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Video: What makes sound bars great?

Improve your sound for TV, movies and games

Supercharge your TV sound with a sound bar. They're easy to install, fit into any entertainment system, and they'll blow away your TV's built-in speakers. With a sound bar in place, you'll experience the full impact of your favorite shows, movies, and games.

Video Transcript

Today's TVs are thinner than ever before, and the picture quality is incredible, but the sound from these TVs isn't. That's where sound bars come in. If you want better sound from your TV without filling your room with speakers, then check out sound bars. They're a great alternative to traditional home theater systems. They require very little space in your room and they're quite easy to set up. In this video we'll delve into what makes sound bars so great.

When you add a sound bar to your TV you'll notice the sound is better in a few different ways. Many people notice how much easier it is to hear dialogue. A sound bar can strengthen the sound of people's voices so you won't have to struggle to hear them or turn up the volume.

A sound bar will bring out the details and effects in soundtracks and more. Some models can even simulate surround sound, so you'll feel immersed in sound. To give the system an extra kick, some sound bars come with a wireless subwoofer.

Sound bars also make excellent music players. Many models offer a Bluetooth connection so you can stream music from your phone or tablet. These speakers have a small footprint. That makes them an ideal choice for a TV in a living room with little space for speakers, or a TV in a bedroom.

Since a sound bar is just a single speaker, setup is pretty easy. Plug into the wall for power, then connect to your TV or receiver with one cable. And some models can even be controlled using your existing TV or universal remote. Sound bars are a great solution when you want great sound but don't want to fill your room with speakers. If you have any questions please just give us a call.

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