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Video: Panamax MR4000 power line conditioner and surge protector

Protect your expensive gear with this home theatre essential

Panamax makes products that are the unsung heroes of your home theater or stereo setup. The MR4000 is a power line conditioner and surge protector, which not only protects against power spikes such as lightning, but also cleans up the dirty power coming out of your wall outlets so your expensive receivers, amps, and TVs get the cleanest electricity possible. Think of it as an insurance policy for your precious gear, one that will keep it all running smoothly for life.

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Hi, I'm JR and this is the Panamax MR4000. You might call it a surge protector or a piece of power protection. It is all of that, and it is an important part of any kind of home stereo or home theater. Power spikes, lightning coming in, who knows what could happen, and lots of these things do. There is a power button on this model, and in addition to the seven AC outlets the MR4000 has a VM or automatic voltage monitoring, which means it's monitoring the amount of power it's getting from the wall so that I can do something about it when it sees a little bit too much or not enough power. Brownouts, surges, things like that, it's going to handle it. It has a current rating of 15 amps. If you have any questions on this model, give Crutchfield a call, chat with us online, send us an email, we're ready to help you get the right power port for your home theater.

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