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AudioQuest DragonFly® Black v1.5

Plug-in USB DAC/headphone amplifier, compatible with Apple® and Android™ mobile devices

Item # 703DGNFLYB

From the get go, all of us here at Crutchfield were instant fans of the AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC, and the way...

From the get go, all of us here at Crutchfield were instant fans of the AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC, and the way...

Item # 703DGNFLYB

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About the AudioQuest DragonFly® Black v1.5

Dave Bar

Upgrade your music on the go

From the get go, all of us here at Crutchfield were instant fans of the AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC, and the way it improved the sound of our computer music. But a lot of us wished it could work with our smartphones and tablets, too. Well, we got our wish. The DragonFly Black now delivers that same clear, dynamic sound with Apple or Android mobile devices. The design gurus at AudioQuest not only gave the Black a far more energy-efficient design — ideal for portable use — but they even managed to enhance its performance.
DragonFly Black plugged into a smartphone

The DragonFly Black's low power consumption makes it a perfect companion for your smartphone or tablet.

Upgrade your music on the go

From the get go, all of us here at Crutchfield were instant fans of the AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC, and the way it improved the sound of our computer music. But a lot of us wished it could work with our smartphones and tablets, too. Well, we got our wish. The DragonFly Black now delivers that same clear, dynamic sound with Apple or Android mobile devices. The design gurus at AudioQuest not only gave the Black a far more energy-efficient design — ideal for portable use — but they even managed to enhance its performance.

Low power consumption and better sound

The first thing that AudioQuest did was to give the Black a new high-performance USB microcontroller with greatly reduced power consumption (77% less, to be exact) for true compatibility with mobile devices. The new chip also provides an improved signal-to-noise ratio for quieter operation and cleaner sound. Plus, it enables future software upgrades through AudioQuest's free desktop application. 

AudioQuest also replaced the DragonFly's original DAC chip with an improved 32-bit ESS Sabre 9010 processor. This high-performance DAC features minimum-phase filtering for exceptionally detailed, dynamic, and natural sound.

Enjoy high-res USB audio

Along with all the sonic benefits the DragonFly provides for your compressed and CD-quality music files, it also decodes high-resolution data streams with up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution, so you can enjoy better-than-CD audio quality. If you download high-res music files from HDtracks and other audiophile sources, this DAC will ensure they sound terrific. The dragonfly-shaped logo on the DAC's exterior even lights up and changes colour to verify the resolution of the incoming signal.

Connections and controls

The Dragonfly Black delivers enough power to easily drive earbuds and efficient portable headphones, as well as the preamp inputs of a receiver or powered speakers. And although it's operated digitally from your computer screen or mobile device's interface, the DragonFly's precise, 64-step analog volume control avoids any reduction in resolution or sound quality that can plague many digital volume controls.

Plug your headphones directly into the DragonFly's stereo mini audio output jack for high-energy private listening. You can also use an optional stereo mini-to-mini cable or mini-to-RCA adapter to feed a line-level signal to a pair of powered speakers, power amplifier, or receiver for more robust, room-filling sound. 

Travelling with your laptop and DragonFly?

If you plan on taking your laptop and DragonFly with you (it is highly portable, after all), you'll want to play it safe. AudioQuest's flexible DragonTail USB extender provides strain relief that can protect your computer's USB port if someone bumps into your laptop on a plane or in the coffee shop. The DragonTail also helps take some of the strain off that port when you're plugging in headphones with a heavy cable.


Product highlights:

  • compatible with Windows® and Mac® computers
  • compatible with iPhone® and iPad®
  • compatible with some Android™ devices
  • 32-bit ESS Sabre™ 9010 digital-to-analog conversion chip with minimum phase filter for detailed, dynamic, and natural sounding music
  • offers rendering for MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) audio files with firmware update
  • high-efficiency microcontroller for extremely low power draw
  • powered by USB connection — no need for external power supply
  • asynchronous USB data transfer using Wavelength Audio, ltd.'s Streamlength® protocol for reduced timing jitter and better sound
  • 3.5mm stereo minijack provides:
    • headphone output (minimum recommended headphone impedance 12 ohms and higher)
    • variable line-level output for driving powered speakers or power amp
    • fixed line-level output for connecting to a preamp or receiver
  • 64-position analog volume control (digitally controlled using your computer or mobile device)
  • supported sample rates: PCM up to 96kHz native resolution
    • sample rates above 96kHz will play but are down-converted by your computer or mobile device's playback software
  • incoming sample rate LED indicator for 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, and 96kHz sampling rates
  • input bit depth: 16 bits, 24 bits
  • output voltage: 1.2 Vrms
  • durable metal construction with rubberized coating
  • no cables included
  • supported operating systems:
    • Windows® 7, 8.1, and 10
    • Apple OS X® (version 10.6.8 or later)
    • Apple iOS® (5 and newer)
    • Android™ Lollipop OS (and some devices running KitKat OS)
  • 3/4"W x 1/2"H x 2-3/8"D
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Our 60-day money-back guarantee

What's in the box:

  • USB DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp (protection cap installed)
  • Storage pouch
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Warranty Registration Card

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More details on the AudioQuest DragonFly® Black v1.5

Mark G.

Features & specs

Type Portable
Built-in Rechargable Battery No
Built-in Headphone Amplifier
Output Power 1.2V
Output Impedance (Unbalanced) 10k ohms
Output Impedance (Balanced) N/A
Audio Specs
Bit Depth (USB) 24
Max Sampling Rate (USB) 96 kHz
Bit Depth (S/PDIF) 0
Max Sampling Rate S/PDIF N/A
S/N Ratio (Unbalanced, in dB) 0
S/N Ratio (Balanced, in dB) 0
THD (Unbalanced) Not given
THD (Balanced) Not given
Supported File Types
PCM Up to 96kHz
Total Inputs 1
USB Type A
Optical Digital None
Coaxial Digital None
3.5mm Digital None
Stereo RCA Analog None
Stereo 3.5mm Analog None
Stereo XLR Analog None
Headphone Outputs
3.5mm Unbalanced 1
1/4-inch Unbalanced None
4.4mm Balanced None
XLR4 Balanced None
Other Headphone Outs None
Line Level & Digital Outs
RCA Line Out None
3.5mm Line Out 1
XLR Line Out None
Subwoofer Out None
Optical Digital Out None
Coaxial Digital Out None
Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth No
Wi-Fi No
Apple-compatible No
Android-compatible No
General Info
Width (inches) 0-3/4
Height (inches) 0-1/2
Depth (inches) 2-1/2
Weight 0.0438 lbs.
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year

Product Research


USB DAC + Preamp + Headphone Amp: The AudioQuest DragonFly Black is a sleek, flash-drive sized USB DAC+Preamp+Headphone Amp that delivers far superior sound by bypassing the poor quality sound card that is built into your Apple iOS and Android smartphone/tablet or Windows and Mac laptop/desktop computer; turning your device into a true high-fidelity music source. Its 3.5mm port is designed specifically to connect to an external audio system such as headphones, powered desktop speakers, or your HiFi audio system.

  • Apple Compatibility: Compatible with Apple iOS 9.2+ devices that have Lightning connector (not compatible with 30-pin Apple devices). The preferred method for connecting an Apple iOS device is using Apple's Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter (472LTUSBC3, sold separately). Your Apple iOS device's battery will even charge while connected.
  • Android Compatibility: Compatible with most Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.1 or newer using the DragonTail USB adapter (703DTAILAN, sold separately). If the DragonFly Black seems to have too little output, then download the the USB Audio Player Prop app which includes its own USB audio driver. This application is compatible with various audio formats and will manage music on both the Android's internal memory and inserted microSD card. Additionally, with your Android phone connected to a WiFi network, this app can find and connect to DLNA servers/libraries, plus support playback of Tidal (UAPP does not offer support for any other 3rd-party applications).
  • Windows Compatibility:  Compatible with Windows PC (XP/7/8.1/10). No additional drivers are required for DragonFly Red to operate with Windows PC.
  • Mac Compatibility: Compatible with Mac computers (OS X 10.6.8-up). No additional drivers are required for DragonFly Red to operate with Mac OS X.

Note: Use AudioQuest's JitterBug or JitterBug FMJ (both sold separately) in series with the DragonFly Black to further reduce noise and resonances.

High-Performance Microcontroller: AudioQuest and DragonFly designer Gordon Rankin worked alongside Microchip Technology to develop a new high-performance, full-speed USB microcontroller solution that delivers improved signal-to-noise ratio and significantly lower power consumption. Drawing 77% less current than the previous microcontroller, the new Microchip PIC32MX microcontroller enables true compatibility with Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad and Android smartphones/tablets. In addition, the Microchip's ultra-low-noise power supply minimizes the sound-degrading effect of high-frequency interference on the critical audio signal.

32-Bit ESS Sabre 9010 DAC: At the heart of DragonFly Black is a 32-bit ESS Sabre 9010 DAC that uses a sophisticated minimum-phase digital filter to provide more naturally detailed and dynamic music. This high-performance DAC is typically found in today's higher-end CD and Blu-ray players. DragonFly Black can accept audio and music files ranging from MP3s (128/256/320kbps) and CD-standard 16-bit/44kHz to native 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution, regardless of music file format. DragonFly Black will accept almost any audio you want to play on your computer and make it sound dramatically better, whether your listening pleasure is iTunes or streaming music services such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, or Tidal.

Streamlength Asynchronous USB: Timing errors such as "jitter" have long been the plague of digital audio playback; never more so than in recent years as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have been pressed into service as audio source components. Rather than sharing crucial audio "data clocking" functions with your source device, DragonFly Black uses a very sophisticated Streamlength Asynchronous USB audio data transfer protocol which takes command over the timing of the audio data transfer, dramatically reducing digital timing errors. As a result, you get low jitter, low resource load, minimal packet errors, world-class audio playback, and reliable connectivity between the USB DAC+Preamp+Headphone Amp and your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Hybrid-PLL Clock System: The DragonFly Black employs a unique clock system called a Hybrid-PLL. While not discrete, the Hybrid-PLL performs equal to, or better than, many discrete clock systems.

Compatible Sampling Frequencies: DragonFly Black will play music or audio data at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, or 96kHz. However, for the best sonic results your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer should be configured so that it sends music and audio data to DragonFly Black that matches the "native rate" of the music. For example, since all CDs and music files purchased from iTunes are at a 44.1kHz sample rate, for many people 44.1kHz will be the best sample rate since this is the "native rate" of most digital music. Choosing a higher sample rate will convert your native music and audio data using mathematical approximations that can potentially decrease the sound quality. Conversely, if you have purchased high-resolution music files (96kHz), such as those available from, configuring your computer for 44.1kHz (or any other lower sample rate) will cause the computer to down-sample your music to a lower resolution. When possible, always configure the computer to output the native sample rate of the music you are listening to.

Note: If you have purchased a file that has a higher sample rate than 96kHz you need to configure your smartphone/tablet or computer/laptop to send DragonFly Black audio data at a resolution no greater than 96kHz, and for the best performance the sample rate you choose should be exactly half the sample rate of the file you're playing. For example; if you purchased a 24-bit/176.4kHz file, 88.2kHz should be selected, whereas if you purchased a 24/192kHz file, 96kHz should be selected. Directly divisible sample rates prevent the computer from doing sonically degrading, complex math in its conversions and allows DragonFly Black to sound its best.

MQA Firmware Update: The latest firmware update (1.06) will provide the DragonFly Black with the capability of rendering Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) files. This means that now the DragonFly Black lets you experience your favorite albums and songs in the highest audio resolutions available. As an MQA-rendering DAC, the DragonFly Black must be used with an MQA-approved playback application, such as Tidal or Audirvana (with more to come), in order to unlock the full resolution of an MQA file.

Note: When rendering MQA files, the DragonFly Black will display a purple light. (Sampling rates of 96kHz will continue to display in magenta.) While the DragonFly Black will not specify the native resolution of the associated MQA file, you can rest assured that the MQA file was derived from the highest source resolution available.

64-Step Analog Volume Control: The AudioQuest DragonFly Black is equipped with a 64-step analog volume control. With DragonFly Black connected to a PC or mobile device, adjusting the host's system volume control will, through proxy, control the DragonFly Black's onboard volume. This ensures maximum resolution and the highest sound quality, regardless of volume setting

Direct Coupled Analog Circuits: DragonFly Black's analog circuits are direct-coupled from the ESS converter chip's output, avoiding the need for any extraneous, sonically degrading components in the signal path.

Stereo Minijack Output (1.2-Volt): DragonFly Black is fitted with a stereo female minijack (3.5mm) output and will output 1.2-volts, which is enough power to successfully drive most preamplifier input circuits and a wide range of today's medium-to-moderately efficient headphones. The DragonFly Black's 3.5mm output can be used as a Headphone Jack, a Variable Out, or a Fixed Output.

  • Headphone Out: DragonFly Black is versatile enough to drive virtually any headphone on the market today. DragonFly Black can drive any headphone from 12-ohm impedance on up. DragonFly Black has enough output to drive even the lowest efficiency headphones.
  • Variable Out: DragonFly Black can be used in "variable" output mode with computer-controlled analog volume control when connected directly to powered speakers or a power amplifier.
  • Fixed Out: Connecting to a traditional preamplifier or AV receiver, DragonFly Black can be set to a "fixed" output mode by turning the volume to maximum, allowing it to behave like a CD or Blu-ray player.

LED Indicator: A smart LED indicator behind the DragonFly Black icon shows the resolution of the incoming signal - 44.1kHz (green), 48kHz (blue), 88.2kHz (amber), and 96kHz (magenta). Red indicates standby mode.

Firmware Software Upgrades: The DragonFly Black is firmware/software upgradeable through a complimentary Windows PC or Mac OS X desktop application. As new developments arise in music player applications, streaming protocols, or other associated software; DragonFly Black users will be able to incorporate those updates to their existing devices.

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Customer Q&A

17 questions already asked

Can you use the Dragonfly black with 300 ohm headphones like the Drop Sennheiser HD 6XX ? Will it provide enough power?
[ CHARLES  Jun 08, 2022 ]
1 answer
Greetings Charles, and thank you for your question. I reached out to AudioQuest for a more definite answer. The Black is recommended for up to 150ohm headphones. They would still work, but at lower volume levels. They recommended the Dragon Fly Red, or Cobalt for 300ohm headphones.
[ THOMAS  Jun 08, 2022 ]  Staff
This may sound silly but will a DAC create noticable sound improvement on a mid-sized Sony boombox (uses 8 D batteries, to give you an idea on size)? I use it all the time for summer sand volleyball events so noticeable SQ improvement would be worth the upgrade to me.
[ Chad  Mar 30, 2022 ]
3 answers
Can't say but I doubt it. But who knows........
[ SCOTT  Mar 31, 2022 ]
Every situation in which I have tried this DAC, I have been surprised at the effect. It's hard to say in your application, but I have run it into computer speakers and been amazed.
[ TIMOTHY  Mar 31, 2022 ]
It is hard to say. The biggest difference would be if you are going from Bluetooth to wired or compressed music to uncompressed music. The sound quality using this DAC coupled with tidal or another uncompressed source would probably be similar sound to a CD with uncompressed music playing on the boom box.
[ Andrew  Mar 30, 2022 ]
Is there a way that I can use a DAC in my 2018 Audi A6 with the Bose Audio system, to improve the sound quality of the music tracks from my IPhone 12? Any DAC, doesn't have to be this one.
[ KEN  Jun 02, 2021 ]
3 answers
I have a DragonFly and a 2020 Audi (and previously, a 2013) but I can't think of a way to bypass the car's onboard DAC. The output of a DAC is an analog signal, and all inputs into the car's audio system (via bluetooth or USB) are digital. Although, if you have a higher-end Audi sound system (like the Bose or B&O), I think the DAC is already pretty decent. I have the B&O sound system in my car and have no complaints.
[ Michael  Jun 02, 2021 ]
You have to get the Apple Dragon Tail or Apple Camera converter. Both covert the lighting connection into a female USB input. The DAC plugs into the USB female input and then you run an auxiliary wire from the DAC to the auxiliary input in your stereo system. The sound improves tenfold.
[ LOREN CHI  Jun 02, 2021 ]
Yes I believe you can however you will need some sort of lightning cable between the phone and the Dac then into your cars auxiliary input.
[ MARK  Jun 02, 2021 ]
If I plug my iPhone via USB into either my vehicle's (2014 Ram) USB or my boat's Kenwood deck USB, will this make a difference? Using either Tidal hifi or Amazon HD. If I understand correctly, I am using the DAC on the device I am plugging into at that point, i.e. the boat or truck.
[ NATHAN  Apr 28, 2021 ]
1 answer
Correct. In your current configuration, the D/A conversion is happening on the DAC in the truck/boat audio system. To do what you are proposing, you would need to connect the DragonFly to the iPhone (w/Lightning to USB adapter) and then use an analog stereo cable from the DragonFly into the truck/boat (the truck/boat stereo system would need to provide an aux/line-in type connection). In this configuration the iPhone is the source, the DragonFly is your DAC, and the truck/boat stereo is your amplifier. Would you hear a notable difference in the sound with the DragonFly vs. the onboard DAC in the truck/boat? IMO, probably not. But I guess that also depends on the quality of the DAC in the truck/boat and what you're doing in the truck/boat while listening. If you have the music cranked up and the throttle wide-open crashing the waves, there's no way that one could ever hear a difference. I use my DragonFly for headphone listening with a pretty good set of headphones.
[ GRIFFITH  May 01, 2021 ]
Can I plug the dragonfly into my stereo amp rather than speakers?
[ f  Oct 19, 2020 ]
9 answers
Contact Audioquest
[ PAUL  Oct 21, 2020 ]
Not sure. UBS-C port on one end, mini stereo for headphones on the other.
[ Timothy  Oct 20, 2020 ]
Not sure if the USB port is set up to send a signal out (like a headphone jack) to headphones, or if it's just for porting files (e.g. music) in.
[ JAMES  Oct 19, 2020 ]
So you are asking can you listen to headphones without any speakers connected to the system? I would think so. Output to speakers is bypassed when headphones are connected so I'm not sure what difference there is if speakers are connected or not connected. But I would ask someone at Crutchfield to confirm, should be a quick, easy answer for them to provide. They are the experts, I am not!
[ JAMES  Oct 19, 2020 ]
Best case scenario is Dragonfly Dac into your laptop or phone with an adapter for its source. Say Amazon music or Qbuz. Then mini plug out to your amp. A duel RCA to mini jack and good to go. BTW headphones will plug and play.
[ CHARLES  Oct 19, 2020 ]
I find the best way to connect is from a device itself by way of a 3.5mm male rca cable.
[ MARK  Oct 19, 2020 ]
Yes. From your source ( CD player, streamer, iPhone etc) to input Of dragon fly then analog out ( stereo mini plug to rca type From dragonfly) to analog input of amp ( aux or any other high level input)
[ walter  Oct 19, 2020 ]
Sure If it has a USB port
[ TOM  Oct 19, 2020 ]
A car stereo amp or home stereo?
[ LOREN CHI  Oct 19, 2020 ]
How Can I connect the iPhone to a power source when using the dragon fly ?
[ Mike  Oct 04, 2020 ]
1 answer
Get a dongle that has both a USB input for the Dragonfly and a lightning input for the power source. They are widely available. I find the Dragonfly really drains power, even though, according to the advertising, it's not supposed to.
[ Stanley  Oct 04, 2020 ]
Can music files be played via Windows Media Player using Sync? I want to be able to use the equalizer.
[ Richard  Apr 23, 2020 ]
1 answer
You sure can play your music in Windows Media player and have it sent to this USB DAC as long as the computer's OS is compatible which is Windows® 7, 8.1, and 10. And Apple OS X® (version 10.6.8 or later)
[ JASON  May 12, 2020 ]  Staff
I have a iPad built into my trucks dash bezel that feeds audio signal directly into a JL Audio HD900/5 amp via USB 3 camera adapter and aux cable. Will this device significantly improve the sound quality in my system? If so, would the DragonFly Red be better for my application?
[ kathleen  May 15, 2019 ]
1 answer
I have both the black 1.5 and red and I can speak to how it sounds on IOS devices (ipad pro 2018/ipad mini 2&5/iphone 5s/6). I prefer the black 1.5 on the ios devices when using large cans (headphones) because the actual volume is louder. I prefer the red when using my pc and laptop on the same headphones. The red is a little bit cleaner and has a bit more soundstage, but it lacks in upper headroom for volume. If I were in your situation, I would pick the red (assuming you have a good powerful amp in your truck, which the HD900/5 certainly qualifies). You WILL notice a difference in sound over the built-in dac of the ipad.
[ Scott  May 28, 2019 ]
Can I plug this into my car's usb port then plug my iPhone into it for better sound in my car?
[ JAMES K  May 04, 2017 ]
5 answers
I have not tried that myself it probably will not work because the USB side is the source of the music.
[ CLINTON  May 08, 2017 ]
No. This device is "output" only.
[ JUSTIN  May 05, 2017 ]
Not entirely sure because I THINK that the USB end is to input the sound and the 3.5mm jack is the output. That said you might be able to use the Dragontail device for iPhone to connect your iPhone to this device and then another 3.5mm cable (with the appropriate end) to connect to the car.
[ ALEC  May 05, 2017 ]
No, the setup you're describing won't work. The car's USB port is looking for a file system on a USB stick, from which to ingest music files to play; or, for an MTP (Music Transfer Protocol) device, such as an Android phone; or, for an Apple device, such as iPhone or iPod. The Dragonfly is a USB sound card, and it expects to be treated as an audio device, with a digital audio bitstream sent to it (and not pulled from it). This makes it incompatible with your car's USB port. Additionally, it only outputs analog audio; it won't ingest analog audio output from your iPhone. However! If you get an adapter cable to adapt your iPhone's connector to a female USB A connector, you can then plug the Dragonfly into your phone, and connect the Dragonfly's analog audio output to the aux input in your car (if it has one). This approach has a couple of drawbacks: Faster battery drain on your phone, since it will be powering the Dragonfly, and you won't be able to control your phone via the steering wheel audio controls (for track skip, etc.) You'd likely get the best audio quality by plugging your iPhone directly into the USB port, which allows the audio files to remain in the digital domain until they reach your stereo; this also allows you to use your steering wheel-mounted audio controls.
[ Adam  May 05, 2017 ]
The DragonFly has 2 connections. A USB which is an input connection and a phone jack which is an output connection. If your car system has a phone jack input you could use the DragonFly on your iPhone to source your car system.
[ Jeffrey  May 05, 2017 ]
Has anyone used this to send computer audio via usb to a full size amplifier or receiver using a 3.5mm to RCA cable? Are you happy with the results? Thanks.
[ L. CURTIS  May 02, 2017 ]
5 answers
I get the same result when listening through Bluetooth. Where this device is good is listening to songs through your computer. But to me it seems that is just bumps up the volume compared to no device. I tried to get the adapter for this so I could connect my phone to it but have been unsuccessful so far. All-in-all, if you use your headphone alot then go for it. Otherwise, save your money.
[ Barry  May 07, 2017 ]
Well not exactly to a super hi end system but I have plugged it into a number of car systems as well as some of the nicer portable speakers (Kef Muo, B&W T7 etc...) plugged into the iPhone 7 via the USB 3 camera connection kit and an Audioquest tower interconnect the sound is amazing for 100 bucks. I have had and have a lot of hi end gear and the quality that you get out of this little guy just blows my mind for the price.
[ RYAN  May 04, 2017 ]
I use a Harmon Kardon hk550 receiver and also a Pioneer Elite network receiver for music. I am extremely pleased with the performance I get through the Dragonfly. I use the aux input on the receiver and USB with 3.5mm cable out from my computer just as your note says. I sometime use my iPhone with the dragonfly to go to the aux input of my Pioneer the same way. I think the audio is outstanding. Hope this helps.
[ DANA  May 04, 2017 ]
Sorry for the previous interruptin. The schiit modi and dragonfly are very close in sound without doing very critical a-b testing. Either is a major improvement over the line out from the pc.
[ KEN  May 04, 2017 ]
I have and it sounds great. I also have listened with a Schitt modi designed for a traditional amp setup and they are veer
[ KEN  May 04, 2017 ]
Has anyone used the Dragonfly Black with noise-cancelling headphones (like the Bose QuietComfort25s)???
[ Dana  Feb 23, 2017 ]
2 answers
I use the Dragonfly Black with AudioTech ATH-ANC9 noise-cancelling headphones. There's not much difference using the Dragonfly with a cheap set of earbuds, but it's a pretty dramatic difference with noise-cancelling headphones.
[ Michael  Nov 21, 2017 ]
I have used it with the Blue Lola headphones as well as the Munition Pro40 headphones and they sound great. My iPhone through the Dragonfly can power both pairs really well and sound quality is obviously better that the integrated dac.
[ Nathan  Feb 23, 2017 ]
my phone has usb type c, will this work?
[ John  Nov 03, 2016 ]
2 answers
Yep! You just need a male USB c to a female USB adapter
[ Nicholas  Nov 03, 2016 ]
Nope. You'd need an adapter to get this down to a USB C.
[ Richard  Nov 03, 2016 ]
Would this work with an iPod?
[ Greg  Aug 30, 2016 ]
5 answers
yes if it has a ubs port
[ RAYMOND  Aug 31, 2016 ]
The device needs to have a port for lightning to USB adapter. I'm not familiar with all iPods, but the iPod touch might. Don't think it works with the older versions.
[ DANA  Aug 31, 2016 ]
As long as it is a later generation iPod with the Lightning connector, then it will work. I use it with my iPad mini and it is connected by the Apple camera adapter, which I bought at Crutchfield as well. Don't pass up the DragonFly Black. It really makes a difference.
[ NATHAN  Aug 31, 2016 ]
I use mine with my iPhone so I'm sure it would work with iPod. You may need a recent operating system. I did have problems on iPad with older system. You can check online manual for requirements
[ Larry  Aug 31, 2016 ]
Would work great - you'll just need a USB adapter compatible with your ipod. Just Google "Dragonfly ipod usb adapter".
[ Bryce  Aug 31, 2016 ]
Is the dragonfly black compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3?
[ Brian  Aug 19, 2016 ]
1 answer
The DragonFly Black v1.5 is compatible with most Android devices running on Lollipop OS (and some Android devices running on KitKat), provided that the device manufacturer has adhered to the USB specification and implementation, and supports audio over USB. To verify that your Android device complies with isochronous USB audio, you can download and run USB Host Check (link: from the Google Play Store. I hope that helps!
[ DAVID  Aug 23, 2016 ]  Staff
I use my iPhone 6 to run audio form Amazon Prime Music to my Onkyo amp with Polk tower speakers. Will this make a noticeable difference?
[ John  Aug 11, 2016 ]
2 answers
It brings the soundstage to a more immersive front, as well adds depth to every instrument in a given track. While it might not be a night and day experience, a trained ear will appreciate this device.
[ Nicholas  Aug 12, 2016 ]
Not too sure about that application but when used with my Hi Fi Man 600 earbuds it was a night and day difference. You can always try it and return it since Crutchfield offers a great return program.
[ CHRIS  Aug 12, 2016 ]
Would this work in a vehicle?
[ JAMES K  Jul 20, 2016 ]
3 answers
I use the Dragonfly with the Apple Lightning adaptor in my vehicle. I use a mini to mini cable and plug one end into the aux jack in my car and the other end to the Dragonfly. Works good and I carry it with me all the time. I do extensive driving for work and it's great. Charge your phone if you're using it for music source. You can't charge while hooked up this way.
[ DANA  Jul 22, 2016 ]
Question is probably beyond my pay grade. It connects to a USB port and then to headphones. I use it with my computer or my iPhone using a lightening to USB connector.
[ Brian  Jul 20, 2016 ]
Your question is pretty broad but yes it works in a vehicle. I use my iPhone, using a lightning >> USB adapter (the camera adapter), to the Dragonfly, then this goes via 3.5mm (standard headphone size) into the aux in of my truck.
[ Nathan  Jul 20, 2016 ]

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