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Boyo VTL17IRTJ Universal backup cam with infrared lighting and active parking lines — license-plate-mount

Item # 707V17IRTJ

Improve your parking lot skills.

Improve your parking lot skills.

Item # 707V17IRTJ

In stock

About the Boyo VTL17IRTJ

Alexander H.

See where you're headed (in reverse)

Improve your parking lot skills. Boyo's VTL17IRTJ all-weather backup cam will have you parallel parking like a pro, thanks to active parking lines that bend to match your trajectory. Boyo makes installation more straightforward by mounting this cam onto a sturdy strap that stealthily attaches behind any license plate. Once you power the camera and run the included video cable to the screen in your dash, you'll see a 170º wide-angle view when you're backing up your vehicle. Selectable reverse image and parking lines make this a perfect choice if you want a front camera.

See where you're headed (in reverse)

Improve your parking lot skills. Boyo's VTL17IRTJ all-weather backup cam will have you parallel parking like a pro, thanks to active parking lines that bend to match your trajectory. Boyo makes installation more straightforward by mounting this cam onto a sturdy strap that stealthily attaches behind any license plate. Once you power the camera and run the included video cable to the screen in your dash, you'll see a 170º wide-angle view when you're backing up your vehicle. Selectable reverse image and parking lines make this a perfect choice if you want a front camera.

Enhanced infrared night vision and more

Boyo builds in powerful IR lights to ensure the best possible picture when light is limited. You'll get a good look behind you, even in the darkest parking garage.

Installing this camera yourself? Here's what you should know.

What does it do? Unless otherwise noted, a backup camera is only intended for use backing up your vehicle. (If you require a front-view or constant rear-view camera, check for that capability.)

What tools and supplies will I need? A panel tool, a wire cutter/stripper, a soldering iron, and a rosin-core solder with heat shrink tubing are recommended, along with whatever tools are needed to remove the radio from the dash.  

How much wiring is required? Wiring instructions vary from camera to camera. Some cameras have power wiring that can only be connected near the radio. Others let you power the camera at compatible reverse lights. In all cases, the camera must be wired for power and ground, the camera's video output must be connected to the radio/monitor, and the radio/monitor must be connected to a reverse trigger in your vehicle. Some radio replacement interfaces supply a reverse trigger wire for the radio -- using that wire to power your camera will damage the interface.

Will the included video cable be long enough? You'll need to route the camera's video cable from its mounting location outside your vehicle into your vehicle's cabin and all the way to the screen in the dash. This often requires drilling a small hole in your vehicle or filing some metal and or plastic. You'll also need to estimate the length of cable needed to run from the camera to the dash, which will not be a straight shot. Each camera's cable length is listed.


Product highlights:

  • Featured in our article: Best backup cameras for 2024
  • waterproof backup camera and bar-style mount with infrared lights and active parking lines
  • universal fit
  • compatible with any radio with an RCA video input (most aftermarket models, only a few factory)
  • 170-degree wide angle
  • selectable reverse image and parking lines
  • works in low light
  • resolution: 600 TV lines (720 x 480)
  • 25' RCA extension cable
  • warranty: 1 year

What's in the box:

  • Backup camera with license-plate bracket (attached 58" cable)
  • 25' RCA/Power cable (with male composite video plug on one end)
  • RCA female-to-female coupler
  • Surface-mount bracket
  • 2 Self-tapping screws (3/8" length)
  • 2 Screws (M2.5 x 20mm)
  • 2 Screws (M6 x 24mm)
  • Dual-sided adhesive tape
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Product Registration Card

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More details on the Boyo VTL17IRTJ

Russ B.

Features & specs

Features and Specs
Camera Type Rear or Front
Resolution 720 x 480
Parking Guidelines Active
Lux Rating 0
Selectable Views N
Reversed Image Both
Horizontal Viewing Angle ---
Vertical Viewing Angle ---
Wireless No
Plug type Composite

Product Research


Front or Backup Camera: The Boyo VTL17IRTJ can be used as a backup camera with a mirror image or front camera with a normal image. To use as a front camera, you'll need to cut the white wire loop labeled "mirror image/non-mirror switch".

Note: The Boyo VTL17IRTJ is meant as a driving aid only; never solely rely on the camera. In addition to using the camera, always look around you to make sure everything is clear.

CMOS Image Sensor w/ Built-in IR(s): The Boyo VTL17IRTJ backup camera is equipped with a CMOS image sensor with a 720 (h) x 480 (v) resolution for high quality video. Integrated IR(s) on either side of the camera provide excellent visibility at night.

Wide Viewing Angle + Angle Adjustment: The VTL17IRTJ backup camera offers a 170° wide viewing angle (diagonal), so you can see more of what's behind you. You can also physically angle the camera's mounting bracket up or down (between 30°-40°) for the best view behind your vehicle.

Dynamic Park Assist Lines: The Boyo VTL17IRTJ will display park assist lines on your connected monitor to aid you in backing up into a parking spot. A built-in gyro-sensor allows the park assist lines to dynamically curve as you steer and angle your vehicle.

Note: The dynamic park assist lines can be turned on or off. To disable the dynamic park assist lines, you must cut the blue wire loop labeled "parking lines on/off".

Waterproof (IP67): The Boyo VTL17IRTJ features a waterproof (IP67) housing to protect it from the elements. It's totally protected against dust and protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m for the duration of 30 minutes.

Composite Video Output: The camera has a composite video output (RCA via the included adapter) which makes it compatible with virtually any in-dash receiver with integrated video monitor and a composite video camera input. The total length of the camera's composite video cable is 30'.

Power & Ground: The 30' power wire & 6' ground wire will need to be hardwired. Power can be obtained from your vehicle's reverse light circuit or from the reverse gear wire of your aftermarket stereo (if applicable). The ground will need to be connected to your vehicle's metal chassis.

Mounting Options: The Boyo VTL17IRTJ backup camera features an integrated license plate bracket which mounts behind your vehicle's license plate frame (mounting hardware is included). A surface-mount bracket is also included, if prefer to not use the license plate mounting bracket.

  • The Boyo VTL17IRTJ is designed to work best on vehicles that have a license plate located at the center and above the bumper. If your vehicle has a plate location that is offset to the left side, right side or your plate is located under the bumper then the VTL17IRTJ may not provide optimum performance.
  • The backup camera must be mounted at a 30° to 40° angle for proper sensitivity, accuracy, and performance. It should not be mounted horizontally or vertically straight.

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Customer Q&A

18 questions already asked

I'm interested on buying this along with the Jensen CAR723W, would it be compatible with it?
ricky  Dec 19, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Ricky. Thank you for your question. 100% yes. The Jensen has composite video RCA in for the camera, and this like most universal camera will use that same composite RCA connection.
hogan  Dec 19, 2023 (Staff)
How far does this allow you to see at night?
brain  Jul 11, 2023
1 answer
Greetings Brian, and thank you for your question. The distance is not listed, but can depend on the amount of darkness. Perhaps Boyo could shed more information, but if its not in the manual, maybe not. It is a very good camera, and if I were to take a stab with a 7 inch screen you should, see detail at 20 feet.
hogan  Jul 11, 2023 (Staff)
Will this camera directly into the cord that I used on my previous alpine model or do I have to run a new cord from the head unit? Someone told me that the plug-ins were proprietary design for each manufacture. Not sure if that is true
daniel  Mar 16, 2023
1 answer
Most all cameras from different manufacturer's are sadly non-interchangeable Daniel, we would advise running the new cabling that is included with the Boyo VTL17IRTJ when installing to avoid any issues!
bo  Mar 16, 2023 (Staff)
I have a Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX and do not like the straight parking lines. Will this camera work with my head unit? And will the active parking lines work as well?
ed  May 08, 2022
1 answer
The Boyo VTL17IRTJ has active parking lines that move with the vehicle. It will work on any stereo that has a backup camera input.
hogan  May 15, 2022 (Staff)
Does it have an attached 58 inch cable and an additional 25 foot extension cable to reach the screen/head unit?
nathan robert  Jan 17, 2022
2 answers
Yes it did. I received all needed cables and hardware with mine
gary  Jan 17, 2022
brad  Jan 17, 2022
Is this camera compatible with the Sony XAV-AX 1000?
john  Mar 06, 2021
3 answers
Yes it's compatible with any stereo with the camera as an addition
carl  Mar 11, 2021
I have an older version on that unit and it works fine. I don't see why there would be a problem with that unit.
ward  Mar 06, 2021
Yes, it works great!
gwyn  Mar 06, 2021
Can you adjust the camera to make it show clearer?
keith l  Mar 25, 2020
4 answers
There are no adjustments for this camera. I connected it to a Kenwood car stereo system, and the Kenwood draws reference lines on the image that I can reposition to match my car's rear travel range. There is no potentiometer on this camera to adjust brightness. It simply plugs into my stereo unit and it displays the image signal as is. I'm happy with the quality of the image based on the price I paid. There are probably better cameras, but this suits the need well enough for me for a camera in this price range. The color image is not great, and the image can be a little washed out in bright light. But it could be due to the relatively low quality of the car stereo display.
antonio  Apr 01, 2020
do you mean focus or angle ? Focus ,no angle yes
david  Mar 26, 2020
Hi, no I don't think you can.
richard  Mar 26, 2020
I don't think it will be perfect since it is a lower end camera but mine seemed to be a little better the more I pointed it down. Hope that helps!
jason  Mar 25, 2020
Does this work if I don't have a screen in my car?
ryan  Jan 03, 2020
4 answers
No. It doesn't come with a screen and you need one to view what the camera is seeing.
jeffrey  Jan 03, 2020
david  Jan 03, 2020
No it requires a screen.
nate  Jan 03, 2020
No. You will have to have an aftermarket radio or a display screen that accepts an RCA video cable to use this camera.
nathan  Jan 03, 2020
Can the Boyo VTL17IRTJ's guidelines be turned off (via software or cord-cutting)?
james  Oct 12, 2018
5 answers
Yes. There is a jumper that can be cut to turn off guide lines.
shelby  Oct 16, 2018
I can no longer find my instructions but I seem to remember it being a jumper or wire connection that turned them on and off.
roger  Oct 16, 2018
I don't have an answer for this. I use mine every time.
louise  Oct 16, 2018
You can cut a wire to turn the lines off.
james  Oct 16, 2018
Yes cord cutting turns them off. I did it on mine
tyler  Oct 16, 2018
Does it have to be centered? I drive a rav4 which has it's license plate off center.
andy  Aug 05, 2018
2 answers
The camera tilts up and down but not side to side. If you install it off center you'll get the view directly in front of the camera. You can turn off the parking guide lines by cutting the corresponding looped wire. The camera does have a fairly wide view.
paula  Aug 08, 2018
No. I installed mine on an FJ Cruiser, which similarly has the license plate off center (to the passenger side). It makes no real difference, the field of view is quite wide.
lewis  Aug 08, 2018
Is there anyway to increase the accuracy of the active parking lines on the BOYO Vision Backup Camera VTL17IRTJ?
ashton  Jul 27, 2018
2 answers
I didn't find a way to improve accuracy. Tried adjusting angle but never got the transitions I was hoping for. I ended up just using the static parking lines in my head unit.
shelby  Jul 27, 2018
I have noticed that the lines get a little better over time but they are still not good. I pull a trailer about half the time and that seems to really confuse whatever program is controlling the accuracy. The lines are active but not very accurate. A gimmick in my opinion.
james  Jul 27, 2018
Does this model work on a jeep wrangler? Is the spare tire an obstruction?
teebone  Jun 09, 2018
1 answer
Its universal and straight up attaches to the license plate, so if that's not obstructed, it won't be... works really well and has a yellow RGB cable connect
daniel  Jun 09, 2018
is the bracket removable if I wanted to mount it elsewhere?
jeff  Nov 08, 2017
3 answers
Yes it is. Just two small screws hold it to the bracket. There is also a small bracket with a self-adhesive tape on it that you can use instead of the license plate bracket. It's notched so you can easily mount using machine screws if you'd prefer. Fairly versatile.
timothy  Nov 09, 2017
Not by design. It is hinged to move up and down so pretty sure you can get it apart. You're probably wanting this for the active lines? They are a joke. Buy the camera that will work where you want it to go.
james  Nov 08, 2017
Yes it is, it comes with another small mounting piece with 3M tape.
julian  Nov 08, 2017
How are you supposed to run the wire to the head unit? Does it require a hole through the back of the license plate or something?
bron  Oct 18, 2017
3 answers
I already had a hole near my plate in the bumper. It also looked like I could have run it through the gap between the trim piece and bumper. But, yes you will need to put a hole in the bumper if these are not options. The hole is easy to hide behind the plate though.
jeremy  Oct 20, 2017
We got it installed by pro, but there is a tiny hole that was drilled in back of license plate
kumar  Oct 19, 2017
If you purchased the product from Crutchfield, feel free to contact our Tech Support team. They can walk you through the settings on the product and see if there may be a fix. Our toll-free Tech Support number is printed on your invoice, and is also available under the "My Orders" tab in the "My Account" section of our website. If you did not purchase the unit from Crutchfield, then you may want to contact the manufacturer, or try our online support center:
kristina  Oct 19, 2017 (Staff)
Does the radio have to be compatible with the active parking lines? How does it know when you are turning the wheel?
jason  Oct 10, 2017
2 answers
The active lines are crap and totally unreliable... cut that wire... my stereo had it's own adjustable lines I use instead... also, dont wire it to reverse or that's the only time it will work
daniel  Jun 09, 2018
All of the current aftermarket "active parking lines" work essentially the same way. There is a small gyroscope inside the camera with senses sideways inertia, and represents as much on screen of any video radio. It is not connected directly to the can-bus, therefore is not as accurate as OEM active parking lines. The receiver does not need to be compatible with Active Parking lines for this to work.
jeff  Oct 18, 2017 (Staff)

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