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Polk Audio 65 RT In-wall speaker

Item # 10765RT

An in-wall speaker that's packed with Polk engineering and design expertise.

An in-wall speaker that's packed with Polk engineering and design expertise.

Item # 10765RT

In stock
C$299.99 each

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About the Polk Audio 65 RT

Polk knows great sound from a hole in the wall

Researching the amp, running the wire, cutting the drywall. Everything about your system says "commitment." After all that, why get just any in-wall speaker when you can have Polk's 65-RT? It's packed with Polk engineering and design expertise, from the stealth Sheer-Grille™ down to the laser-tuned Dynamic Balance® drivers. Backed with a lifetime warranty, this speaker will delight for years and years.

Polk knows great sound from a hole in the wall

Researching the amp, running the wire, cutting the drywall. Everything about your system says "commitment." After all that, why get just any in-wall speaker when you can have Polk's 65-RT? It's packed with Polk engineering and design expertise, from the stealth Sheer-Grille™ down to the laser-tuned Dynamic Balance® drivers. Backed with a lifetime warranty, this speaker will delight for years and years.

Vanishing speaker, prominent tone

Visually speaking the 65-RT is quite modest. It has a paintable magnetic grille that mounts flush with the surface of your wall. But look out. You get a 6-1/2" woofer dishing out solid mids and bass, and a 1" pivoting silk dome tweeter reproducing crystalline highs. It all leads to accurate, realistic sound when you fire up an action-packed movie or a track from your favourite band.

Bundle up

Grab a pair of 65-RTs for striking stereo sound. Or mix and match them with other members of Polk's Vanishing RT in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for seamless surround sound. The 65-RT matches well with Polk's floor-standing and bookshelf speakers, so you can put together a system mixing custom-installed and more traditional "box" speakers.

An optional in-wall bracket is recommended for installing the 65RT in a new home under construction.

Got wire?

Most speakers don't include any. Learn more about in-wall wiring at the Crutchfield Learning Centre.
Shop our selection of in-wall speaker wire.

Product highlights:

  • sold individually
  • frequency response 50-25,000 Hz (-3dB)
  • 1" pivoting silk/polymer dome tweeter
  • 6-1/2" Dynamic Balance® woofer
  • handles up to 125 watts
  • sensitivity 90 dB
  • 8-ohm impedance
  • paintable Sheer-Grille™ for stealth installation
  • cutout: 7-1/4" x 12-3/4"
  • mounting depth: 3-1/8"
  • warranty: lifetime
  • MFR # AW6500-A

What's in the box:

  • Rectangular in-wall speaker
  • Foam rubber port plug
  • White metal grille
  • Mounting template
  • Owner's Manual
  • Sheer-Grille Painting instructions
  • Online Registration Card
  • Polk Audio product brochure

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More details on the Polk Audio 65 RT

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Quantity in Package Single
Tweeter Soft-Dome
Aimable Tweeter Yes
Woofer Composition Polymer Composite
Woofer Surround Rubber
Connector Type Spring post
Bi-Amp Inputs No
Built-in Back-box No
Moisture Resistance
Indoor (Moisture-resistant) No
Outdoor (Partial Exposure) No
Outdoor (Full Exposure) No
Tweeter Size 1
Midrange Size N/A
Woofer Size 6.5
Speaker Shape Rectangle
Cutout Width 7.25
Cutout Height 12.75
Mounting Depth 3.625
Power Range (Watts) 10-125
Sensitivity 90 dB
Impedance (Ohms) 8
Frequency Response 50-25kHz
Parts Warranty Lifetime
Labor Warranty Lifetime

Product Research


2-Way Driver Design: The Polk 65-RT in-wall speaker employs a 2-way driver design that features a 1" Dynamic Balance silk polymer composite dome tweeter and one 6.5" Dynamic Balance mineral composite poplypropylene cone woofer. The overall frequency response of the in-wall speaker is 32Hz to 27kHz, and the -3dB frequency response is 50 to 25kHz.

  • Silk Dome Tweeter: The speaker employs a 1" Dynamic Balance silk polymer composite dome tweeter for crisp, clear imaging. The high-performance tweeter features a 15° swivel housing, for more direct high frequency control, excellent off-axis imaging and more placement flexibility.
  • Woofer: The 65-RT in-wall loudspeaker employs a 6.5" Dynamic Balance mineral composite polypropylene cone woofer with a rubber surround for a smooth, consistent frequency response. The driver features a lightweight, strong composite basket that works in conjunction with Klippel Optimization to keep moving parts in rigid alignment while further damping performance-robbing resonances.

Note: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-wall loudspeakers are timbre-matched to Polk Audio's high-performance RTi bookshelf and floor-standing loudspeakers. This allows you to match them to an existing Polk Audio home theater speaker system and enjoy seamless blending from speaker to speaker. Timbre-matched speaker components will insure the same true response throughout your system.

Dynamic Balance Technology: Laser-imaging technology allows Polk Audio engineers to see the entire vibrating surface of a driver and tweeter. This allows the engineers to actually see performance-robbing distortion develop on the speaker cone. Using this data, they can determine the Dynamic Balance of their high-tech materials, and alter the geometry and construction of the speaker to effectively tune out the offending resonance. Exclusive Dynamic Balance Composite Material Technology delivers sound that is effortlessly clean and clear, even at lifelike volume levels.

Klippel Optimized Motor Structures: The Klippel Distortion Analyzer allows Polk engineers to optimize each driver's motor structure, voice coil alignment and suspension to insure smooth, unimpeded movement even at extreme listening levels. This is especially important in the shallow depth area afforded an in-wall loudspeaker.

Reflective Room (Tweeter) Compensation Control: An easily accessible Reflective Room (Tweeter) Compensation switch allows you to make detailed adjustments to optimize the sound for any installation. The switch can be used to digitally compensate for harsh reflective surfaces. The switch doesn't merely reduce high frequencies, it actually allows you to notch-out a specific area of the spectrum (3500-6000Hz) where room acoustics most often interfere with performance. The switch has two settings:

  • Filter Setting: If your listening room is very reflective, with smooth sheetrock walls, hardwood floors, and non-cushioned furniture, the sound will be overly bright and unnatural. Selecting the Filter setting compensates for the effect of reflectivity in a hard room. Tweeter attenuation flattens room response, without hindering higher frequency response, for warmer, more realistic sound and more accurate imaging.
  • Normal Setting: If your room is not reflective, with curtains, artwork, lots of cushioned furniture and carpeting, sound will be absorbed by the room, resulting in more realistic reproduction and more accurate imaging. In this case, select the Normal setting.

PowerPort Bass Venting: The 65-RT features Polk Audio's patented PowerPort Bass Venting. The oblong-shaped port has rounded edges which smooth air turbulence at the mouth of the port to eliminate distortion. A foam rubber port plug is included, and should be inserted when the speaker is installed in an area larger than a standard open stud bay. Infinite Baffle Tuning uses the virtual enclosure of the in-wall space for deep bass response and superior overall sound.

Wafer-Thin Sheer-Grille: The Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-wall speakers feature Polk's exclusive wafer-thin Sheer-Grille, a magnetically-secured grille that protrudes only 7mm from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille can be painted to match your décor, making it virtually indistinguishable from its surroundings. The Sheer-Grille has nearly transparent, ultra-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and more uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.

Note: When painting the grille, it is highly recommend that you use a can of spray paint matched to the color of the surrounding wall. Brushes or rollers should not be used to paint the grille, as this will clog the perf holes.

Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded Posts: The 65-RT has a gold-plated pair of spring-loaded binding posts that can accept up to 12-gauge wire, single banana plugs, or pin connectors.

Applications: You can use the Polk Audio Vanishing Series in-wall loudspeaker as stealth side or rear surround speakers in an RTi theater system setup, or for superior dynamics in practically invisible multi-zone music systems.

Rotating Cam System: The speaker utilizes a rotating cam system to ensure a secure, vibration-free installation. There are six rotating cams to hold the speaker securely to the wall. The 65-RT can be installed in new or existing construction:In existing walls, use the included cardboard template for one-cut, drop-in simplicity. Pre-construction brackets (sold separately) are available for new-build or open-wall retro-fitting.

Overall Dimensions (with grille) Width = 8.875"
Height = 14.375"
Cutout Dimensions Width = 7.25"
Height = 12.75"
Product Depth Depth = 3.625"
Mounting Depth (using 1/2" drywall) Depth = 3.125"

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Customer Q&A

13 questions already asked

For the installation, how much room is required from wall studs to ensure the wall clamp cams can tighten to drywall appropriately?
michael  Sep 27, 2022
1 answer
Greetings Michael, and thank you for your question. Reached out to Polk for the best answer, they came back with 1-2 inches from the studs.
hogan  Sep 27, 2022 (Staff)
What is the optimal installation height from the floor for surround and music use?
kevin  Aug 23, 2021
2 answers
We've got ours about 15 inches off the floor. Works great.
george  Aug 23, 2021
I put mine at 6???8??? height sounds very good
david  Aug 23, 2021
can be installed in CMU wall?
mark  May 29, 2021
1 answer
If you are able to cut the openings, it probably can be installed.
steven  May 29, 2021
Will this fit into my wall? I have a wall that separates master bedroom and living room. I would say stud is 2x4. 1. Will the clearance be enough? 2. Will the sound transfer to the master bedroom? What can I do about it? 3. What other things I should consider when installing: enclosure, insulatoin, etc?
jerrysa  Jun 28, 2020
5 answers
1. Yes the speaker will fit within a 2 x 4 wall (mine are mounted in 2 x 4 walls). 2. Yes, sound transfers through walls. There are plenty of articles re: minimizing sound transfer. I packed pink insulation in the wall above and below to help. 3. I did buy the enclosure for mounting. I recommend the enclosure because it provides a reinforced surface to brace the speaker rather than against the sheetrock directly.
ken  Jun 29, 2020
They fit fine in a 2x4 wall in my application. As far as sound transfer, there will probably be some. They are in the wall speakers without an enclosure.
michael  Jun 29, 2020
Yes it fits inside a 2x4 stud wall. Yes the sound will transfer to the adjoining bedroom. We have the same situation and it's only slightly quieter in the bedroom than in the living room, so I just don't use the home theater speakers if the wife has gone to bed. You won't have space for an enclosure in 2x4 but you can put dynamat or similar sound deadening pad in the backing wall and pack insulation in the cavity around the area the speaker will occupy. I plan to do that but since everything is installed I just haven't gotten around to it.
douglas  Jun 28, 2020
The speaker should fit into the wall. The sound will transfer to the bedroom. There is not enough space to sound insulate from the speaker.
loren  Jun 28, 2020
1. I would say yes they will fit. I installed them in a new Basement with new 2x4 construction against concrete walls and there was plenty of room 2. Sound transferring will happen for sure with any speaker. How much, i don't know because as i said, mine have a block wall behind them.
patrick  Jun 28, 2020
Can the speakers be mounted in the wall (new construction) and have insulation around them and touching the speaker (Blown in ceiling & wall insulation) . Or should a box be built to keep insulation away from speaker. ?
rick  Feb 05, 2020
10 answers
After installation the speakers can still be easily removed from the wall. I installed them with rockwool insulation, but wouldn't recommend using blown in, as the electrical components are exposed.
peter  Feb 21, 2020
Yes, I have insulation touching the speakers I installed and did not build a dedicated box. The instructions also don???t refer to needing to build a dedicated box in the wall.
brendan  Feb 20, 2020
Rick ,I mounted my speakers on a interior wall so I didn???t have to deal with insulation. I did pre wire to these walls and in ceilings. I would recommend constructiing a box just for clearance reasons ....Good luck ! The speakers sound great!
jacob  Feb 20, 2020
I had to remove some of the insulation in my 2 x 6 wall as the blown-in insulation was a bit too thick. I just used a chisel/knife and carved out what I needed to make room. I just made sure the speaker wasn't in contact with the insulation. Best of luck!
paul  Feb 19, 2020
I have both Polk wall and ceiling speakers installed in insulation without a box for space without any difficulty.
loren  Feb 19, 2020
I installed my speakers in the wall but I cut away the installation around the speakers just in case of static electricity that might short out the speaker???s
leon  Feb 19, 2020
I would opt for fiberglass insulation in the space as to ensure enough r value on that outside wall. The insulation will fill the cavity, but remember to leave some air space for the speaker to operate. You really do not need a box in this installation.
todd  Feb 19, 2020
Touching would definitely be a problem. You can buy plastic baffle boxes that are just made to keep insulation away. But if this is an exterior wall, you're probably better off building a box so you can insulate around it.
douglas  Feb 18, 2020
I would build the box. I bought a box from another manufacturer for their speaker. I thought it was very overpriced. Returned them and built my own.
ken  Feb 18, 2020
I assume that you mean the speaker would already be mounted in the wall, and then the insulation would be blown in. If that???s the case, I would say the answer is no because the entire rear of the speaker and all the components are completely exposed. I???m no expert, maybe it would be fine, but it isn???t something I would do based on the way mine look in the wall. But again I???m no expert.... what the heck do I know. :)
patrick  Feb 18, 2020
what center channel speaker pairs well with these?
mike  Jan 17, 2019
2 answers
Make sure you isolate the 255c-RT well. If the cavity is too large the speaker is completely unusable because of echos and reverb. Nothing but a small tight cavity will work.
douglas  Feb 18, 2020
For in-wall, the Polk Audio 255c-RT is the voice-matched center channel:
ryan  Jan 21, 2019 (Staff)
Im a newbie, how can I connect a 3.5 mm headphone jack to my speaker? And what would I do for two speakers to connect them to the one jack.
hicks  Apr 12, 2017
2 answers
I'm not sure understand the ?. Why would you want to connect headphones to the speaker lines? Unless things have changed since I was young (there are rocks younger than me) headphone cannot handle the power req'd to run speakers & they will melt (sort of)- not to mention you going deaf. In the old days, amps had a special headphone jack that was low output- came off the pre-amp. In modern amps w/Bluetooth, use the Bluetooth function & get your self some good Bluetooth headphones- s/b good to go.
fred p.  Apr 15, 2017
Those are in-wall speakers. Once installed there are no external connection points. You need to look on your receiver for any headphone connections.
thomas  Apr 15, 2017
Can you use banana plugs on these speakers?
robert  Nov 29, 2016
2 answers
Don't recall, they have been installed in the wall a couple years.
edeard  Dec 02, 2016
Yes you can
raul  Dec 01, 2016
Can the 65rt be installed in ceiling of patio??
mike  Jun 12, 2016
3 answers
Yes, if you have the standard 16" (or larger) stud spacing.
richard  Jun 13, 2016
I would be concerned with exposure to moisture. If this is not a concern, I see no reason why it would not work in the ceiling.
jeffrey  Jun 13, 2016
I suppose it could, but the 65rt takes advantage of "sound box" inside of wall. Ceiling installations don't have that resonance because they are normally open. To get good quality audio in ceiling one needs to build a sound box around the 65rt. Also, please take into account the environmental requirements for the 65rt. I do not remember temperature requirements and how that relates to your specific patio installation. I am pretty sure the 65rt is not specified for wet or even damp locations so that might be your limiting factor even before beginning to engineer and build sound boxes. In short, you might want to look for a speaker rated for damp locations or even a marine speaker.
bryan  Jun 13, 2016
Can they be installed horizontally?
robert  Jan 12, 2016
7 answers
Well, that would depend on how far apart the wall studs are located where you want to cut the holes in the drywall. Otherwise, the (4) mounting clips should hold just as effectively horizontally as vertically.
cecil w  Jan 15, 2016
Don't see why not.
jason  Jan 14, 2016
there is no problem with a hoirzontal install being mindful of the spacing of the wall stud at the proposed location. hope this helps
thomas j  Jan 13, 2016
Yes, if there is room between your studs.
edeard  Jan 13, 2016
Yes they can be installed horizontally. I don't know how it affects the sound quality.
r mark  Jan 13, 2016
I don't see any reason why you can't mount them horizontally. I mounted mine vertical because the room has side indents that fit them well. They do sound great.
jeffrey  Jan 13, 2016
There is nothing restricting you from installing horizontally. Personally, I prefer my tweeters to be higher than the woofer and have my bass resonate down.
colin  Jan 13, 2016
So I have exactly 8" of space between studs in the wall. Will that be sufficient for these speakers, I see that the cutout requirements is 7.25, but wasn't sure if there is extra space required for the spring clips?
rob  Oct 13, 2015
3 answers
The spring clips require no additional space. They will push up against the studs when extended regardless of the room left for them. Colin 2/15/16
colin  Feb 16, 2016
The cut-out template should allow the appropriate overhang for the spring clips to fasten. It's been a while since I installed mine, but believe 8" should be adequate. There are 4 clips: 1 up, 1 down, 1 left, and 1 right.
cecil w  Oct 23, 2015
can you go above and bellow the speakers. i think the clips can be snugged up in that way. can always route out the defined areas in the studs. speakers O D in that dimention is 9 inches. hope this helps
thomas j  Oct 14, 2015
I'm not able to install speakers in the wall, can these be installed in the ceiling?
derrick  Apr 22, 2015
8 answers
You can definitely install them in the ceiling. Physical installation should not be much different than installing in a wall. However, I do not know how this would affect the sound coming from the speaker. I think it would not be ideal since the speaker is designed for wall mounting. There are other Polk speakers that are designed for a ceiling mount that would be more appropriate.
r mark  Jan 24, 2016
There should be no issue physically installing these speakers in the ceiling. However, I'm not sure it they are designed for proper sound dispersion from the ceiling. Crutchfield or Polk could better weigh in on that aspect.
r mark  May 03, 2015
Yes. they work the exact same way as the "ceiling" speakers except they are rectangular instead of round. Just check for joists.
kyle  Apr 23, 2015
Yes. No problem installing them in a ceiling. Great speakers. Hard to beat Polk. Enjoy. Tor
tor  Apr 22, 2015
Yes they could. However, I would be hesitant to do so if the ceiling means the attic and exposure to that heat.
edeard  Apr 22, 2015
Yes, even Polk Audio support on their website says "Yes, the difference is just for aesthetics. In-wall can be installed in-ceiling.". However, I think the 70-RT is better suited to ceiling installations because the 65-RT PowerPort Bass venting system takes advantage of the wall space between studs sandwiched between the sheetrock. You won't likely have that reflective type of space in ceiling, but you could build an enclosure for the 65-RT if mounting in ceiling.
bryan  Apr 22, 2015
Yes. They sound great!
anthony  Apr 22, 2015
I would go with ceiling speakers for the rear surrounds but not the front. Maybe do some bookshelf speakers on stands. I did install these in the front but the wall was taken apart and even then I had to move a bunch of electric wires and switches out of the way. You never know what you may find in your ceiling either. There could be extra beams, joists, wires, plumbing etc.
peter  Apr 22, 2015
What is the Low Frequency Crossover at?
wolfie  Apr 13, 2015
2 answers
I don't know. Polk's website isn't much help, either. Sorry!
ralph d.  Apr 13, 2015
megan  Apr 13, 2015

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