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Kristopher R's 1999 Ford Ranger

Items installed:

  • Alpine CDA-9886 with Imprint
  • JL Audio 2AWG MetaWire
  • Tsunami Capacitor 20 Farad Competition Series
  • Stinger Patch Cables, Rockford Fosgate 3ft Patch Cable, Monster 16AWG Speaker Wire
  • JL Audio Battery Terminals
  • JL Audio 500/1 Slash Series Amplifier
  • JL Audio 300/2 Slash Series Amplifier
  • JL Audio 300/4 Slash Series Amplifier
  • JL Audio C2 570x Speakers (5x7) 2Way
  • JL Audio C5 570csi Components (5x7)
  • JL Audio XR525csi Components (5.25 round)
  • Kickpanel Pods by Q-Logic
  • Alternator 130AMPS
  • Polk Audio DB1212 (DVC) (2OHMS)

Installation Description

Well at first i had some infinity kappas all around with a kenwood amplifier and a polk mono amplifier for the subwoofer. I didnt care for how it sounded, it was too bright for my liking and i've always had an eye for the C5's by JL Audio. i tried them out and realized this was what i needed. since i didnt have the money i chose C2's, the front set blew so i upgraded to C5's. the installation for the kickpanels wasn't too bad except i still have trouble with the parking brake which crutchfield told me to bend 1.5".

the battery and alternator died after i installed the subwoofer so i upgraded there with the BIG3 install as well. I upgraded from a 2farad tsunami cap to a 20 farad to be safe. the polk sub amp was too small and i liked JL so i switched that out too. everyday i try to come up with new ways with just the equipment i have to make it sound better for example re wiring the front speakers and the kickpanels to have a different wattage and play around with settings on my alpine HU.

Q&A Section

Why did you decide to upgrade your A/V system?

the stock system wasn't enough clarity for me and every piece of equipment i got just was't enough, i had to get more so i kept trading out and upgrading.

What's the first thing you show people about your installation?

My amplifiers-with all the wires and the chrome capacitor and the chrome 500/1 i think it just really amazes people that i have it and that i installed it.

Why did you choose these products?

well at first i was a big alpine man-i didnt know anything about name brands-but the day i got to test listen to some JL's i fell in love with them and just started switching everything out from there.

What was the most difficult part of the installation?

the most difficult part i would say was routing the wires. with a extended cab 2 door its very limited on space-2nd i would say the front speakers

What plans, if any, do you have for future upgrades?

i plan to switch out my Polk subwoofer with 2 JL 8W3's which apparently is JL's specialty but ive never heard different subs only differnt speakers so i dont know how much different a sub can be besides size.

kickpanels with JL XR525 kickpanels with JL XR525
JL C5 Components
JL C5 Components with Custom Tweeter Location
Alpine CDA9886 Alpine CDA9886
all my amps and the capacitor-subwoofer in backround all my amps and the capacitor-subwoofer in backround
chrome 500/1 really proud of my chrome 500/1 never seen another one.
Me with my amps
Me with my amps
  • robert from plymouth

    Posted on 8/11/2020

    just trying to get an idea of where you ran your power wire

    Commenter image

    Robert Ferency-Viars from Crutchfield

    on 8/12/2020

    Hey there Robert, unfortunately Kristopher didn't tell us where he ran the wire. Hopefully you can find an unused grommet on the firewall or work your power wire through the firewall next to an existing bundle of wires.
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