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Kicker 46CSS654 CS Series 6-1/2" component speaker system

Item # 20646CS654

Kicker consistently prioritizes vehicle fit along with quality in their CS Series car speakers,...

Find what Fits your vehicle


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Kicker consistently prioritizes vehicle fit along with quality in their CS Series car speakers,...

Item # 20646CS654

About the Kicker 46CSS654

Alexander H.

The streamlined speaker system

Kicker consistently prioritizes vehicle fit along with quality in their CS Series car speakers, making them among the most popular we sell. And better fit doesn't come at the cost of better sound — you'll find several cool innovations at work here. Kicker's separate titanium tweeter, driven by a neodymium magnet, delivers your music's highs with control and clarity. The woofer's phase plug helps eliminate distortion, and its UV-treated poly-foam surround equips this Kicker speaker for enduring performance no matter what extremes life in your car door brings.

The streamlined speaker system

Kicker consistently prioritizes vehicle fit along with quality in their CS Series car speakers, making them among the most popular we sell. And better fit doesn't come at the cost of better sound — you'll find several cool innovations at work here. Kicker's separate titanium tweeter, driven by a neodymium magnet, delivers your music's highs with control and clarity. The woofer's phase plug helps eliminate distortion, and its UV-treated poly-foam surround equips this Kicker speaker for enduring performance no matter what extremes life in your car door brings.

Consistently solid sound

Kicker's 46CSS654 6-1/2" component speaker system serves up stellar sound using a polypropylene woofer for the lower frequencies and a titanium dome tweeter for the highs. Kicker includes a pair of external crossovers with three-level tweeter attenuation for fine-tuning your overall sound. Use an aftermarket car stereo or an outboard amp to enjoy classic Kicker quality with more detail and punch.


Product highlights:

  • component speaker system includes 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers
  • 6-1/2" polypropylene woofer with polyester foam surround
  • 3/4" titanium dome tweeter
  • external crossover network with 3 tweeter levels (0, +3, +6 dB)
  • handles up to 100 watts RMS (300 watts peak power)
  • frequency response: 35-21,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 90 dB
  • woofer top-mount depth: 1-13/16"
  • grilles included
  • warranty: 2 years
  • MFR # 46CSS654

What's in the box:

  • Two woofers
  • 2 Woofer grilles
  • Two tweeters (each with 36" Wire attached)
  • 2 Crossovers (each with 35" Input wire/ 35" Tweeter output wire/ 35" Woofer output wire attached)
  • 2 Flush mount tweeter rings
  • 2 Short tweeter mounting nuts
  • 2 Long tweeter mounting nuts
  • 2 Back angled tweeter rings
  • 2 Front angled tweeter rings
  • 2 Angled surface mount tweeter housings
  • Twelve 1" Screws
  • Four 5/8" Screws
  • Four 7" Zip-ties
  • 4 Red plastic wire caps
  • Owner's manual (English/ Spanish/ German/ French)

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More details on the Kicker 46CSS654

Pat M.

Features & specs

Speaker Size 6 1/2
Design 2-way
Tweeter Design 3/4" Dome
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Tweeter Composition Titanium
Woofer Composition Polypropylene
Woofer Surround Polyester Foam
Parts Warranty 2 Years
Labor Warranty 2 Years
Sensitivity (1W at 1 meter) 90
Sensitivity at 2.83 volts N/A
Frequency Response 35 - 21k Hz
Minimum RMS Wattage 10
Maximum RMS Wattage 100
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 300
Top-mount Depth (Inches) 1 13/16
Bottom-mount Depth (Inches) 2 3/16
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches) 4 15/16
Mounting Height (Inches) 0.413
Frame Width 6.235
Frame Length 6.235
The Kicker 46CSS654 replaces these items:

Product Research


Polypropylene Woofer Cones: The Kicker CS-series speakers feature durable polypropylene woofer cones, resistant to the moisture and temperature extremes found in automotive applications.

Ribbed Polyester Foam Surrounds: The ribbed polyester foam surrounds allow extended cone excursion for additional bass output and higher SPL.

Woofer Mounting Applications: Kicker describes these speakers as 6½. With the extended mounting "ears" around the perimeter of the frame, they also fit many 6¾ locations. Because Kicker also makes a dedicated 6¾ in this series (item number 20646CS674) that is typically a better fit, we don't recommend the CSS65 for those applications.

Tweeter Mounting Options: The tweeters come with brackets to allow multiple mounting configurations: flush-mounted, angled flush-mounted (approximately 10°), and angled surface-mounted (approximately 45°).

Tweeter Dimensions:

  Flush Mount Angled Flush Mount Angled Surface Mount
Mounting Height 0.275" 0.662" 1.928"
Depth 0.548" 0.705" 0.491" (screw depth)
Frame Diameter 1.968" 1.968" N/A
Cutout Diameter 1.570" 1.685" N/A
Frame Width N/A N/A 1.887"
Frame Length N/A N/A 2.110"

Crossovers: The component system includes passive 2-way crossover networks for a seamless transition between the woofers and tweeters. The slope is 12dB per octave (both high pass and low pass) and the crossover point is 4000 Hz. A switch on each crossover allows you to set the tweeter output; 0 dB, +3 dB, or +6 dB. Each crossover's input and output wires are attached; the 35" woofer output has quick slide terminals that connect directly to the woofer and the 35" tweeter output has bullet terminals that mate to the terminals on the tweeter wires.

Crossover Dimensions:

  • Length: 4.02" (4.67" including mounting flange)
  • Width: 2.29" (4.47" including tweeter output level switch)
  • Height: 1.01"

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Customer Q&A

17 questions already asked

is the crossover unit running a high pass on the woofer or nothing at all? should we set the high pass crossover on the outboard amp to a certain frequency, leave it as is or? I can't find this info in any of the details,, THANKS!!!
grizz  Jun 17, 2023
1 answer
The crossover does not implement a high-pass filter (or band-pass) for the woofer. The crossover only provides a low-pass filter for the woofer. You may consider setting a high-pass filter on the amplifier, but the crossover point would need to be fairly low, especially if your system does not include a subwoofer.
zachary  Jun 18, 2023 (Staff)
If running these in the front upper and lower and Kicker 46CSC654CS Series 6-1/2" 2-way car speakers in the rear of my 1998 dodge Durango, do I need a 4 or 6 channel amp?
robert  Feb 09, 2023
1 answer
This scenario would only call for a 4-channel amplifier. The tweeter and woofer on each respective side of the vehicle will only need one channel per set since each woofer and tweeter is connected to an included crossover box.
zachary  Feb 09, 2023 (Staff)
Can these be installed without visible modification to the factory grilles on a 2002 Mini Cooper S?
john  Jul 28, 2022
1 answer
Based on our research, these speakers will fit into the factory locations without visible modifications to the grilles. The tweeters will require some degree of custom mounting, but this should be doable while maintaining the look of the factory tweeter grilles. For more help with selecting speakers for your vehicle, please give us a call at 1-800-324-9695.
zachary  Jul 28, 2022 (Staff)
Is the 100watt rms for each or both together?
timothy  Jul 08, 2021
1 answer
The watt rating is for each speaker. I had these installed on my harley with a 100x2 amp and they sounded great.
brent  Jul 09, 2021
Does it matter where I mount the crossover? Which location would be better, 1st- closer to the tweeter and mount under dash or 2nd- under the seat, mount next to the amp?
bradley  Dec 11, 2020
1 answer
Either location would work. I would go with the most convenient location for installing. You will have two sets of speaker wire to run after the crossover. You would need more wire if mounted next to the amp. I hope this is helpful.
kevin  Dec 11, 2020
What does the switch on the crossover do?
andrew  Oct 21, 2020
2 answers
IT changes the slope of the tweeter. -3db, -6db
kevin  Dec 11, 2020
Selects high or low frequency bypass.
kc  Oct 21, 2020
What size amp do I need?
ronald jerry  Jun 07, 2020
1 answer
I'm driving mine with a JVC 750Bt with theses specs Black Audio Watts Per Channel 50 watts RMS PowerInfo 22 watts Preamp Output Level 4 volts
ubaldo  Jun 07, 2020
2007 GMC Envoy, if I'm getting this set for my front doors, what should I get for my rear doors?
casey  May 19, 2020
2 answers
I bought kicker rear door speakers for my truck. I had a Bose system so mine might vary from what you need. Get the advise from an online tech , they all seem to have a good amount of knowledge to share. I have bought 3 sets of stereos and speakers from Crutchfield and have taken advise from the tech reps that have worked out well.
denise  May 19, 2020
The same kickers you have upfront should be fine for the doors in the back,, hopefully you have the same space available. If that is not enough bass, you have plenty of room to put a sub woofer box in the back.
tom  May 19, 2020
Do I need to re-wire the speakers and tweeters using this cross over, or can I just hook up the speakers and tweeters to the existing wiring in my 2010 Honda Ridgeline?
toxicity  Apr 23, 2020
5 answers
If this means the 2010 Ridgleine has separates already I'd say go for it. A crossover is a crossover is a crossover. What you don't wanna do is omit the crossover and smoke your tweeters with mid frequency. As long as your resistance is the same I don't know if I'd see an issue with it. I have these in my work van and they sound awesome with the supplied crossover- just food for thought if thew main speaker feed is anywhere near your mids, throw it in there!
shane  Apr 26, 2020
They go directly to the factory wiring
dane  Apr 23, 2020
I would rewire, because I'm not sure if your ridgeline is wired with the correct values used by the crossover box or not. Using factory wiring you could be running straight, full frequencies to each speaker 8nstead of running through the crossover box like you should... best to rewire and send the correct frequencies. Hope that helps
robert john  Apr 23, 2020
You can use the existing wiring from your factory head unit. However, to get the full performance out of these mid range component speakers, you would need an aftermarket head unit and amp. Unless the factory speakers in your Honda are blown, I wouldn't waste your money on new speakers unless you are upgrading head unit and amp.
devin  Apr 23, 2020
I would recommend using the Kicker x-over.The factory setup most likely has a very basic x-over mounted on the tweeter if any all, and the mids would have none. The x-cover can be placed in a location mid point between the speaker (Under dash) and tied into factory wiring, or the better choice run your own. Unless you are familiar with the wiring of your vehicle and know how it ties into radio, its best to run your wiring. Hope this helps! Good Luck!
james  Apr 23, 2020
Are these good speakers to pair with a subwoofer?
logan  Jan 30, 2020
2 answers
Yes, I'm very happy with these installed in a 2008 Scion xB, front doors. Rear doors have Kicker 46CSC654 speakers. 2X Kicker CompR 10" Subs. Kicker 700.5 Amp. Pioneer DVD Head-unit.
joseph d  Jan 30, 2020
Yes, great mid bass for the price. I suggest putting them on a separate amp though.
devin  Jan 30, 2020
How's the bass? Compared to factory speakers
josue  Jan 15, 2020
5 answers
Bass is noticeably stronger than stock speakers. Perfect for Amplified or non amplified. Would recommend amplified as you get higher quality and more sound.
brenden  Jan 16, 2020
I see several people asking about the bass. Our 4runner install we already have 2-10" JBL Subs in the rear and a new Jensen head unit. Obviously the kicker's components will not do what the subs will do. Between the head unit, sub amp, and component speaker amp we have a lot of control over what we want to hear. I chose to make some mounting plates for the tweeters to go into the factory locations and was able to mount the crossovers near the tweeters inside the door.
bill  Jan 15, 2020
They are much better. The factory speakers were 15 years old and had visibly deteriorated. We also installed an amplifier to run these speakers, so the difference is pretty dramatic.
bill  Jan 15, 2020
I changed everything in my son's acura rsx and what a difference. Bass is great. Crisp high and mid.
scott  Jan 15, 2020
Depends on what you are replacing. Mine went into a 2012 Ram 1500, replacing factory 6x9s. I am running them off an amp as opposed to off an indash, so the bass is far superior to the OEM speakers. I have heard them when run on an aftermarket indash as well, and even then it sounded more controlled than the OEM.
mark  Jan 15, 2020
How's the bass?
josue  Jan 15, 2020
1 answer
Surprisingly good enough that I'm debating the addition of a sub. My next step is the addition of a Kicker Key and based on the reviews I've read and the type of music I enjoy I think a sub won't be called for in this build.
robert  Jan 15, 2020
do all of the components mount inside the door in stock location?
matt  Jan 03, 2020
3 answers
If the door has both a woofer and tweeter in it, then all of this Kicker component speaker can be installed in the doors. If the tweeter is not in the doors, then that may change the location that the crossover gets installed but the only way to truly know is to look at the specific vehicle for the driver locations and if needed, the layout of the wiring. Feel free to contact an advisor on 1-800-324-9695 to get more information about your specific vehicle
jason  Jan 15, 2020 (Staff)
I had to custom mount the tweeter. Th woofer fit in the door with the install kit. The crossover, I was able to mount on the door under the panel. It took a little work, but the end result was worth it. sounds great.
kevin  Jan 14, 2020
Yeah, it was a pretty straight forward install. I ended up using a combination between the new hardware that came with the speakers and the OEM speakers but they worked great.
miguel  Jan 14, 2020

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