's great player with a balanced, even and musical presentation, and with no weaknesses I could detect (using Meridan electronics and amplification, Wilson Audio Sophia 2 speakers). The player held it's own in my ~$30k system, so I don't think anyone would be disappointed with this player in any system. Throughout the purchase and return the Crutchfield customer support was exemplary. An A-1 company to deal with.

Pros: Balanced and even presentation, Musical, deep soundstage with slightly less "edge" on harsh vocals than more "analytical" players, Solidly built, Smooth and quiet transport mechanism

Cons: Only one - The headphone jack volume can't be controlled by the remote - manual control on the face of the unit only.

Great performing unit

Ruben from Whittier, CA on 12/2/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had this unit for about a month now, using it every day for hours and it has performed flawlessly. CD'S sound much more detailed and powerful. Also it has many useful and handy features ,one of my favorites is the quick replay that lets you press the replay button on the remote and the CD will go back ten seconds so you can hear that part of the song that you really like. I think what really impressed me was the sound I get when I use the USB connection for my IPOD, It is like night and day the difference you hear going thru this units DACS [ it really is amazing] . If your looking for a player in this price range I think you might want to try this one .

Pros: Just about everything build, sound, features , looks

Cons: Couldn't find any!

Marantz CD6006

Anonymous from St Paul, MN on 11/16/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Solid build, looks nice, but most importantly my CD's have never sounded better.



Marantz CD6006

Noah from Highland, NY on 10/29/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I have had a few cd players in the past , this one takes the Cake! Combined with my yamaha r- s700 reciever and elac uni fi ub5' s it sounds amazing! the accuracy, depth of sound field, rhythm and pace are superb ......highly recommended !!

Pros: Rhythm and pace and depth and width of soundstage!

Cons: None

Awesome and Affordable CD Plawer

Rick from Vancouver, WA on 10/21/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Attractive design with robust sound and high end internal components. All the levels in the treble, midrange and bass frequencies provides an outstanding listen. I listen to Easy Jazz, Rock, Electronic, and Classical music and very pleased with the Marantz CD6006 results.

Pros: Performance, Build and Connectivity.

Cons: None at this time.

Audiophile Quality on a budget

John from Mancelona, MI on 9/23/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

I could tell a difference right away. This replaced my 22 year old Onkyo that sounds great. There was nothing wrong with my Onkyo, just wanted to retire it before something did happen. So I put in my reference CD by Acoustic Alchemy, " Back on The Case " .. and it was crazy good. The sound stage is wider, tighter, and fluid. Bass and mid-bass are better defined. I could hear things I could not before. You'd think I had spent 1000 dollars on this .. that is how good it is. And trust me, I have dog ears when it comes to music. I can't even stand to listen to XM radio because of the low quality it puts out. So if you're looking for entry level audiophile, or even possibly intermediate audiophile without breaking the bank, this is for you.

Pros: Wide sound stage Incredible detail for the money Tight sound, but yet liquid ..

Cons: None


Roberto from Cincinnati, OH on 7/27/2016

Crutchfield Customer Review (What's this?)

Excellent product. Bought it for my new setup and did not disappoint me. The sound is rich and works well with every kind of music I throw at it. I mostly listen to latin music especially latin jazz and the punch and ambience is great.

Pros: Excellent sound beautiful finish looks and sound much more expensive than it is. Headphone amp USB with WAV compatibility Remote control with lots of features (hard to find these days)

Cons: None at this price range


Hands-on research

Features and Specs

Disc Capacity 1
CD Transport Only No
Disc Exchange N/A
Track Programming 25
Random Play Single Disc
Disc Naming No
Direct Track Access Yes
Direct Disc Access N/A
Remote Included
Display Color Bluish white
Multiple CD Player Control ---
Parts Warranty 3 Years
Labor Warranty 3 Years
CD-R Playback Yes
CD-RW Playback Yes
MP3 Playback Yes
SACD Playback No
CD Frequency Response 2-20k Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 110 dB
SACD Frequency Response Not Compatible
SACD Dynamic Range Not Given
SACD THD Not Given
Digital Optical Output 1
Digital Coaxial Output 1
Headphone Standard

Product Research

Disc/USB/iPod Compatibility
Audio Section
Convenience Features

Disc/USB/iPod Compatibility

Disc Player: The Marantz CD6006 Single Disc CD Player can play CD, CD-Text, CD-R, and CD-RW discs (both 12cm and 8cm discs). The CD6006 supports MP3, WMA, WAV, and AAC audio files that have been recorded onto CD-R or CD-RW discs in ISO9660 mode 1/2 or Juliet/Romeo disc format. The Marantz CD player will recognize up to 255 total files and folders on a single disc. The unit will also display CD-Text, MP3-ID3, WMA, and AAC song/artist information.

Front-Panel USB Port: The CD player features a front-panel USB (type-A) port. The front panel port is designed for USB mass storage class devices, such as your Android smartphone/tablet or USB thumbdrive. The front-panel USB port is compatible with FAT16/FAT32 file systems and will play MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV files. The CD6006 can support 700 folders and 65,535 files per folder. The unit will also display MP3/WMA tag data information. The front-panel controls and supplied wireless remote will operate basic playback functions of your connected USB device. The 5V/1A USB  port will also charge your device while connected.

Compressed Music File Formats: The Marantz CD6006 supports the following compressed music files on CD-R/RW discs and USB.

File Format Sampling Frequency Bit Rate Extension
MP3 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .mp3
WMA 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-192 kbps .wma
AAC 32/44.1/48 kHz 32-320 kbps .m4a
WAV (PCM) 32/44.1/48 kHz 16-bit .wav

iPod/iPhone Direct: You can connect your iPod or iPhone to the front-panel USB port using the Lightning or 30-pin cable supplied with your Apple device (not included with this unit).  Sound quality is maximized by using the USB connection along with the CD6006's D/A converter. Playback can be controlled using the front-panel or remote buttons, or the iPod/iPhone itself. You can browse your iPod/iPhone's music library from the CD6006 by Album, Artist, Genre, Playlist, or Track. The CD6006 will also display song/artist information, as well as charge your iPod/iPhone. The unit is "Made for iPod/iPhone" compliant and supports the following iPod/iPhone model features (as of 7/19/2016):

Apple Device Generation Tested Version Media Type Control Type Display Type Charge
Audio Video Unit/Remote iPod/iPhone Artist/Song Text Track Info
iPhone 2G 3.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
3G 4.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
3GS 6.1.6 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
4 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
4S 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
5/5C/5S 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
6/6+/6S/6S+ 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
touch 1st 2.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
2nd 4.2.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
3rd 5.1.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
4th 6.1.6 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
5th/6th 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
3rd 1.1.3 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
4th 1.0.4 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
5th 1.0.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
6th 1.2 PC Y N Y Y Y Y Y
7th 1.02PC Y N Y Y Y Y Y
classic 80GB 1.1.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
120GB 2.0.1 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
160GB 2.0.4 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
iPad 1 5.1.1 Y N Y Y Y Y N
2/3 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y N
4 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y N
Air 1/2 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y N
mini 1/2/3/4 9.3.2 Y N Y Y Y Y Y
Note: Apple iPod/iPhone software updates may change functionality results. If you download a newer software version, you may need to reset the head unit and your iPod/iPhone to regain functionality. If this doesn't work, you may need to wait until a newer software update is available.

Audio Section

Marantz HDAM + HDAM SA2 Technology: Ordinary CD players employ conventional IC-based op-amps in the D/A and analog output sections, but the CD6006 is equipped with Marantz exclusive HDAM & HDAM SA2 technology, which uses discrete circuit elements and not ICs. HDAM technology provides wide dynamic range and wide frequency response along with lowest distortion for the utmost musical fidelity

High Current Power Supply: For the most stable power to the various circuit blocks, the power supply employs high speed, high current Shottky Barrier Diodes in the AC-DC conversion circuit, and the power supply is fitted with high current storage capacitors for the most stable DC supply to the mechanical and electrical sections.

Reference Quality D/A Conversion: The CD6006 features high resolution D/A conversion and is equipped with the reference class CS4398 D/A converter, which provides up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution for optimum fidelity with high resolution audio file types. To prevent interference with the critical analog audio output circuitry, the digital audio circuit block is housed in its own shielded subsection.

Precision System Clock: The CD6006 employs a precision system clock to virtually eliminate any jitter for distortion-free music that sounds like the artist intended.

Fully Discrete Headphone Amplifier: The all discrete headphone amplifier section features Marantz's HDAM-SA2 circuit with three gain settings (Low/Mid/High) for a wider range of headphones, plus independent volume control. The gold-plated 1/4" jack is compatible with audiophile and studio headphone types and adapters.

Audio EX Function: For improved analog audio output fidelity, the Audio EX function lets you disable the front-panel fluorescent display, to minimize noise artifacts. You can also disable the digital audio outputs when listening via analog audio for even greater noise reduction.

Gold Plated Analog & Digital Outputs: The analog audio RCA outputs, along with the digital coaxial output connector, are all gold plated to ensure optimum signal transfer with no degradation.

  • Analog RCA Outputs: The CD player also features a stereo RCA output for analog connection.
  • Optical/Coaxial Digital Outputs: For optimum compatibility with digital audio amplifiers and decoders the CD6006 is equipped with both optical and coaxial digital audio outputs (supports 2ch PCM only).

Rigid Chassis Design: The CD6006 CD player's front-panel is constructed from aluminum and glass-reinforced resin, which resists harmful resonances that can harm sonic quality. The panel is finished in a soft black tone, and features a graceful curvature that complements any home décor. The CD player also employs a double layered bottom plate to prevent unwanted resonance that could lead to distortion.

Convenience Features

Two-Line Florescent Display: For optimum visual clarity, the CD6006 features a deluxe two-line fluorescent display that features alphanumeric characters (up to 16) for song/artist information from CD-Text discs and MP3/WMA/AAC music tracks. The display is dimmable.

Remote Control: The supplied IR remote control features an easy to use ergonomic design, and can control the CD6006 as well as control the matching PM6006 integrated stereo amplifier (sold separately). The remote can also be used to control your USB-connected iPod or iPhone. The CD player also includes a Remote Input/Output and Flasher Input.

  • Remote Input/Output: Two RCA jacks (1 In/1 Out) are provided for connecting the player and another Marantz A/V component for system remote control purposes. The accompanying switch allows you to select the remote control mode you desire: External (when the player is connected to another component's remote control jacks) or Internal (when the player is used as a standalone component).
  • Flasher In: This 3.5mm minijack input is used to control this unit using an optional keypad (sold separately) from another room of your house.

Playback Functions: The Marantz CD player offers basic playback functions like Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Forward/Rewind, and Random/Repeat. It also has variety of unique playback functions like Direct Search, Program Play, Quick Replay, Time Player, and A-B Repeat.

  • Direct Search: You can use the numeric keypad on the remote control to select a specific music track.
  • Program Play: You can arrange and play tracks on a disc in a specific sequence. Up to 25 tracks can be programmed. As you are selecting tracks, the display will show the number of tracks in the program, and the total playing time of the programmed tracks. During program play, you can repeat the entire list of programmed tracks, or play them in random order.
  • Quick Replay: During Quick Replay, the music track or file rewinds the set amount of time (5-60 seconds), and then resumes playing from the rewind point.
  • A-B Repeat: You can specify the section within a track that you want to hear, and play it back repeatedly.
  • Timer Play: When this CD player is connected to a commercially available external audio timer (sold separately), the unit's power is switched on and media playback starts at the specified time.

Auto Standby: With Auto Standby On, you can automatically set this unit to standby mode after the CD player is in stop-mode (no operation) continuously for approximately 30 minutes.

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