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Best backup cameras for 2024

Check out our top-rated cams for aftermarket radios

In this article, we'll discuss seven of our most popular backup cams:

  1. Simple mounting — Brandmotion’s 9002-7601 backup cam
  2. Tiny and versatile camera — Pioneer’s ND-BC010 backup cam
  3. Custom mounting options — Boyo’s VTK601HD backup cam
  4. Active parking lines — Boyo’s VTL17IRTJ backup cam
  5. Delivers a more detailed image — Accele’s RVCLPMBS backup cam
  6. Wireless video delivery — Garmin’s BC50 wireless backup cam
  7. Superb image quality — Alpine's HCE-C1100 backup cam

Ready to add a backup camera to your car? Check out our backup camera buying guide for an overview on what to look for when shopping. It helps to have a good sense of what style camera suits your needs best and what features you'll make the most of — because you have a lot of cameras to choose from. To help you narrow things down quickly, we've compiled our customer-favorite cameras here.

Most of these cameras will work with any aftermarket stereo that has a camera input. The exception here is the Garmin camera, which is designed to work with Garmin portable navigators.

What makes these favorites?

The rearview cameras we highlight below are not simply top sellers. They have earned an average Crutchfield customer rating of 4 (or more) stars, which means our customers are seriously satisfied with their purchase once they've installed it.

Things to keep in mind about backup cams

What do they do? Most people use "rear-view camera" and "backup camera" interchangeably, but they aren't exactly the same. Unless otherwise noted, a backup camera is only intended for use when backing up your vehicle. If you require a front-view or constant rear-view camera, check for that capability.

How much wiring is required? Wiring instructions vary from camera to camera. Some cameras have power wiring that can only be connected near the radio. Others let you power the camera at compatible reverse lights. In all cases, the camera must be wired for power and ground, the camera's video output must be connected to the radio/monitor. The best time to install a camera is when you're installing a new aftermarket radio.

Will the included video cable be long enough? You'll need to route the camera's video cable from its mounting location outside your vehicle into your vehicle's cabin and all the way to the screen in the dash. This often requires drilling a small hole in your vehicle or filing some metal or plastic. You'll also need to estimate the length of cable needed to run from the camera to the dash, which will not be a straight shot.

More questions? Check out our backup camera buying guide.

Now, on to the cameras!

backup camera installed on car

No-fuss mounting — Brandmotion's 9002-7601 backup cam

What you need to know: Brandmotion takes backing up seriously, innovating vehicle camera solutions at their headquarters in Michigan. Their 9002-7601 universal backup cam gives you a bar-style mount that fits neatly and securely behind your license plate. It's a solid camera that delivers a 170° wide-angle view that's reliable on sunny days and dark nights.

Something special: A three-year warranty helps you feel even better about purchasing this well-reviewed cam.

Parking lines: They are selectable, so you can turn them off if your monitor or head unit has parking lines built in.

Pioneer backup cam

Tiny, versatile cam — Pioneer ND-BC010 backup cam

What you need to know: The Pioneer ND-BC010 backup camera is a small, universal option that works with any aftermarket radio that has a composite video input. It makes our list because its predecessor, the Pioneer ND-BC8 backup cam, has garnered over one hundred 5-star reviews, and we expect this cam to be just as popular. Its versatile mount means its a perfect fit for nearly any vehicle.

Something special: Measuring around one cubic inch, this camera is tiny. So, it's an unobtrusive addition to the back of your ride.

Parking lines: It does not have parking lines. If that's a priority for you, you'll want to pair it with a head unit that has parking lines built-in.

backup camera mounted on car

More mounting options — Boyo's VTK601HD backup cam

What you need to know: Boyo's VTK601HD backup cam is fully equipped to work wherever and whenever you need it. Selectable reverse image capability means you can use it as a rear-view camera or a front-view camera. With excellent imaging down to 0.1 Lux, this camera is well-equipped for dark nights in the country or dark parking garages in the city.

Something special: Boyo's eyeball design fits neatly into six uniquely contoured mounts. If upholding a factory look is important, you'll appreciate the VTK601HD's included mounting options.

Parking lines: They are selectable, so you can turn them off if your monitor or head unit has them built in.

backup camera installed on car

Try active parking lines — Boyo's VTL17IRTJ backup cam

What you need to know: Boyo prioritizes image quality with a higher resolution image than most cameras at this price. Plus, infrared lighting ensures a much better picture when it's pitch black out. A bar-style mount takes the puzzling out of placement, just use the screws that hold your license plate in place. Those are just a few of the reasons our customers love the VTL17IRTJ backup cam.

Something special: The standout feature here is active parking lines (also known as dynamic parking lines), which bend to match your trajectory in reverse. It's a nice parking perk that gives you a better sense of where you're headed when backing up.

Parking lines: They are selectable, so you can turn them off if your monitor or head unit has them built in.

backup camera installed on car

A different sensor than most — Accele's RVCLPMBS backup cam

What you need to know: Accele's RVCLPMBS offers a unique bar-style camera that fits over your license plate and adds a bit of chromey bling to your vehicle's back end. An easy-to-adjust mount lets you secure the camera at the top (or bottom) of your license plate and still get the perfect angle on the road behind you.

Something special: Most backup cams use a CMOS image sensor, but this one employs a CCD sensor, which uses a bit more power to produce a more detailed image even in low light.

Parking lines: They are selectable, so you can turn them off if your monitor or head unit has them built in.

backup camera on license plate

Wireless add-on — Garmin BC50 backup cam

What you need to know: If you already have a compatible Garmin portable navigator on your dash, the Garmin BC50 backup cam makes a nifty addition. Once this camera is installed and wired for power, all you need to do is wirelessly pair the camera with your navigator to see the video signal. It's the successor to Garmin's popular and well-reviewed BC30 cam.

If you like the idea of going completely wireless, Garmin's BC40 backup cam uses two AA batteries for power instead of hardwiring, which means you'll have a rear-view camera installed in minutes rather than hours.

And if you need the best possible view at night, consider the Garmin BC50 backup cam with Night Vision, which provides an illuminated view of up to 20 feet behind you.

Something special: Garmin gives you image resolution up to 720p for a sharp picture with a compatible portable navigator.

Parking lines: They are included but not selectable.

backup camera installed on car

Prioritized image quality — Alpine HCE-C1100 backup cam

What you need to know: It's no surprise that Alpine strives to provide the best image possible for you, and our customers' reviews for their HCE-C1100 backup cam back up (pun intended) their reputation. They build automatic white balance adjustment and high dynamic range (HDR) into this compact cam, which ensures an accurate and detailed image as you transition between extreme dark and light settings. So, as you back out of your garage on a sunny day, you'll experience minimal blow-out.

Something special: For a nice factory finish look, add on Alpine's optional license plate frame mount. Also, if you pair the HCE-C1100 backup cam with a compatible Alpine receiver and Alpine multi-camera interface, it works well as part of a larger onboard video system.

If you like the idea of a high-performance backup cam/car stereo combo that allows for enhanced features, consider pairing Kenwood's CMOS-740HD backup camera (with HD video capability) with a compatible Kenwood receiver.

Parking lines: It does not have parking lines. If that's a priority for you, you'll want to pair it with a head unit that has parking lines built-in.

What's popular vs. what's right for you

Before you decide on one of the cameras above, be sure to enter your vehicle information and explore our selection of vehicle-specific backup cameras. These backup cameras are specifically designed to blend in with the exterior of select vehicles, and in some cases, they include harnesses that work with factory-installed entertainment systems.

For more detailed information on selecting a camera, don't forget to read our backup camera buying guide. And if you need help, contact our Advisors.

Popular questions customers ask

Running the video connection from the camera's mounting location outside your vehicle into the cabin and up to the dash may require some drilling or filing that you might not feel comfortable doing. If that doesn't scare you, installing a backup camera system is usually a straight-forward and logical operation that shouldn't take more than about two or three hours to accomplish. Watch our videos in our How to Install a Backup Camera article. 

Some cameras feature low-light enhancements, such as LED or infrared illumination, that really do let the camera and you see what's going on better at night.

A backup camera is only active when your vehicle is in reverse. A rearview camera is a little different, and can be turned on at any time. A few backup cameras feature an always-on rearview mode. The other option is to get a separate rearview camera system, like a rearview mirror monitor or commercial vehicle camera/monitor system. Learn more in our Backup Camera Buying Guide. 

In this instance, you'd need to get a stand-alone rearview camera system, like a rearview mirror monitor or a camera system with a dedicated dash-mount video monitor.

As long as your installation does not interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle, you can replace or add any accessory, including a replacement backup camera, without voiding your vehicle's manufacturer warranty.

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