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Cambridge Audio Minx 400M Pivoting wall mounts for select Cambridge Minx Min speakers (Black)

Item # 779MPWM

Item # 779MPWM

In stock
C$39.99 pair

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About the Cambridge Audio Minx 400M

Kristen Schaub

Compact and discreet, the Minx 400M speaker brackets fit the style of the Cambridge Audio Minx speakers perfectly. These fully adjustable wall brackets let you place your Minx satellite speakers in the tightest spaces with ease.

Product highlights:

  • pair of brackets compatible with Cambridge Minx Min 12 and Minx Min 22 speakers
  • brackets easily screw into the back of Minx speakers
  • 2-3/8"W x 1-1/2"H x 1-9/16"D (each)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # C10340

What's in the box:

  • 2 Wall-mount brackets (black)
  • Hex-key
  • Installation Instructions (on packaging)

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More details on the Cambridge Audio Minx 400M

Russ B.

Product Research


Compatibility: The Cambridge Audio 400M pivoting wall-mount lets you mount the Cambridge Audio Minx MIN10, MIN12, MIN20, or MIN22 satellite speakers (all sold separately) to your wall.

Angle Adjustment: The Cambridge Audio 400M pivoting wall-mount lets you swivel your mounted Minx satellite speaker 45-degrees (left or right), as well as tilt the mounted satellite speaker 45-degrees (up or down).

Note: A hex-key is provided to lock the desired position of the speaker bracket in place.

Installation: The Cambridge Audio 400M pivoting wall-mount attaches to the Cambridge Audio Minx satellite speaker's rear-mounted threaded insert, using the M6 machine screw that came with the satellite speaker. The 400M wall-mount bracket features four screw-holes to mount the bracket against your wall (mounting screws not supplied).

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Customer Q&A

5 questions already asked

Are these wired speakers?
ben  Jan 07, 2024
1 answer
Greetings Ben. Thank you for your question. Yes these would need an amplifier, with wires connecting them.
hogan  Jan 07, 2024 (Staff)
Can I mount them on the ceiling? I have a glass wall behind, so my only chance for surround speakers is attaching them to the ceiling and orienting them towards the listening position.
humboldt  Mar 14, 2018
6 answers
Yes, not a problem at all. The only potential issue you may have is limited mvt for your desired direction. It really depends how much directional mvt you want. I just mounted them on my ceiling and didn't have a problem with attaching or direction. Hope this helps
robert p  Mar 14, 2018
I guess you can if that's your only option. Looking at my ceiling I think you can mount them at the corners of the room if you have crown moldings in place.
samuel  Mar 14, 2018
I don't think these mounts will tilt enough (90 degrees or more) to allow that mounting. You should consider alternate mounts.
jason  Mar 14, 2018
tom  Mar 14, 2018
You can, but it may not give the angle you desire with the stock mounts. Maybe consider an in ceiling speaker?
richard  Mar 14, 2018
Unless you want to point them downward, no. The angle of these mounts is limited, you definitely won't get anywhere near a 90 degree mount-from-the-ceiling-but-point-forward angle. Look for another mount that uses the proper bolt (I believe the speakers use a 6mm thread).
ingo  Mar 14, 2018
Can this wall mount be used to tilt in the vertical plane instead of the horizontal plane, as pictured? I am looking to mount them higher up on a wall and angle my Min 12 speakers downward toward my listening area (as height speakers in a surround sound setup). Would this mount serve for that purpose?
joel  Aug 29, 2015
9 answers
You could conceivable do this, but the wall mounts are only designed to tilt horizontally OR vertically, not both. And unless I'm mistaken, in order to accomplish a vertical tilt, you would have to attach the speakers on their sides (speakers are square, so that's fine, but the lettering would be vertical instead of horizontal).
horst  Aug 31, 2015
Yes, the mounts are dual axis so they have full adjustment up and down as well as side to side.
glenn  Aug 31, 2015
ryan  Aug 31, 2015
Yes - I have a pair mounted 10ft high and set at a downward angle
brian d  Aug 30, 2015
Yes it can
steven  Aug 30, 2015
I would say yes, depending on how you orient the mount itself
robert  Aug 30, 2015
I did not buy the Min 12 speakers but instead bought the Min 21 speakers. I did, however, buy the wall mounts which are very flexible for both Horizontal and Vertical adjustments. I highly recommend them.
jeff  Aug 30, 2015
Yes it does allow you to move on a vertical and horizontal axis! Great speakers and great wall mount!
heather  Aug 30, 2015
Yes. They can work on both axes. Keep in mind though that the vertical axis is limited by the size of the speaker and the cable posts.
eric  Aug 30, 2015
Could I install this mount on the underside of a shelf and be able to rotate the speaker such that they would project out parallel to the floor? Or is there not enough range of motion in the mount?
david  May 28, 2014
10 answers
You will not be able to mount them parallel to the floor using just the bracket. You would have to mount a small wood block to create enough space to mount them parallel. I would estimate the most angle you can get out of the brackets is 45 degrees. I think you can find a way to easily adapt them. I would be worth it. They are great speakers. I hope that helps.
adrian  Jun 01, 2014
If you point the bracket down you will not be able to point the speaker parallel to the ground. Not enough range for the bracket
john  May 30, 2014
I don't think so. I believe they just rotate 45°
carlos e  May 30, 2014
You cannot...
tradd  May 30, 2014
You can not...
tradd  May 30, 2014
If you mount these on the underside of a shelf with the speakers pointing to the floor, or straight out from the bracket, the speakers would need to rotate 90 degrees in order to be parrallel with the shelf and floor. These brackets rotate 45 degrees in any direction, but not 90 degrees.
dale  May 30, 2014
I have the white versions of these and if I am understanding you correctly, no, you cannot mount them to the underside and rotate the speakers so much that they project parallel to the floor.
charlie  May 30, 2014
Unfortunately, no. If you install this mount on the underside of a shelf, the best you could do is about a 45 degree angle. These are great little speakers but I don't think you'll be satisfied with that install. darin
darin  May 30, 2014
David, I purchased these in December and love them. Great sound quality and look great. To answer your question...I am sorry to say that there is not enough room to mount the standard wall mount bracket under a shelf and rotate speaker 90 degrees so that it is parallel to the floor. There is a bookshelf stand that I have my center channel speaker on. If you were to purchase this and have a couple of holes drilled into the base and screw this essentially upside down on the under side of the book shelf you would be able to mount the speaker so that it is parallel to the ground and would look great. Hope that helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
john  May 30, 2014
If I understand your question correctly, and I think I do, I do not believe the mounts will accommodate that setup. However, you could get creative. If you mount a block of wood vertical and perpendicular to the shelf, you could then mount to the newly attached block?? Think that would work? Good luck! On a side note, my speakers sound great!
john  May 30, 2014
Do these mounts come with mounting screws?
brian m  Jul 26, 2016
6 answers
If memory serves me correctly they came with mounting screws.
philip a  Jul 28, 2016
Hello Bryan, unfortunately they do not come with screws. You gave to provide your own.
rolando  Jul 27, 2016
rajeev  Jul 27, 2016
I think there were screws but I don't think it had drywall anchors... But I might be wrong.
andrew  Jul 27, 2016
brian  Jul 27, 2016
No. I found a #8 screw, round head, Philips worked just right. I used 3/4" to go into wood. Might need longer if going into drywall.
arline  Jul 27, 2016

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