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Tele Atlas Map Insight

What is Tele Atlas?
Tele Atlas® is an industry leader in providing global map data and information for use in navigation products around the world. From plug-and-play and automotive in-dash navigators to international shipping routes, Tele Atlas maintains crucial resources for keeping the content in these applications current and useful. You can find Tele Atlas map data in many popular portable and in-dash navigators, including those made by TomTom, Navman, Mio, Pioneer, and Dash Express.

Is Tele Atlas mapping data current?
Tele Atlas uses a variety of sources to keep its map info as up-to-date as possible, from satellite imaging to a fleet of specially equipped vans which covers roads across the country. However, mapping data is difficult to maintain as new roads and housing developments are constantly being built, and restaurants, gas stations, and other points of interest change names frequently. New lanes, exits, and on-ramps are added to highways every week, and additional construction projects affect Tele Atlas' information and potentially your travel plans. Keeping map information up-to-date is an ongoing process at Tele Atlas, but when things change, you have an opportunity to let them know.

How do I use Map Insight to maintain map data?
Map Insight™ from Tele Atlas is an innovative tool which allows you, the consumer, to help keep Tele Atlas' navigation data as current and accurate as possible. Map Insight is a web-based application which lets you provide direct feedback to Tele Atlas regarding changes in roads, points of interest, and traffic restrictions. Simply go to the Map Insight homepage and follow the instructions to point out where the information needs to be updated. You can use the map screen, type in a city or zip code, or even input latitude and longitude coordinates. Once Tele Atlas receives your feedback, they'll investigate it for accuracy. The verified information then goes into the Tele Atlas database for future updates. You can tell them about a new street in your subdivision or the fact that the Chinese restaurant across town is now a pizza parlor. Using Map Insight is easy, free, and helpful — check it out for yourself.

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