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Video: Inside Crutchfield's Product Research Team

How we know so much about the products we sell

Our Product Research team examines one of every car and home audio/video product that we have in our warehouse. Check out the steps involved in databasing a product, and where to find the info the team gathers when you're shopping at

For car audio products, this product data combines with the data we collect from vehicles to create our vehicle-fit database (as seen in our video about the Crutchfield MasterSheet™). And that's how we know whether or not a product fits your car.

Read video transcript

My name's Russ. I work in product research. Generally as soon as products are brought into our warehouse for the first time, we'll get one copy of it, that item brought over so we can research it. Well, the first thing I do is usually inventory what's in the box. We have a place on our website and in our internal applications for our sales team and tech department and list all of the parts in the box as I take them out. So we'll take real world dimensions with any included accessories, feet, grills, harnesses, cables attached to to that product, so you'll know it'll fit. And then start writing up information about it based off the manufacturer's website, product manuals, any information we're given for it. We want to know definitively whether something fits or it doesn't. Like kind of being the, the guy behind the scenes providing the information to our sales staff and our tech staff. I've always been into audio, car and home and pro audio especially. So it's an interesting field for me and I enjoy working in it. It kind of all starts with us. We do, you know, the best we can to make sure that information is put in there correctly and promptly. So when a customer calls in, even on a brand-new product, you know, we have that information readily available for them and our staff.

  • Billy Burns from Blue Ridge

    Posted on 12/7/2022

    As you all may be aware, the FCC is shutting down the 2g cell signal. Is the experts at Crutchfield working with any companies to make a device to connect to our GM vehicles to upgrade the service? This affects my onstar on my GM vehicle.

  • Andrew from Grant's

    Posted on 10/4/2022

    I Have A sub box with three 10's I recently needed another sub unfortunately I also needed to replace the plexiglass My question was I Purchased a sub but I cant get it in The box I don't know if the subs are specially ordered or it's a old school box with new school subs I dont know what to do break the box a lil or cut the sub just enough to fit. am at a loss waited 5 years now nada

  • Richard Roller from Chicgo

    Posted on 7/23/2022

    Please help me locate and print off the owner's manual for this marvelous and aged SONY CDRadio cassette CORDER CFD-C1000. Can you locate and email me at the address below. Please help. This appears to be my final hope. Thank you. Sincerely, Brother Richard Roller, FSC

  • Jeremy from Greeley

    Posted on 3/24/2022

    trying to find the "post a review", this is best I could find. Just got the Clarion xc2110 sub amp in the mail today. It will eventually go in a 2001 Dodge ex cab Ram 1500. In the house, its powering a Skar 10in comp sub (4 ohm) sealed box. Took a few min to tune the crossover to my liking, Listen to just about every type of music from classic rock, old school hip hop, 80's - 2000s rock, punk, grunge some metal. And oh yes, a little Country and Western.. (Blues Brothers scene) Still have my Kenwood KAC 5001PS, its too much for the Skar subs even 2 of them.. ;-)

  • Commenter image

    Alexander H. from Crutchfield

    Posted on 11/4/2021

    Allen, we do have a number of glossaries like you've described. Hopefully these will answer some of your questions. If you have more questions about features as they relate to specific products, reach out to an Advisor and someone should be able to help.

  • Allen J. Zale from TUCSON

    Posted on 11/2/2021

    I know of no other stereo equipment testers, reporters/retailers that can hold a candle up to Crutchfield. I've purchased several products through them over the years and they've all been equal to the "hype" (Crutchfield really does NOT spin out hype in their reviews). I like the straight factual information provided and recommendations from advisors. Here is my only wish (if none already exists): That Crutchfield put some of those talented workers to the task of creating a glossary that gives explanations (and maybe photos?) of what certain accessories or parts do. For instance, one of my readings used the term "HDMI eARC input." What is that? Or "wired Ethernet port connection." How is that set up? I still feel like a novice in the stereo digital world. I don't "get" most of the terminology or equipment even though i bought my first amplifier in 1969 (a Sansui "trip six") and have updated equipment right along through the years until the digital "revolution" came in. I'm on Old School Island -- right between Streaming and Downloading, but i sure would like to avail myself of all the crystal clear HD music passing invisibly through the airwaves around my home! I figure i'm not alone, eh?

  • Brian from Columbus

    Posted on 7/25/2021

    One thought, I was looking at car speakers and would like the option to sort comments by vehicle make and model.

  • Jefferson West from Oklahoma City

    Posted on 2/23/2021

    Do you carry extended warranty on your tv you sale

  • Joe from New Albany

    Posted on 12/22/2020

    Boston outdoor speakers purchased from Circuit City back in 2008-9 just ceased working. What would be the recommended replacement? I can send you pictures of speakers if that can help. Thanks

    Commenter image

    Jon Paul from Crutchfield

    on 12/22/2020

    Joe, Happy to help! I've sent your question to our sales team, and they'll be contacting you via email soon. For immediate help, you can contact them via phone or chat.
  • Richard A Baron from Oakhurst

    Posted on 9/11/2020

    The CDE-172BT that I ordered and received shortly there after, to my supprise , it won't fit.This radio was going into my wifes car, which I don't ride in very often. She drives a 2003 Chevy Malibu and which I found out the car has a DOUBLE DIN radio and the CDE-172BT is single din. Any sujjestion on what to do?

    Commenter image

    Alexander H. from Crutchfield

    on 9/11/2020

    Richard, if you purchased the stereo from us, you can call our Customer Service number and they'll help you get what you need. If you purchased elsewhere, then enter your vehicle into our vehicle selector and add that stereo into your cart. Our site will show you the installation gear you'll need to install it.

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