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Video: JBL PartyBox Bluetooth party speaker with light display

Big sound and cool effects for your next party

The JBL PartyBox is a big, loud Bluetooth speaker that'll absolutely rock your next house party. It gives you big sound with huge, room-shaking bass. And to top it off, each PartyBox features a built-in light show that'll take your party to the next level.

JBL PartyBox Bluetooth party speaker video transcript:

Hey everybody! It's JR here in the JBL booth at CES 2019, and this video we're talking about the PartyBox, the 200, the 300, and the 1000. These are portable Bluetooth party boxes. That's kind of the idea here. You'll be able to Bluetooth music in from your phone and more. I'll tell you about in a second. They look cool, as you can see behind me here, and there's three different models. Let's talk about the differences.

The 200, that's this guy right here. The 300 is the same thing, it adds a battery built in so you can be completely portable. It makes a lot of sound, let me tell you. Of course, it's JBL sound so there's plenty of bass. It's plenty loud. Wireless Bluetooth. You got a light show built in. There are microphone and guitar inputs on the back, so you can put on quite a show with a speaker like this. And you can get quite a bit of sound from the PartyBox 200 and the 300.

If you step up to the 1000, now we're talking like DJ-level party music. There's even a 4-by-4 DJ launch pad on the top, so that you can activate different sounds and triggers and some pretty cool stuff. They all still have the microphone input, the guitar input, RCA inputs, Bluetooth so you can get music from your phone, as well as USB, so if you just want to put a playlist on a USB thumb drive, and stick that in the back you can play that as well.

We did get to hear these, they actually have a live DJ going, not at the moment, but when this DJ gets going it gets very loud in here from just one Party Box 1000. So yeah, horn compression driver for the tweeter. The two 8-inch woofers and then the down-firing 12-inch subwoofer. So monstrous bass, loud sound, really cool light shows on the front, amazing amount of control from the top, and we're pretty excited to have these here at Crutchfield. So yeah, Party Box 200, 300, and 1000.

  • Tony from SantaRosa California

    Posted on 4/26/2019

    Is the jbl partybox 1000 out and available to purchase in California? And if so where can I buy??? If it is not out yet I would like to know when it will b out our around what year or month

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