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AudioSource AD1002 Stereo dual-source power amplifier

Item # 021AD1002

This is a great choice for powering speakers in your multi-room sound system.

This is a great choice for powering speakers in your multi-room sound system.

Item # 021AD1002

In stock

About the AudioSource AD1002

Dave Bar

Multi-room audio power

The AudioSource AD1002 stereo power amp makes a great choice for powering speakers in your multi-room sound system. This versatile amp's dual line-level inputs let you enjoy sound from one main music source plus an additional "local" audio source, switching automatically between the two.

Multi-room audio power

The AudioSource AD1002 stereo power amp makes a great choice for powering speakers in your multi-room sound system. This versatile amp's dual line-level inputs let you enjoy sound from one main music source plus an additional "local" audio source, switching automatically between the two.

Say you have a network audio player — such as a Sonos Port — as your primary source feeding the AD1002's main input. Any time you fire up the Sonos player, your AD1002 turns itself on and sends the music to your speakers. Then, if you connect another music source like a CD player or portable music player to the secondary local "Interrupt" input, the amp will switch to that source whenever it senses an incoming music signal. When a CD stops playing, the AD1002 will automatically switch back to the Sonos. There's no need to manually switch inputs.

Bridged mono mode for more power

The AD1002 can power one or two pairs of speakers. Use it in stereo mode, or add a second amp and bridge them for a more powerful dual-mono setup. This amp's low-profile design makes it easy to place in a room where space is tight. Place it on a shelf or stand, or rack mount one or multiple units with the included hardware.

With loop output and 12-volt trigger input and output, the AD1002 provides the power and flexibility to support a wide range of multi-room system configurations.


Product highlights:

  • 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms (10-30,000 Hz) at 1% THD with 2 channels driven
  • 160 watts when bridged into a single 8-ohm load
  • 75 watts into 4 ohms
  • high-efficiency switching amplifier design
  • front-panel volume and balance controls
  • A/B speaker switching
  • rear-panel bass and treble controls (± 12dB @ 100 Hz and 10,000 Hz)
  • main and secondary ("Interrupt") audio line inputs with automatic source switching
  • loop output on the main line input passes that audio signal on to another amp, giving you flexibility in designing a multi-room system
  • signal sensing "Power On" and Trigger mode
  • auto on select switch allows manual or signal sensing power on/off
  • total harmonic distortion: less than 1%
  • frequency response: 10-30,000 Hz (-2 dB, +1 dB)
  • signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB
  • binding post A and B speaker connectors
  • rack-mountable with included hardware
  • 16-15/16"W x 2-1/8"H x 8-13/16"D
  • 4.7 lbs.
  • warranty: 3 years
  • MFR # AD1002

What's in the box:

  • Digital stereo power amplifier
  • 2 Rack-mount brackets
  • 6 Machine screws
  • Owner's Manual

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More details on the AudioSource AD1002

Stacey B.

Product Research


AudioSource AD Series: AudioSource AD series amplifiers are designed for home and commercial audio distribution systems where high quality sound, flexibility, and reliability are essential. The AD series offers exceptional value and many features that will make their installation and use easy and convenient.

Digital Stereo Power Amplifier: The AudioSource AD1002 digital stereo power amplifier is designed for dedicated stereo & distributed audio applications. It offers A & B speaker outputs. The amplifier can be configured for Stereo or Bridged output.

  • Stereo (8-ohm): 50 watts x 2 channel, 10-30kHz, <1% THD+N
  • Stereo (4-ohm): 75 watts x 2 channel, 10-30kHz, <1% THD+N
  • Bridged Mono (8-ohm): 160 watts x 1 channel, 1kHz, <1% THD+N

Front-Panel Controls: The AudioSource AD1002 digital stereo power amplifier features the following front-panel controls.

  • Power Switch: The front-panel Power Switch turns the AD1002 on or off. A red LED indicates connection to AC power while in standby mode and turns green indicating audio signal is present.
  • Volume: The front-panel rotary volume knob allows you to adjust the amplifier's overall volume level.
  • A/B Speaker Selector: You can select Speakers A, Speakers B, or Both for playback.
  • Balance: The Balance control lets you fade the amplifier's speaker output between the Right & Left channels.

Rear-Panel Controls: The AudioSource AD1002 offers the following rear-panel controls.

  • Bass & Treble: Bass (100Hz) & Treble (10kHz) can be adjusted from -12dB to + 12dB.
  • Stereo Mode: Select Stereo mode for connecting one or two pair of loudspeakers.
  • Bridged Mode: When set to Bridged mode, the AD1002 becomes a single channel mono amplifier for powering one speaker. The amp's Left & Right RCA inputs will be summed together as a mono output. Only one zone (A or B) can be bridged; not both.
  • Auto On Switch: Power can be turned on and off manually via the switch on the front-panel or automatically by signal sensing. Set the Auto On switch to Normal for manual power on/off. Set the Auto switch to Auto for signal sensing; the amp will turn on when audio signal is detected at the inputs The front-panel power switch must be in the On position (pushed in) for the Auto On feature to operate.

Rear-Panel Connections: The AudioSource AD1002 digital stereo power amplifier is equipped with the following inputs & outputs

  • Main Input/Output: The AD1002 Main Input consists of stereo RCA jacks and are used as the amplifier's primary audio inputs. The Main Output also consists of stereo RCA jacks and passthrough the AD1002's Main Input audio signal to another amplifier.
  • Interrupting Line Input: The Interrupting Input consists of stereo RCA Jacks. This input can be used if a second source is desired and takes over when signal is present and has at least a 5mV level. When there is no signal, or a signal with less than 5mV level, the amp switches back to Main input after a brief delay.
  • Speaker A/B Terminals: The AudioSource AD1002 is fitted with binding-post terminals for A & B speaker connection for powering up to two pair of speakers. The minimum impedance for each speaker section is 4-ohm in Stereo mode and 8-ohm in Bridged mode. The binding post terminals will accept bare wire (up to 10AWG), pin-connectors, and banana plugs (single only).
  • Trigger In/Out: The 12V trigger input and output allow the AD1002 to be powered on by other electronics or to power on other electronics via a 3.5mm minijack cable.
  • Power Cord: The digital stereo power amplifier features an attached 5.5' AC power cord.

Mounting Options: The AudioSource AD1002 digital stereo power amplifier features four rubber feet and can simply be placed on top of a flat surface; like a table-top, shelf, or stand. You can also remove the four rubber feet and rack-mount the amplifier using the included rack-mount ears and screws.

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Customer Q&A

9 questions already asked

Where do I find the AudioSource code to use with a U-verse remote control? Thanks.
jim  Jun 04, 2022
1 answer
That's a great question Jim. Programming those universal remotes can be tricky! If you can type in codes manually on your U-verse remote control try 3721 for AudioSource, that is the code we have listed for use with our current Universal remote offerings. Try it and see if it works!
bo  Jun 04, 2022 (Staff)
I would like to connect a TV to analog speakers (PSB bookshelf) in a secondary TV room. Will this work?
gianna  Dec 30, 2021
3 answers
Yes, as long as your TV has analog output. If not, you will need a digital analog converter.
janet  Dec 31, 2021
If the TV has analog right / left outputs for sound than this amp will work. If the TV only had digital audio output than a separate digital-to-analog converter will be required.
michael  Dec 31, 2021
Yes, assuming that the TV has audio out with RCA jacks or a stereo microjack (like on a phone) that can be connected to the RCA female jack inputs on the amp using a standard cord.. If the TV only has an optical audio out you would need a converter. For your application the amp has a nice feature of staying in standby mode until it detects an input signal.
keith  Dec 30, 2021
What I want to do is play 4 speakers in mono (in two zones), not one bridged speaker in mono (in one zone). Would the AD1002 support this well? (The ceiling speakers only accept two wires, one channel Left or Right).
paul  May 12, 2021
2 answers
Your source just needs to be Mono, and you can do what you are asking. You basically want to power FOUR speakers in two different zones, same music, but all FOUR speakers in mono. If that's the right setup, then yes, you can do that SO LONG AS your source coming in is mono. Otherwise, if your source is stereo, then you will get left and right channel audio to speaker set A, and left and right channel to speaker set B. As for your ceiling speaker "wires" - if you mean that you have two speakers, with a single two-wire input for both of them, it sounds like someone wired your speakers to a single input in series or in parallel. Figure out which one it is, and also figure out the impedance (ohm load) of your speakers, because you'll want to do quick math to make sure your speakers are compatible as wired for this amp. This amp is 50watts into an 8ohm load. If you do the math on your speakers and you are at a higher impedance, you'll be able to push the speakers just fine but not as loud as you would if you had a lower impedance. And if your impedance is less than 8 ohms, you'll be able to use this amp but turning it up too loud may trigger circuit protection and shut it off. Most speakers are 6-8 ohms, but if your wiring is funky (series / parallel mix), you may want to just fix the wiring first instead of try to force a receiver to fit a strange multi-channel mono load as you noted. Good luck!
alvaro  May 13, 2021
jonathan w  May 13, 2021
Can I attach a Crosley C100A-SI Turntable with bulit-in preamp to the AudioSource AD1002?
michael  Oct 05, 2020
1 answer
Because you're turntable has a built-in preamp, that should work perfectly.
gregory  Oct 20, 2020
What's the practical difference between the AudioSource AD1002 and the AudioSource AMP100VS?
louise  Dec 02, 2019
1 answer
Thanks for your question. For information on comparing two or more models I would recommend reaching out to an Advisor by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat. They will be able to help determine the differences and help you make the best choice for your system and your budget.
kristina  Dec 23, 2019 (Staff)
can this produce multiple outputs, ie. 1 input source, output to 4 wired speakers and a separate RCA output (to an RCA input setup)?
jason  Dec 18, 2018
1 answer
Yes and Yes! On the rear panel, connect one pair of speakers to SPKR A and another pair to SPKR B. Then on the front panel push both the A & B Speaker buttons at once (hold one in while pushing the other one until it clicks in). The AD1002 will now drive both pairs of speakers at once. To revert to a single pair, push one of the buttons in until the other one pops out. Also, on the rear panel is a pair of RCA jacks called Main Out, which makes the input signal available to another audio device. For example, you could connect Main Out on one AD1002 to Main In on another AD1002. This setup could be used, for instance, to drive 4 speaker pairs from one input signal.
gregory  Dec 19, 2018
I am considering this amp to replace a 20 year old Sonance 260 that died. I plan on running a Sonos Connect through it and powering two zones of speakers. Will it do the trick?
paul  Sep 09, 2018
1 answer
I can't speak for Sonos, but if Sonos has an analog out then this will definitely drive two zones at speaker level. I'm running an Apple Airport into my amp and then out of channel A into a 6 stereo channel speaker selector and it works great. You would just use channel A and B for your two zones. I love the auto on/off feature on the amp.
brent  Sep 14, 2018
What class is this amplifier? A, B, AB, D?
brian  Aug 18, 2017
6 answers
It's Class D (digital). One tip-off is that it has no vent holes on top (or anywhere else), due to the superior energy efficiency of Class D. That means you can place other equipment directly on top of the AD1002 (User Manual stil says "don't block vent holes"... but there aren't any!)
gregory  Oct 20, 2020
The AD*002 line (AD1002, AD2002, AD3002) all appear to be digital amplifiers. That is the difference of this model from the AMP100VS. You can also tell because this unit is physically thinner and lighter than the AMP100VS.
davin  Feb 25, 2018
The AD*002 line (AD1002, AD2002, AD3002) all appear to be digital amplifiers. That is the difference of this model from the AMP102VS. You can also tell because this unit is physically thinner and lighter than the AMP102VS.
davin  Feb 25, 2018
I'm afraid AudioSource does not specify the AD1002's amplifier class. However they describe this model as a "high-efficiency switching amplifier design"; which indicates a closer similarity to class D than class A, B or AB. For more details or to discuss further, please feel free to contact an Advisor directly by phone (888.955.6000) or online chat. Hope that helps!
david  Aug 22, 2017 (Staff)
I'm sorry, I don't have that information so I can't answer your question.
john  Aug 22, 2017
its has switches that provide a path to (A) and a path to (B) therefore A and B
anthony  Aug 21, 2017
Will this product work with Google Chromecast Audio? Will it work with four Bose 191 speakers, 2 for each channel? Does the stated depth include the buttons? I currently have an installation using a Bose SA-3 amplifier with the Bose 191 speakers and I would like to replace the SA-3 with a small independent amp.
paul  Apr 24, 2017
2 answers
I can't answer your Bose or Chromecast question. The case alone is 6" deep. From the tip of the binding posts to the tip of the knobs is a little less than 7.75".
brent  Apr 24, 2017
Hey Paul, yes, AS-AD1002 works with any audio. The biggest question would be what will your source be ?? I would have to check mine at home to be sure of "inclusive" button depth. I use the Main input and 12V trigger coming from my receiver and output to a 2 channel speakers in stereo.
christopher s.  Apr 24, 2017

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