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Klipsch AW-650

Outdoor speakers (White)

Item # 714AW650

Like most Klipsch speakers, the AW-650 outdoor speakers aren't shy.

Like most Klipsch speakers, the AW-650 outdoor speakers aren't shy.

Item # 714AW650

In stock
C$659.99 pair

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About the Klipsch AW-650

James Ralston

Klipsch sound for the great outdoors

Like most Klipsch speakers, the AW-650 outdoor speakers aren't shy. These weatherproof speakers are actually pretty large — they aren't likely to "disappear" into the background. But what you get is plenty of powerful Klipsch sound to cover wide-open outdoor areas. They're great for entertaining guests in the backyard or just hanging out poolside.

Klipsch sound for the great outdoors

Like most Klipsch speakers, the AW-650 outdoor speakers aren't shy. These weatherproof speakers are actually pretty large — they aren't likely to "disappear" into the background. But what you get is plenty of powerful Klipsch sound to cover wide-open outdoor areas. They're great for entertaining guests in the backyard or just hanging out poolside.

Rugged, all-weather design
Mount these outdoor speakers in a corner or under roof eaves with the included brackets. All-weather enclosures and rust-proof aluminum grilles stand up to the elements, ensuring years of worry-free performance.

Horn technology for powerful performance
Because high-frequency sounds are more directional than bass frequencies, it's especially important to target them right toward your ears. Klipsch places their titanium tweeter inside a flared opening, known as a "horn," which disperses the highs evenly across your listening area. This design brings out details in everything you listen to, while reducing reflections that can colour the sound. The horn also improves dynamics and efficiency, for powerful, "front row" sound that remains crystal-clear at all volume levels.

Got wire?
Most speakers don't include any. Learn more about in-wall wiring at the Crutchfield Learning Centre.
Shop our selection of in-wall speaker wire.


Product highlights:

  • bass reflex (ported) enclosure
  • Tractrix® horn with 1" titanium dome tweeter
  • 6-1/2" IMG woofer
  • frequency response 70-20,000 Hz (±3dB)
  • sensitivity 95 dB
  • handles up to 85 watts
  • paintable, UV-resistant enclosure
  • rust-proof aluminum speaker grilles
  • includes mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware
  • 9-7/16"W x 15-3/16"H x 11-1/16"D (including bracket)
  • warranty: 5 years
Priced per pair
  • MFR # 097093000001

What's in the box:

  • 2 White all-weather speakers
  • 2 Aluminum grilles
  • 2 Mounting brackets (installed)
  • 4 Bracket knobs (installed)
  • 4 Nylock nuts
  • Owner's Manual
  • Product Registration Card
  • Lock nut information

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More details on the Klipsch AW-650

Stacey B.

Features & specs

Type Surface Mount
Bluetooth No
Enclosure Ported
Tweeter Type Tractrix Horn
Tweeter Size (inches) 1
Midrange Size (inches) N/A
Woofer Size (inches) 6.5
Woofer Composition IMG
Woofer Surround Rubber
Power Range (watts) 10-85
Sensitivity 95 dB
Impedance (ohms) 8
Frequency Response 70-20k Hz
Connector Type Binding post
Height (inches) 15-3/16
Width (inches) 9-7/16
Depth (inches) 11-1/16
Weight (pounds) 9
Wall-mountable Yes
Bracket Included Adjustable bracket
Parts Warranty 5 Years
Labor Warranty 5 Years

Product Research


2-Way Driver Design: The Klipsch Reference All-Weather loudspeaker utilize a 2-way driver design with a 1" Tractrix Horn loaded dome tweeter and a 6.5" IMG woofer.

  • 1" Tractrix Horn Loaded Dome Tweeter: Each speaker has a 1" Tractrix Horn loaded dome tweeter for a natural, lifelike sound. The Tractrix Horns deliver a 90-degree by 90-degree dispersion pattern for a broader sound-stage.
  • 6.5" IMG Woofer: Each speaker uses a 6.5" IMG (Injection Molded Graphite) woofer. The dual ports are front-firing.

Weather Resistant Cabinet: Klipsch Reference All-Weather loudspeakers are constructed from UV-resistant, glass-reinforced polypropylene, designed to handle the outdoor elements. They can be painted to match any trim or siding color.

Binding Posts: The gold-plated binding posts will accept bare wire up to 12 gauge, pin connectors, spade connectors, or single banana plugs.

Mounting Brackets: The included mounting brackets are corrosion resistant powder coated zinc and offer great placement flexibility. They allow you to rotate the speakers almost 180 degrees after they've been mounted, letting you direct the sound to different areas as needed. If the speakers are mounted vertically, the brackets allow them to swivel side to side. If the speakers are mounted horizontally, the brackets allow them to swivel up and down. The speakers' shape makes corner placement easy.

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Customer Q&A

24 questions already asked

live in PHX Arizona where it cooks in the summertime. aw - 650 will be hanging under the patio eve however sun would hit them for 1/2 the day and the hottest part of the day during summer, can these speakers handle that?
mijpa  Feb 14, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Mijpa, and thank you for your question. These Klipsch are made of UV resistant polypropylene. They will stand up to direct sunlight, but there is no timeframe as to how long it may take before chalking.
thomas  Feb 14, 2023 (Staff)
Hello, I'm new to audio connections. Would the new Sonos Amp be able to provide enough power for a pair of Klipsch AW650's and a Klipsch CA800 TSW subwoofer? Thanks
juan  Nov 28, 2022
1 answer
The Klipsch CA800 TSW is only for use with 70V or 100V commercial distributed audio systems, Jaun. It will not be possible to power that speaker off a Sonos amp. You can however add any home theater subwoofer (whether outdoor or traditional box-style) to a Sonos amp. The Sonos amp can provide robust power for the pair of Klipsch AW650's and also provide a subwoofer output signal to something like the OSD SMP300 subwoofer amp in the first link below. Run some outdoor burial rated speaker wire from the SMP300 to something like the OSD Forza-10 outdoor subwoofer in the second link, and you have a great sounding outdoor 2.1 Sonos system! You can even run two of the Polk 8-ohm subs in the third link off of one SMP300 if you need more bass outside. I hope this helps!
bo  Nov 28, 2022 (Staff)
I am considering the Klipsch AW 650 and/or the Polk audio Atrium 6 speakers. I'm wondering which one is better quality? For outdoor usage
mark  Aug 20, 2022
1 answer
Both speakers are excellent and have overlapping features (both have 1" metal tweeters) but one thing that might differentiate will be the bass response. Despite the smaller woofer, the port design of the Polks would give you a slightly lower frequency response so if this is covering a medium/large area they are fantastic options for giving you quality without having to crank the volume. The Klipsch is also wonderful especially for small/medium setups with tight accurate mids and highs but punchy lows. Either way you can't go wrong.
arielle h  Aug 20, 2022 (Staff)
Do I need to add a subwoofer to get more bass out of these speakers?
david  Jul 11, 2022
1 answer
The Klipsch AW-650 have a frequency response of 70-20,000 Hz. These will not create a significant amount of bass but will still produce some low end. If you prefer a noticeable amount of bass you would likely prefer a subwoofer. If this is for an outdoor application, most outdoor subs are passive and will need an amplifier. If you need any help finding anything give us a call at 1-800-324-9695!
allison  Jul 11, 2022 (Staff)
What wall mount volume control should I use for these? My amp is a Denon AVR-X4700H, my home has wiring to a junction box for the outdoor speakers and I want to put a volume knob there. Thanks!
stephen  Jun 02, 2021
1 answer
I have a Niles wall mount volume control and a NAD C388 integrated amp. People often remark on the clarity of the Klipsch AW-650.
thomas w  Jun 03, 2021
When mounting these speakers horizontally outdoors, should the tweeters be facing "out" or "in"? In other words, for the left speaker (the one on your left when looking directly at both speakers) should the tweeter/horn be positioned to the left (out) or right (in)?
frank  May 24, 2021
1 answer
My opinion (emphasis on opinion) would be to have the tweeters are inside of the woofers; looking at the speakers, the woofer on the left speaker would be on the far left and the right speaker would have the woofer on the far right. Just my humble opinion.
stan m  May 26, 2021
Is 200 watts per channel too much for these speakers? ( from Aragon 4004 )
gert  May 11, 2021
2 answers
I am driving mine with 120W per channel. I believe they handle 200W per channel. Just be careful with full volume
joe  May 11, 2021
Hi Gert. Great question. The easy answer is yes, but there's more. I have a 4004 and would be comfortable powering the Klipsch's with it. However, you can't use full volume. If you get over about 100dB or so, that's loud enough. If you pay attention to the sound, speakers will tell you when they're struggling. They will distort if pushed too loud, likely before you do any damage. They're great speakers. I have 2 pairs outside as a part of my whole house Sonos system. I use the new Sonos amps. The old one didn't have enough power and would overheat if I played more than moderately loud for more than about 15-30 minutes. Good luck!!
everett  May 11, 2021
I bought two pairs of this ones, which amp should I buy?
zik88  Mar 26, 2021
3 answers
I use the Sonos Amp with mine. Very simple setup and you can control everything using your smart phone. Very happy with the simplicity.
brian  Mar 26, 2021
These are great speakers. I also have two pairs, which are a part of my whole house audio system. i use a 125 watt per channel amp for both. You don't need that much, but I'd recommend at least 80-100 watts per channel so your amp won't have to work hard, and you will be able to listen as loud as you like without significant distortion. Hope this helps.
everett  Mar 26, 2021
I'm pushing mine with a older amp. A denon AVR-x2200w an before that it was the Sony STR-DA3600es.
scott  Mar 26, 2021
What do you connect this to?
mrbman  Jul 15, 2020
4 answers
Some sort of a receiver. Mine are connected to a sonos connect amp. Tech support is great at Crutchfield too.
keith  Jul 16, 2020
Onkyo receiver 7 ch , I connect to zone two for my patio, my neighbors do not like them
john  Jul 15, 2020
To a Yamaha amplifier. These are not Bluetooth speakers.
bill  Jul 15, 2020
If you're asking how they are mounted, they come with mounting brackets that are easily installed. If you are asking about how you connect these awesome speakers to your stereo, they are wired speakers that you will connect to the back of your amp. Hope this is helpful.
john  Jul 15, 2020
What is the IP certification on these?
j.  Jan 05, 2020
1 answer
Great question - I'd like to know that, too. Should be listed in the specs of every outdoor-rated speaker.
george  Jan 05, 2020
For background music at a park, how far away can you hear the music?
skipper  Jul 11, 2019
4 answers
Even set perpendicular to the audience, speakers output would be heard at least 200' away. I know this bc a neighbor complements me on my song playlists. Nice!
george  Jul 11, 2019
I can hear the music in the park but i can't hear it outside the park.
john  Jul 11, 2019
It really depends on your amp. I have a Yamaha 2070 150 Wpch and you can hear it 1/4 mile away when I crank it up. You can turn them very loud and it sounds really clear still.
jason  Jul 11, 2019
Depends on what you are driving them with and how far away you are andthe wind etc. These are not PA speakers which are different. Klipsch are very efficient which means the output is much higher then most for the same amount of power. Mine are outside under eaves filling rear yard with sound. Work well over the pool noise.
mark  Jul 11, 2019
Will an Insgnia Receiver (model NS-STR514) be strong enough to get the benefit of these speakers? The receiver is 200 total watts, 100W x 2 @ 8 ohms, 40Hz - 20kHz. Thanks!
francis  Jun 05, 2017
1 answer
It might not be enough juice for outside. I am running two AW-650's with an Onkyo TX-NR646 at 6 ohms/170 W per channel. They are plenty loud and do not distort. I think they could handle more power even. Suggest more than 100 W per channel if you want them to be loud outside
darius  Jun 05, 2017
Can these speakers be left outside in the elements safely?
lori  May 25, 2017
11 answers
yes, and the sound is awesome !!!!
mike  May 28, 2017
I would mount them under the eaves both for protection and better sound.
dennis  May 27, 2017
Yes the speakers can be left outside without any issues that is their main purpose. It is always recommended to try to protect them but there's no reason why they can't be left out in the open
fabian  May 27, 2017
Yes. Most definitely. I have owned these speakers for over a year now and love them tremendously. They have been exposed to both rain and snow all your round and still perform at peak performance. Good luck and enjoy.
kevin  May 26, 2017
had good luck with them and I live in the North East where we see every type of weather from hit to very cold, windy snow conditions.
stephen  May 26, 2017
Hi. My speakers are not directly in the elements, although the specs say they can be. Mine are at the corners of a patio cover so they are exposed to plenty of dust, wind, moisture and the occasional door bumping into them. I did purchase upgraded, underground rated wiring since they are about 25-ish feet apart and outside, I didn't want anything skimpy. They work great. I did buy them at a lower price due to a scratch and dent opportunity....look here often, some amazing buys. They are also on sale frequently, so wait for it. Enjoy, ~J.
j.  May 26, 2017
I've had mine mounted to the house for two winters and summers with no problem with cosmetics or performance.
mark  May 26, 2017
I have my speakers outside under an eave so it doesn't get Directly rained upon but does get moisture on them Installed now for over 2 years
martin j  May 26, 2017
Yes, Our set of Klipsch AW-650 are on a south facing wall outside , approx. 1 year
paul  May 26, 2017
Lori, I live in Salt Lake City we have all 4 seasons and mine have been outside for 2 years now and they are great sounding speakers and look just as nice as the day I bought them. Hope this helps. The Klipsch Rock speakers are also a nice add on to your out door Oasis.
dustin  May 26, 2017
Yes, we have a number of them mounted outside. They work great and survive the elements.
daniel  May 26, 2017
Can I safely connect two pairs of these speakers to the Sonos Connect:Amp?
michael  Aug 21, 2016
3 answers
No you can't have TWO PAIRS of these speakers connected to the Sonos Connect Amp, that device is rated at 55 watts per channel and just handling one set is of these AW-650 is a big task, what helps the Sonos Amplifier is the great sensitivity and low impedance capabilities of these Klipsch speakers, take my word for it I have both the amp and the speakers and they found great as long as it is just one set. Now, is you want to have another set just buy an additional Sonos amp and you're going to have an amazing musical soundstage outside that you can synchronize to play in unison since you can group both Sonos amp in your control device, the Sonos amp and these Klipsch is the best combination for convenience and sound especially if you pay for a music service like Pandora or Spotify because the music is as-free AND WITH A HIGHER STREAMING RATE over 320kbps, almost CD-like quality. Enjoy!
frank  Jun 18, 2017
I don't know
jimmy  Aug 22, 2016
The Klipsch AW-650 is a 8 ohm speaker with a sensitivity rating of 95 db which makes it an easy load for an amplifier to drive. If you connect two pair to the Sonos Connect Amp be sure to wire the speakers in parallel. The amp can handle a single pair of 4 to 16ohm or higher rated speakers or two pairs must be rated 8 to 16 ohms. Parallel wiring is accomplished by wiring the postive terminal of amp to the positive terminals of each speaker and wiring the negative terminal of amp to each of the negative teminals on each speaker. A well designed amp will produce as musch as doulble the power at 4 ohms than 8 ohms. You got a great set of Klipsch speakers. Happy Listening !!!!!!!!
john b  Aug 22, 2016
Bought these speakers from Crutchfield about a month ago. Great speakers. The warranty info that came with the speakers say 5 years, yet on Crutchfield website it says lifetime. Which one do I believe?
thomas  Jun 06, 2015
1 answer
I forwarded your question to an Advisor and they responded with the following: The Lifetime warranty is a special agreement we have with Klipsch for Crutchfield customers. You would in fact have a lifetime warranty from us on those speakers, Just another benefit of buying from Crutchfield. If you would like to discuss further you can contact an Advisor directly by phone (1-800-324-9695) or online chat.
kristina  Jun 09, 2015 (Staff)
Why is black $250 more for same speaker?
walter  Aug 06, 2022
1 answer
Only the white speakers are currently on sale which is why they are cheaper than the retail price which is what the black speakers are.
arielle h  Aug 06, 2022 (Staff)
What streaming amp do yall recommend with these speakers?
horacio  Jul 15, 2021
1 answer
I use a Yamaha home theater receiver. The speaker sound should not be effected by the source. They sound great. My receiver has 100 watts per channel. They never need anywhere near that much power.
david  Jul 15, 2021
What speaker wire should I use for these speakers AW-650?
alfredo  Feb 17, 2021
3 answers
I bought a 14 gauge wire from a speaker store called speaker shop. I do not remember the manufacturer's name but stores similar will have high quality 14 gauge wires. I would recommend a 12 gauge if the distance is more than 100 feet from the receiver.
patrick  Mar 05, 2021
Depends on the run. Less than 50 feet you can get away with 16 gauge. I used 14 gauge to run about 80 feet that went through the walls and ceiling.
randall  Mar 04, 2021
Well I don't recall what size I use although I did call Crutchfield tech-support and they advise me which one to get and I did and the speakers sound great
tery  Mar 04, 2021
Does the mounting bracket pivot to allow for a straight down vertical mounting fron a soffit overhang?
keith  Apr 06, 2020
5 answers
if you mount it horizontally you can pivot up or down only . If you mount it vertical you can pivot it right to left not up or down
marco  Apr 06, 2020
I've mounted them vertically against my house siding and protected under the roof overhang. The brackets can simply bolt at whatever angle you'd like. My speakers have been outside for over a year now and have worked and weathered perfectly.
don  Apr 06, 2020
The mounting bracket can be installed vertically or horizontally. The round thumb screws that secure the speaker to the bracket allow it be positioned at any angle relative to the substrate.
alan  Apr 06, 2020
Yes. The speaker is adjustable to most angles once the bracket is installed.
arthur  Apr 06, 2020
It does pivot downward.
james  Apr 06, 2020
What output would these go to on my receiver? I have a Denon 3500H and would be using them outside for my deck.
charles  Oct 07, 2019
4 answers
We had problems hooking our receiver up correctly and called Crutchfiield for help,there tech people are the greatest and the install turned out very well. Because of the great customer service I recieved I just bought a 82 inch Tv from Crutchfield as well
danny e  Oct 20, 2019
Assuming that you are listening to an audio source on your deck, these would be connected to the front (mains) speaker output. Unfortunately, the 3500H does not have dual zone main speaker outputs. So, unless you use another amplifier to drive the speakers on the deck, you will have to switch the front speaker connection between your indoor setup and the AW-650s when you want to listen outside on your deck. Alternatively, you can use the Multi-Source/Multi-Room feature which would require your indoor system to be configured as 5.1 instead of 7.2. In this case, the AW-650s would be connected to the Surround Back speaker outputs and played as zone 2. The AW-650s are extremely efficient. With a similar setup on my patio, the AW-650s produce great sound to around 80 feet from their mounted position.
joseph vincent  Oct 19, 2019
I'm not familiar with that particular receiver but I drive mine with a Yamaha S202 hooked up to "speakers A"
don  Oct 07, 2019
I'm assuming you want the deck to be Zone 2? I do not have this receiver but according to the multi-room features for this receiver, you will need to use the surround back speaker outputs for Zone 2. I'm sure there's a setting you will need to toggle to tell the back speaker channel to be used for Zone 2. This is what is listed for your receiver. Multi-room Audio/Video: dual-room/dual-source output amp assign function lets you use surround back speaker outputs for front height, Zone 2, Front B, or bi-amping front speakers
lyle  Oct 07, 2019
What is the exact power cord that is used to power these speakers: make, model, brand, manufacturing number, anything...?Or possibly if there are replacement power cords, that would be easier.
c  Jun 25, 2019
5 answers
These are not powered speakers. You'll need to connect the speaker cables to a receiver or amplifier to drive these.
charles  Jun 27, 2019
I ran 16 wag speaker wire in phase to my Harmon Kardon Receiver. The receiver power is approximately 300 watts. I connect through my Sonos and stream Tidal. Hope this helps.
mike  Jun 25, 2019
These are not powered speakers. Only wires required are the speaker wires from the output terminals on your amp or receiver.
richard  Jun 25, 2019
These are not powered speakers. They just need speaker wire from amplifier,receiver,avr to speakers for them to work
michael  Jun 25, 2019
these are passive speakers, which means they are powered by an external amp. through the speaker wire.
daniel  Jun 25, 2019

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