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Catch up on our livestream show — Crutchfield LIVE

A great watch for home and car audio fans

Two Thursdays every month, host and Advisor training manager J.R. catches up with his fellow employees to talk about new gear and goings-on around HQ. And sometimes he chats with industry experts from the many esteemed brands available at Crutchfield. From home theater topics to car audio tips, Crutchfield LIVE is the perfect afternoon hang for fans of electronics, music, movies, and more!

Check out the episodes below, or stream them live via YouTube and Facebook two Thursdays every month.

Episode 19: Tony returns and Advisor Francis talks HEOS

New Advisor Tony returns to give a two-week report on the audio gear he installed in his '10 Mazda 3. Plus, Advisor Francis swings by to discuss HEOS multi-room home audio systems with J.R..

Episode 18: Car audio installation day with Advisor Tony

J.R. devotes this episode almost entirely to talking about car audio installation tips, tool talk, and of course, what to listen to when you're doing all that work. He also invites new Advisor trainee Tony onto the show to talk about his recent experience installing gear in his car.

Episode 17: Philips Hue, Sony's XM headphones, and more

J.R. talks about our ongoing Crutchfield LIVE sweepstakes series, and Abby, a new member of our social media team, joins to talk about Philips Hue smart lightsSony XM5 headphones, and all of the great deals on gear this Independence Day!

Episode 16: New gear from Sonos, Sony, and more

J.R. and Advisor Francis unbox and set up a new Sonos Ray sound bar. The Sonos Ray is the newest and most affordable sound bar from Sonos, and Francis shows everyone how easy it is to add a new Sonos speaker to your system. 

Later, Eric, J.R.'s podcast cohost, talk about the Philips Hue smart lights he has all over his house. Then, they play "The Whisper Game" taking turns wearing noise-canceling earbuds and over-ear headphones to try to see if the other can hear a whispered phrase with noise cancellation active. Not sure who "won," so we're calling it a draw.

Somewhat unexpectedly, we got a pair of the new Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones delivered from our warehouse just in the nick of time. Eric and J.R. unbox the latest and greatest from Sony and show you what they look like next to the WH-1000XM4 headphones. We'll have an in-house video to share on those cans pretty soon.

Episode 15: JBL visits Crutchfield and more

In this episode, Abby joins JR as co-host, and has some exciting news about her new job at Crutchfield. Plus, we give away a pair of SVS subs, talk about our recent JBL demo day, and answer some viewer questions.

JBL visited the Crutchfield campus recently, and they brought along a whole bunch of cool car audio demos, speakers, even a loaded RV. We've got some cool footage from that event, which is the kind of thing we do all the time at Crutchfield in order for our advisors to get hands-on with the products they recommend.

Then, J.R. answers some viewer questions, including how to add a separate amplifier to an A/V receiver, and explains why you might need an iDatalink interface for your car stereo installation.

Episode 14: We build a subwoofer playlist, get a visit from SVS, talk Outlet stock, and more

J.R.'s podcast cohost Eric joins the show!

First off, the guys share some cool photos customers have been sharing with us via #crutchfield on various channels. The whole point of everything Crutchfield sells is to add something fun and interesting to everyone's lives, and we love it when our customers share photos of the stuff they buy from us. 

This episode's poll question centers around our Outlet store. We sell like-new open-box items as well as gently scratch & dent items. All Outlet stock features the same 60-day return policy as our new stock, and carries the full manufacturer's warranty. You can save a few bucks in the process, too.

We've had bass on the brain lately, and we thought we'd collaborate with our viewers and make a Spotify playlist of songs that'll give your subwoofer a good workout, whether you're in your car or at home. Crank up your sub & put this playlist on shuffle.

Nick from SVS joins us from Munich, Germany and talks about his company, their products, and helps answer some customer questions. SVS and Nick are good friends of ours here at Crutchfield, and the guy really knows his stuff. 

Episode 13: The "Sealed vs. Ported" game, our Axpona recap, and more

J.R. is back this week, and he and his guests have one thing on their mind — bass. Whether it's more bass for your car, your home theater, your boat, or anywhere else, adding a subwoofer (or subwoofers) can really fill out your sound.

Advisor Anthony, a real car audio enthusiast, stops by to talk about his system, and generally about his experience installing subs and other gear.

Catalog editor Matt stops by for a game of "Sealed vs Ported" with J.R. They'll also talk about the differences between sealed, ported, and bandpass subwoofers, and offer suggestions for each one. Our headphone guy Jeff, back from his trip to the Axpona audio expo, talks about his experience there and all the amazing headphones and speakers he got to hear.

Episode 12: Our sustainability efforts, House of Marley audio, and more

J.R.'s on assignment, so guest hosts Dylan and Eric slide into his seat for this week's show. First we hear from J.R., who is dressed in costume for his play, "Something Rotten." Our headphone guy Jeff checks in from the Axpona audio expo in Schaumburg, IL.

Chris from our distribution center will talk about the things we do to minimize waste and save energy, plus talk about how fast Crutchfield can ship orders. Under Chris' guidance, we've undertaken a number of processes that not only improve efficiency, but vastly reduce waste and cost to the company. Energy conservation has been a goal of the company from the early days, and there are some clever ways we accomplish that.

Eric comes back to talk about House of Marley audio gear. They're a new vendor for us, and they make a real commitment to sustainability, from their manufacturing process, to the materials used, to the packaging. Eric is known around Headquarters as being a real vinyl aficionado, and he's excited to tell everyone about "Record Store Day." Records have made a huge comeback in recent years, and Record Store Day is a great way to kick-start your collection.

Episode 11: An interview with Bose, a closer look at Devialet's new Dolby Atmos sound bar, and more

This week, Jason from Bose joins the show for an interview. Then, J.R. talks about Dolby Atmos and the new Devialet Dione Dolby Atmos sound bar. Like you may expect from Devialet, it's a little different in its design, but sounds incredible. The bass in particular is what caught our attention.

Episode 10: J.R. reviews his new Sony car stereo, Dylan talks Bose's SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speaker, and Phillip shares his home audio setup

In this week's episode, J.R. has installed the Sony XAV-9500ES receiver into his Subaru Crosstrek. He talks about what he loves (and doesn't love as much) about this big-screen receiver. 

Then, Dylan talks about her hands-on time with the Bose SoundLink Flex portable Bluetooth speaker, which she got to take home for a week. The SoundLink Flex is a rugged, portable speaker that is easy to carry everywhere but sounds really big. Dylan gave it a good test during her hands-on time, and really loved it while she was outside grilling steaks. 

Our headphone guy Jeff talks about some of his favorite audiophile headphonesMeze's Audio EliteSennheiser's HD 800 SFocal's Clear MgDenon's AH-D9200, and Audeze's LCD-5. And then he surprised us by telling us how much he liked a very different set of headphones that fill an important role in his life as a father... the Sony LinkBuds.

Video producer Phillip shows off his home audio system, which contains a nice blend of analog and digital. His system is built around his turntable, but he's also got high-res streaming and TV listening capabilities. Here's the main part of Phillip's amazing home system: Klipsch Heresy III speakers, SVS SB-1000 Pro subwoofer, Technics SL-1210GR turntable

Episode 9: Leica cameras, Bowers & Wilkins, and more

In this episode, Advisor River talks about her experience as a novice installing her own car speakers. She's new to Crutchfield, in J.R.'s training class, and has the kind of can-do spirit that we're always trying to find at Crutchfield.

Next, Zak and Ned talk about their experience using some Leica cameras. Leica was kind enough to send us some very fancy cameras to try out for a while, and these guys jumped at the chance. They got to try the Q2 Monochrom, M10, and SL2 and have lots of pictures to share.

Then, J.R. and Eric talk about Bowers & Wilkins, who make some of our employees' favorite speakers. B&W combines a modern aesthetic with beautiful sound. We've got the Zeppelin wireless system to show you, and it's a unique design that sounds incredible.

Episode 8: Using SpeakerCompare to audition speakers like Morel's

On this episode, J.R. talks bookshelf speakers, Morel car speakers, and how you can hear them for yourself using our very special SpeakerCompare tool. What it lets you do is sit at home and virtually listen to different speakers as if they were in front of you, using headphones. We'll even send you a pair of headphones to borrow if you need them. This way, you get a pretty good sense of the differences between speakers without booking a trip to Charlottesville to try them out in person.

J.R. also talks to one of our audio engineers who had a big hand in the SpeakerCompare project. Then, our car audio catalog editor Matt joins the show to talk about Morel's Maximo and Tempo Ultra MKII lines. 

Episode 7: ConnectID and talking high-resolution audio

J.R. chats with Advisor Cam about ConnectID which lets our Advisors push info to you and even populate a shopping cart while you're on the phone, making it easy to get your questions answered and for us to make sure you get everything you need for a successful installation. JR and Cam, one of our advisors, demonstrate ConnectID by building a hypothetical car audio system.

Then, Zak from our Video Team talks about an observation he had about browsers and operating systems re-sampling high-res music when streaming, and how to get around it. 

Episode 6: Upgrading the audio in a Hyundai Veloster, talking Sonos, new turntables, and more

In this episode, Advisor Buddy takes a break from the phones to talk about the system he's building in his Hyundai Veloster. Like a lot of new cars, the Veloster N makes it near impossible to swap the radio, so Buddy had to build his system around the factory interface. You can still get great sound with a factory head unit as long as you provide amplification and some signal processing behind the scenes. Buddy also wanted better speakers and above all — lots of bass.Then, J.R. and guests talk about some cool new products, like a battery-powered sound bar for ATVs, golf carts, side-by-sides.

Jess from our accounting department talks with J.R. about how much she loves Sonos, particularly the two portable options, the Sonos Move and the Sonos Roam. They combine the freedom and ease of use Sonos products are known for and make it easy to carry a Sonos zone wherever you want.

Next, Crutchfield writer Eric talks about some new turntables from Dual. Dual was a big and respected name in turntables for many years, and now they're back with some real classic looking options that audiophiles will love. 

Episode 5: CES 2022, new gear from Sony and Samsung, and more

In this episode, J.R. gets hands-on with a pair of Mark Levinson No. 5909 noise-canceling headphones and discusses the Sony Airpeak S1 drone is made for serious filmmakers. It can use Sony Alpha full-frame cameras, and can even use select Sony E-mount lenses. The combination of a large sensor and Sony's outstanding glass should take your aerial shots to the next level.

There's also the new Samsung Freestyle portable projector. It's a full-HD 1080p projector that can show images non up to a 100-inch screen. It's flexible enough to project just about anywhere, and even has a light socket adapter for putting it in a ceiling can light. The Freestyle can self-level, and automatically straighten the screen if you can't mount it directly level with the wall.

Vlad from Klipsch also visits to give a virtual tour of their booth at CES. As always, they have some exciting new speakers to show. This year's models feature show-stopping looks to go along with their incredible Klipsch sound quality.

Episode 4: Demo Days, all kinds of gear, and more

J.R. welcomes Advisor Dylan to talk about some of her favorite things to recommend to customers, including Sonos, Kicker KS speakers, and Sony headphones. Known as Abby to her friends, she's also an accomplished YouTuber and drummer. Also on the show is Dave, our Demo Days maestro, and Eric, co-host of Crutchfield: The Podcast.

Episode 3: OLED vs. LED, upgrading the audio in a hybrid vehicle, and more

In this episode J.R. and the crew discuss OLED vs. LED. Which is better in different environments? What's the difference anyway? What should I buy? Shout out to The Slo Mo Guys for letting us use one of their clips that really shows the difference in how these two panels work. 

Also, Peter from our merchandising department shows off some of our lesser-known product categories and gift ideas under $100.

Then, J.R. talks about what you can do to get better sound in a hybrid or electric vehicle. It's not as simple as adding amps and subs, due to the current draw of those amplifiers and the intricate electrical systems found in these battery-powered or battery-assisted vehicles. But that doesn't mean you're stuck listening to your factory system...there are things you can do, even in an EV, that will put a smile on your face as you listen to music on your drive. We expect the aftermarket to catch up eventually, but we've got some recommendations for right now.

Plus, J.R. checks out the Syng Cell Alpha speaker, new to Crutchfield. It looks like a spaceship, a fish's a beautiful little ball of sound built by a former Apple designer. It sounds like no other speaker we've heard, and it's a real conversation starter. 

Episode 2: IMAX vs. home theater, Crutchfield's Demo Days, and more

Podcat cohost Eric joins J.R. to discuss watching Dune at an IMAX theater and then streaming it at Eric's house in his impressive home theater, and then talk about what kind of gear makes home movie viewing truly spectacular. 

J.R. also talks one of our tech support specialists about installing component speakers in your car. In particular he'll be speaking about the toughest part of that job, mounting the tweeters. Then, Dave talks about his Demo Days series and spotlighting Q Acoustics Q Active 200 wireless speaker system.

Episode 1: Sony Mobile ES, Focal Flax EVO, and more

J.R. talks with Matt, one of our catalog editors, and Advisor Francis about Sony's Mobile ES Series and Focal's Flax EVO Series. Plus, Eric, one of our staff writers, chats about turntable gear from Andover Audio.

Questions about the gear featured in Crutchfield LIVE?

Our expert Advisors know the gear inside and out. Give us a call. Your Advisor can send specific Crutchfield pages to your screen, saving you a lot of browsing time. You'll get a shopping cart loaded up with everything you need.

Last updated 7/7/2022

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