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Kicker 47KEY500.1 Compact mono subwoofer amplifier with automatic tuning DSP — 500 watts RMS at 1 ohm

Item # 20647KEY50

Now you can get fantastic, powerful bass without shelling out a lot of money for a huge amp or spending too much...

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Now you can get fantastic, powerful bass without shelling out a lot of money for a huge amp or spending too much...

Item # 20647KEY50

In stock

About the Kicker 47KEY500.1

Buck Pomerantz

Automatic bass

Now you can get fantastic, powerful bass without shelling out a lot of money for a huge amp or spending too much time tuning the system after installation. Kicker's KEY500.1 compact subwoofer amplifier features automatic signal processing that tailors the sound to blend in perfectly with your specific stereo system. And this compact power pack can send up to 500 watts RMS to your sub.

Automatic bass

Now you can get fantastic, powerful bass without shelling out a lot of money for a huge amp or spending too much time tuning the system after installation. Kicker's KEY500.1 compact subwoofer amplifier features automatic signal processing that tailors the sound to blend in perfectly with your specific stereo system. And this compact power pack can send up to 500 watts RMS to your sub.

KEY Auto Setup tunes in minutes, not hours

After installation, you download both the Key sine sweep and a test tone from Kicker. You set the amp gain using the test tone and a KEY indicator light. The KEY Auto setup with the sine sweep analyzes your system's response and applies the equalization and bass boost necessary to produce great bass. Then later, with the KEY button, you can A/B the sound before and after processing to amaze your friends and family.

Start-Stop problem solved

Some eco-friendly cars actually turn off their engines when stopped, and then start up again when the brakes are released. The voltage dip during starting could shut down an amplifier or allow it to pass a dangerous clipped signal to the sub. The KEY500.1 prevents these issues by automatically engaging a limiter in these circumstances.

Integrates well

This amp's so tiny, it'll fit almost anywhere in almost any vehicle. Kicker's FIT2™ technology, using speaker-level inputs with DC offset sensing turn-on, ensures this amp will work in just about any vehicle, even one a factory amplified system. The Radio-Detect feature makes sure you never get a "No Speakers Detected" message on your receiver's display when you install this amp.

Kicker KEY500.1

Kicker KEY500.1 control panel

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams

To see sample wiring diagrams for all common subwoofer/amplifier combinations, check out this informative article.


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our article: Best subwoofer amplifiers for 2024
  • mono subwoofer amplifier
    • 150 watts RMS x 1 at 4 ohms
    • 300 watts RMS x 1 at 2 ohms
    • 500 watts RMS x 1 at 1 ohm
  • Class D amp technology
  • KEY Auto Setup customizes the signal for your stereo system
    • test tones available from
    • automatic adjustments include bass restoration and EQ
  • variable low-pass filter (40-160 Hz, 24 dB/octave)
  • variable subsonic filter (10-40 Hz, 24 dB/octave)
More Info:
  • preamp and speaker-level inputs
    • DC offset sensing turn-on with speaker-level inputs
  • Radio-Detect circuit supplies speaker load for receiver to sense
  • wiring, fuse, and hardware not included with amplifier
    • 8-gauge power and ground leads and a 60-A fuse recommended
  • dimensions: 8-3/16"W x 1-3/4"H x 3-11/16"D
  • warranty: 2 years
  • MFR # 47KEY5001

What's in the box:

  • Mono amplifier
  • 12" Input harness (4-pin Molex to female RCA)
  • Four 1" screws
  • Two 12" wire-ties
  • 3mm Allen key
  • Quickstart guide
  • Kicker Tech Support information

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Overview: The Kicker KEY500.1 mono amplifier features 1 x 150W power (@ 4Ω) in a compact chassis designed to be used with most factory or aftermarket radios. Built-in, AI-driven DSP processing lets you fine tune the system to your vehicle with a single button push, providing a more realistic soundstage.

Power: The KEY500.1 amplifier features Class-D amp topology, making it more compact and able to run cooler than other types of amplifiers. The KEY500.1 features a single output channel that can provide 500W @ 1Ω, 300W @ 2Ω, and 150W @ 4Ω.

KEY Auto Setup: The KEY500.1 features built-in, AI-driven, DSP that can dramatically improve the sound quality of your system.  Prior to running the Auto-Setup, you will need to have the Gain Match Tones and Sweep Tones ready to play from your headunit, either CD, MP3, AUX, Bluetooth, USB, etc. For best results, uncompressed audio is recommended, ensuring full amplitude across the frequency spectrum. Gain Match and Sweep tones are available from Kicker and can be found here. The Gain Match setup process lets you properly match the Input Level (Gain) setting to get the fullest sound without distortion. After the Gain Match is set, the KEY algorithm can be run using the Sweep Tones. This process fine-tunes the audio using the KEY500.1's internal DSP. When the Auto-Setup is complete, you can use the KEY button on the amp to A/B the processed sound against the original audio.

  • Notes:
    • Gain Match and Sweep test-tones are NOT included and can be downloaded here.
    • Factory noise-canceling and active noise enhancement must be disabled before running the Auto-Setup.

Power Management: The KEY500.1 amplifier is fully compatible with newer vehicles using start-stop systems. It also features FIT2 (Fail-Safe Integration Technology), making it compatible with nearly every factory and aftermarket radio.

Controls & Indicators: The KEY500.1 includes the following controls and indicators:

  • KEY: This button is used to initiate both the Gain Match and Key Sweep Tones, as well as for A/B sound comparing.
  • DC Offset: When set to On, the amp can detect a 3V DC offset on the speaker-level input wires, powering it on/off. When set for DC Offset, the REM input terminal now becomes a REM output for activating any additional amplifiers in the system.
  • Hi Pass: A High-Pass filter dial lets you set the frequency of the built-in subsonic filter, with a range of 10-40Hz.
  • Lo Pass: A Low-Pass filter dial lets you set the cutoff frequency, with a range of 40-160Hz.
  • Bass Boost: Provides a 0-6dB boost at 40Hz.
  • Input Level: Changes the input signal sensitivity range depending on the input type.
    • Low Level: 125mV - 5V
    • High Level: 1V - 40V
  • Gain: Adjusts the input signal level.
  • Gain Match: This LED indicator is used in conjunction with the Gain Match and KEY Algorithm adjustments, providing feedback via the number of flashes.
  • Remote Bass: A 3.5mm socket can be used with the optional CXARC wired remote (sold separately).
  • PWR LED: Lights green when the amplifier is activated.
  • PRT LED: Lights red if the amp goes into protect mode. Activation can be caused by a shorted speaker wire, low input voltage, or over heating.


  • Input: A 4-pin Molex harness is used for the input signal with dual female RCAs for use with low-level input signals. If using speaker-level outputs from the radio, the RCAs get cut off and bare-wire connections are made.
  • Output: Dual set-screw terminals provide the mono speaker output, accommodating up to 12 AWG wire.
  • Power/Ground: Set-screw terminals can accommodate up to 8 AWG wire (recommended) for both power and ground.
    • Note: No fuse is included with the amplifier. A 60A fuse (sold separately) is recommended for the battery connection.
  • REM: Set-screw terminal can accommodate an 18 AWG remote turn-on wire. When the amp is set for DC Offset, this terminal becomes a +12V remote output for activating additional amps.

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Customer Q&A

13 questions already asked

Does it work with 16v battery in Tesla?
alex  Mar 27, 2024
1 answer
The Kicker 47KEY500.1 amplifier is designed to work in 12-volt vehicle electrical systems, Alex. Designed for 12-volt vehicle systems, this amp performs best when it receives 14.4-volts of current (the voltage output from the alternator when the vehicle is running) we do not advise installing in 16-volt systems.
bo  Mar 27, 2024 (Staff)
Can use this for 1 kicker comp r 4 ohm sub? Also, what size inline fuse should I use?
shawn  Feb 29, 2024
1 answer
The Kicker 47KEY500.1 amp requires 8-gauge power and ground leads and a 60-A fuse, Shawn. This amp delivers 150-watts RMS into a 4-ohm subwoofer. The CompR subwoofers in any size available can handle 150-watts RMS (even the smallest 6 3/4"), so this amp will work well without overpowering the RMS rating on your Kicker subwoofer.
bo  Mar 01, 2024 (Staff)
Can it run Kicker KS Components, Coaxial Speakers and L7T 8"?
tk@22  Feb 25, 2024
1 answer
Greetings Thokozani. Thank you for your question. No, this amplifier is a single channel mono amplifier just for subwoofers. What you would need is a 5 channel amplifier.
hogan  Feb 26, 2024 (Staff)
Can I hook this amp to a 4ohm JL Marine Speaker?
james  Jun 09, 2023
1 answer
The Kicker 47KEY500.1 would deliver around 150-watts to a 4-ohm JL subwoofer, James. As long as that is not exceeding the RMS maximum of your JL subwoofer the Key will work well! The Key however is not marine rated and should not be installed in any environment where it could be exposed to moisture.
bo  Jun 09, 2023 (Staff)
My head unit has a separate sub output. Do I have to use the Bass knob or can I skip that and control the sub level from the head unit?
devin  Feb 04, 2023
1 answer
Greetings , and thank you for your question. You would not need to use the Kicker level controller. Its an option for those who might be using a factory radio, or need to increase, or decrease subwoofer volume quickly.
hogan  Feb 04, 2023 (Staff)
What do you recommend for a quality 10 inch sub to pair with this amplifier in a 2011 extended cab silverado? I am using 1.30 cubic foot sealed under seat sub box. I am looking for clarity rather than an overwhelming punch.
james  Jan 03, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Michael, and thank you for your question. Please contact one of our advisors at 800-324-9695 for the best recommendation that fits your enclosure.
hogan  Jan 03, 2023 (Staff)
i have two 12 kicker speaker box would this amp push both?
capone  Oct 25, 2022
1 answer
Depending on your specific speakers, their total impedance, and what kind of bass performance you are looking for potentially yes Nassawn. This Kicker puts out max power to a 1 ohm load, but most subwoofer setups are usually around the 2 ohm number getting around 300 watts from this Kicker Key500 amp. You will have to take a close look at your subs and determine the exact impedance, also to make sure you wire them to your new amp correctly to maximize the performance. If you want decent sound, and a small package the Kicker Key500.1 is almost unbeatable. If you are looking for more bass performance, or can install a physically larger amp this Kicker 46CXA800.1T might be a better choice.
bo  Oct 25, 2022 (Staff)
2007 f150 jenson head unit boss oe fit door speakers. And factory sub amp an box. Only swapped sub for compact kicker. How can't I amp all 5 speakers? Simple just upgrade don't need windows blowing out thanks
mike160  Sep 17, 2022
1 answer
If you want to amp all 5 speakers then we do carry some 5 channel amplifiers that you could potentially use. I would suggest giving us a call at 800.324.9695 to speak with an advisor to see what model Kicker compact sub you are using to see what amps might work best with your truck.
arielle  Sep 17, 2022 (Staff)
If using the sub channel as a high level in is it ok to use only one input or should they be tied together?
chris  Aug 19, 2022
1 answer
Kicker does not specify here other than stating to connect both channels in the install manual, Christopher. Most likely since this is a mono amp, using one channel of input is probably fine. Because the connections are right there, and also because the DSP tuning probably uses both of those channels it's a good idea to connect both inputs. I hope this helps!
bo  Aug 19, 2022 (Staff)
Based on what I am reading, looks like you can connect the factory radio wires straight to the amplifier input, and don't need a line out converter. Is that correct?
allan  Jun 13, 2022
1 answer
That's absolutely correct Allan! This amp has speaker level inputs, and a signal sensing turn on. This would be an excellent choice for adding a sub, and direct connecting the inputs via speaker taps, no line out converter needed!
bo  Jun 14, 2022 (Staff)
Does this come with a bass knob?
tony  Aug 20, 2021
3 answers
No it does not. You have to buy it separately. I can't remember the model # but it is the one with the 3.5mm headphone jack.
stephen  Aug 21, 2021
No.. sold separately
edgar  Aug 21, 2021
It does not. I purchased a Kicker 46CXARC knob and it works with it.
dwight  Aug 20, 2021
How well would this amp pair with a pioneer TS-D10D4 sub?
jeff  Feb 23, 2021
4 answers
If you already own the TS-D10D4: it will be good, you will get 300W RMS from the amp, no problem. However: if you buy the Pioneer TS-D10D2 instead you can lower your resistance to 1 ohm and get 500 watt RMS from this amp instead. This is the same sub, same price, but lower impedance.
aaron  Oct 25, 2021
Will it work with a kicker 10 inch with voice cross over
bill  Sep 11, 2021
I think it will power them well. Wire them in parallel/parallel so you get the full 500wts @ 1ohm.
christopher  Feb 23, 2021
First of all, I've never used a pioneer sub. But after reading its description and doing some research, I can give you my best answer at this moment. According to the specs, the sub would only give the amp a 2 ohm load thus not utilizing the 1ohm capabilities of the key amp. That is almost half the power of what it's capable of doing. I would try maybe 2 pioneers bridge to a 1 ohm load maybe. But if due to space or other restrictions you can only do one, then I think it would pair well. It will still get 300 watts so it should do well.
edgar  Feb 23, 2021

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