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Ben Cruz's 1990 Mazda 626

Items installed:
  • Pioneer DEH-245 CD receiver
  • Pioneer TC-1404 4" component system
  • Pioneer TC-1504 5-1/4" component system
  • Kicker Competition C15c-4 15" subwoofer
  • Q-Logic bandpass enclosure
  • MTX RT-A450 amplifier (50 watts RMS x 4)
  • Sony XM-235 amplifier (35watts RMS x 2)
  • Kenwood KAC-628 amplifier (50 watts RMS x 2, 150 watts x 1 bridged)
  • Coustic electronic crossover
  • Profile California QX11 electronic crossover
  • Monster 1/2-Farad capacitor
  • StreetWires and Monster Cable wiring
  • Street Glow neon tubes
  • Dynamat vibration-damping material — trunk
The sound system in Ben Cruz's 1990 Mazda 626 showcases equipment from a variety of manufacturers. He picked the Pioneer DEH245 CD receiver to run the show, primarily for the Supertuner III's excellent AM/FM reception. This simple yet effective receiver sends its signal through one set of preamp outputs to a Profile California QX11 electronic crossover in the trunk.

Ben installed two sets of Pioneer components — the TC-1404 4" and TC-1504 5-1/4" systems — throughout the Mazda. The 7/8" dome tweeters are mounted in all four door panels, powered by the Sony XM-235 (2 x 35 watts RMS) amplifier. Midrange frequencies are handled by 4" Pioneer woofers in the dash and 5-1/4" Pioneers on the rear deck, with each speaker receiving 50 watts from the MTX RT-A450 4-channel amp. The Profile QX11 crossover's midrange outputs run to the front channels of the MTX amp, while its full-range outputs are connected to the Coustic crossover, which then tailors the mids for the MTX's rear channels. It's an unusual setup, but it allows Ben to tune the mids independently for the 4" and 5-1/4" speakers.

Kenwood's KAC-628 amplifier (50 watts RMS x 2) lords it over the low frequencies, sending 150 watts (in bridged mode) to a Kicker Competition C15c-4 15" subwoofer housed in a Q-Logic bandpass box. All three amplifiers are mounted on a custom-made wall (with matching carpeting) that fits behind the sub enclosure between the wheel wells, while two custom side panels hold the crossovers.

Ben ran all the speaker and power wiring (StreetWires and Monster) himself, and installed the Monster 1/2-farad capacitor which feeds the Kenwood amp. StreetGlow neon tubes are mounted on both side walls of the trunk — a nice touch. Dynamat eliminates any rattling in the trunk lid. Ben Cruz has put together an unusual and interesting system in his 1990 Mazda, and his installation work is first rate. Thanks for the look at your slammin' 626, Ben!

Ben Cruz with his 1990 Mazda 626.

The Pioneer DEH-245 provides top-notch AM/FM reception and excellent CD sound quality.

Ben mounted three amplifiers on the carpeted wall he constructed between the wheel weels.

Profile's QX11 crossover is catching some rays from the Street Glow neon accent tube.

The Monster 1/2-farad capacitor maintains a constant supply of power to the Kenwood KAC-628 amp.

The Kicker Competition 15" woofer in a Q-Logic bandpass box provides serious bass punch from the trunk.

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